Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 496: He Would Die by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 496: He Would Die

Mrs. Smith pulled Cindy into her arms and cast a stern glance at Sean and interrupted him, “Cindy, you dad got blood cancer. Only right bone marrow can save him, otherwise, he would die.”

Cindy instantly turned pale.

She looked at Mrs. Smith with fixed eyes. Although she was still a child, she could tell the seriousness in Mrs. Smith’s expression. She then looked at Sean.

Sean looked clouded.

What Mrs. Smith said was probably true. She was not bluffing her.

But Cindy didn’t know what blood cancer was. She only understood one thing, that was, Sean would die!

After a while, she reacted and broke into tears.

“I don’t want to see dad die!”

Mrs. Smith smiled stiffly and felt a little relieved, “Then help me convince your mom to save your dad. Her bone marrow could save him.”


Tomas snapped at Mrs. Smith.

He looked sullen. Mrs. Smith’s voice was a little high. Amber probably had heard her words.

If it was her own daughter who asked her to the done bone marrow to Sean, she wouldn’t refuse ruthlessly, would she?

“Mom, stop talking nonsense. Cindy is too young to understand what you said. Don’t waste your breath.”

Sean got a little worked up and coughed twice. His lips instantly turned pale.

Although he was not life-threatening, the blood cancer was weakening him.

He reached out and said in a low voice, “Cindy, come here.”

Cindy walked to him silently.

He looked at her firmly. She took after him, especially her five features.

Three years ago, what did Lin Man do that made him assert that Cindy was not his child?

Thinking of this, he was like being clutched by the heart.

The pain ran over him through his vessels.

He licked the corner of his lips and forced out a smile, “Grandma was bluffing you. Don’t tell anything to your mom, okay? I’ll recover and leave hospital in a few days. By then, I’ll take you to the children’s park, okay?”

Cindy nodded.

She was lovely and sensible. Sean was touched, rubbed her head and asked in a low voice, “Has your wound recovered?”

Cindy lifted her dress and show him her calf, “It’s already scabby. Mom said it will be healed soon.”

On her fair calf, the black scab was dazzling.

She shouldn’t have had such an ugly scab.

Sean stretched out his thumb and stroked it.

Seeing this, Lin Man was scared.

When she thought Sean was going to question her again, he suddenly patted Cindy’s head and showed the time on his watch to Cindy, “It’s late. You should go back and sleep off your jet lag.”

“Be good.”

Cindy didn’t want to stay. She wanted to go out and ask her mom whether grandma was telling her the truth or not.

She put down her dress and trotted out.

Mrs. Smith chased her out. Tomas took a look at Sean and then left. Only Lin Man was left here.

Sean raised his eyes at her and said, “You are going to marry me. Why don’t you go back to rest, build up strength and store up energy, and try to be the most beautiful bride?”

He was like showing her the door. Lin Man’s face darkened and she said had a good rest before left.

When she reached the corridor, Amber was still there, helping Cindy put on her coat.

Lin Man narrowed her eyes at her.

Amber’s skin was fair. Her dress fit her curves well, outlining her perfect figure.

Lin Man’s eyes flickered with jealousy.

She was going to marry Sean. How could Amber live a better life after leaving Sean?

She sneered, said goodbye to Mrs. Smith and Tomas, and left directly.

Amber didn’t why Lin Man sneered, nor did she care. She helped Cindy put on the coat, and Tomas offered to give her a ride. When she was about to refuse, Xu Lin pushed the door open and walked out.

“Mr. Smith, your son asked me to give Cindy a ride.”

Amber looked at him and said, “Thank you, but don’t bother. We can take a taxi.”

“Miss. White, the public order is poor in Tong City recently. Mr. Smith is worried about Cindy’s safety and asked me to send her to the place you are staying.”


Sean had been convinced that Cindy was his daughter. It was normal for him to worry about her safety.

“Miss. White, shall we go? I have to hurry back to take care of Mr. Smith.”

If she refused again, she would be injudicious. Amber nodded.

Tomas and Mrs. Smith took a look at each other and left as well.

Xu Lin drove Sean’s car, that Maserati, and the children’s seat was still in the co-driver’s seat. Unexpectedly, Sean didn’t remove it after she took Cindy abroad.

She frowned, put Cindy on the children’s seat, fastened the safe belt before getting in the car, and told Xu Lin Lu Xiangxiang’s address.

Xu Lin started the car with a smile. Amber was a little tired. She closed her eyes and took a nap. When she woke up, they had arrived at Xingyue Bay.

Amber froze.

Lu Xiangxiang’s home and Xingyue Bay were in different directions. She told Xu Lin…

“Secretary Xu?”

“Miss. White, Mr. Smith bought the house.” Xu Lin handed the key to her and said, “On the day you went abroad, he texted me and told me to buy it when he chased after you.”

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