Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 497: He Had Three Broken Ribs and a Severe Concussion by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 497: He Had Three Broken Ribs and a Severe Concussion

“You know, he had a serious car accident that day. The doctors spent a long time saving him. He had three broken ribs and a severe concussion.”

There was no impatience on Amber’s face, “Does your boss know you are so dedicated to helping him win sympathy?”

Xu Lin was speechless.

Mr. Smith was going to marry Lin Man, but he was not happy at all. Xu Lin knew that he still had feelings for Amber.

Although Mr. Smith’s wedding with Lin Man was already a done deal. Xu Lin really wanted to tell Amber that Mr. Smith was not doing good these days.

“What’s the point of telling me those things? Secretary Xu, do you want me to take Sean away at his wedding?” Amber sneered, “In your eyes, Sean hasn’t embarrassed and hurt me enough, so you want to see something more interesting?”

Xu Lin broke out in a cold sweat.

Besides Sean, Xu Lin was most afraid of Amber.

Seeing Amber, who was always good-tempered, look sullen, Xu Lin was panicked, “Miss White, I didn’t mean that. If you feel offended, I apologize to you.”

“Mr. Smith is worried that you and Cindy would be unaccustomed to other people’s house, so he asked me to take you here. Mr. Smith wants me to tell you that he has never touched your things and he wants to give Xingyue Bay to Cindy.”


Amber pressed her lips and looked at Xu Lin with fixed eyes, “Please pass on a word to Mr. Smith. Cindy is almost four years old. Since he snubbed her for so long, he doesn’t need to make up to her after we got divorced.”

“No matter what he does or says, I won’t give up Cindy’s custody to him.”

Xu Lin pressed his lips and opened the door with the key without saying a word. His words were always more of a hindrance than a help.

Amber wanted to stop Xu Lin from opening the door and tell him she had other places to stay, but before she could open her mouth, Xu Lin had opened the door. Cindy immediately entered the door through the crack.


Xu Lin kept silent for a moment, and said in a low voice, “Miss White, you know the location of Xingyue Bay better than me. It is not easy to take a taxi here, and I have to rush back to take care of Mr. Smith. Can you and Cindy stay here for a night?”

“It’s just one night…”

“Mom, come in, mom? Isn’t this our home?”

Cindy tilted her head and looked at her.

Since the age of three, Cindy had shown great respect and love for this land. When she knew that she was going to return to Tong City, despite her dissatisfaction with Sean’s upcoming marriage to Lin Man, she was actually very happy.

Suddenly, Amber couldn’t bear to tell her that this was no longer their home.

She hesitated. Xu Lin already got in the car and drove away.

She took her phone out of her handbag, sent a message to Lu Xiangxiang telling her they were not coming, and then walked in.

The light had been turned on when Cindy entered the door. Nothing changed in Xingyue Bay. Her slippers were still in the hallway and a pair of dark blue men’s slippers were also there.

The thin sun-protective jacket on the sofa was put away, folded neatly, and placed on the sofa. The study door was open.

Everything was so familiar that Amber even felt like she had never been abroad.

Cindy was a little tired. She went to her room in slippers. Before Amber came out of her trance, Cindy suddenly screamed in surprise.

“Mom, mom! Come here, there are so many dolls…”

Amber looked in her direction. Cindy was still standing at the door. A plush bear that was longer than the bed was lying on the children’s bed.

It was pink and had luster dark eyes.

Amber paced over, and Cindy had already opened the closet. There were all kinds of small dresses of famous brands in it.

She never bought so many valuable dresses for Cindy.

But these things may not be a big deal to Sean.

Amber lowered her eyes, reached out, rubbed Cindy’s head, and whispered, “Do you like them?”

Cindy nodded, but her excitement faded a lot. She was even in a low spirit. Amber sat down on the bed, tilted her head slightly, and looked at Cindy, “Is there anything you want to talk to me?”

Cindy hesitated and nodded.

“Mom, grandma said dad had a disease that could kill him. He needed bone marrow… and only you could save him.”

Amber paused, Cindy’s eyes were already covered with mist, but she held back her tears. She looked at Amber, pretending to be sensible, “Mom, is what grandma said true?”

“What is bone marrow? Bones? Do you need to give your bones to dad? Mom, if you save him, will you also get this disease?”

Amber was speechless.

She was shocked by Cindy’s words.

She hesitated, and whispered, “What your grandma said is half true. Your dad is indeed sick, but he is not life-threatening. He is in the early stage of blood cancer and doesn’t need bone marrow for the time being.”

“Donating bone marrow is not about giving my bones to him, and I won’t get the same disease. Don’t worry.”

The tears in Cindy’s eyes were a little less. At least, she knew that her parents would not die.

She leaned in Amber’s arms and grievedly said, “Mom, I’m afraid. I saw dad. He has lost a lot of weight. I’m so afraid of losing him.”

These words, like a needle, slammed into Amber’s lungs.

Sean was getting married to Lin Man. No matter what, she wouldn’t let her contact Sean again.

In a sense, even if Sean survived, Cindy would also lose him.

Amber held Cindy, pressing her lips tightly.

It was her fault. The eleven years of love was so perfect that she was unwilling to be with other men for many years.

Their re-encounter three years ago, like a drug, confused her…

Amber didn’t regret it. On the contrary, she appreciated it that Sean gave her such a well-behaved and sensible baby.

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