Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 494: We Would Stay at Her Place by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 494: We Would Stay at Her Place

Amber felt sad.

In the past three years, Mrs. Smith rarely treated her with a good attitude. At this time, she was counting on her bone marrow to save Sean, and even spoke gingerly in front of her.

“Please don’t bother. I’ve told Xiangxiang we’d stay at her place for two days.”

Amber lowered her head quickly and touched Cindy’s head.

Tomas was still there. Mrs. Smith couldn’t mention donating bone marrow to Sean. She looked at Cindy, whispering, “Cindy, come here, let me hold you.”

Cindy jumped out of Amber’s arms and plunged into her arms.

Mrs. Smith already knew that Cindy was Sean’s biological daughter. Seeing her be so well-behaved and sensible, Mrs. Smith was touched. She held Cindy in her arms and fed her carefully.

But she did not forget the main purpose of coming here. With her arms around Cindy’s waist, she said in a low voice, “Cindy, do you want to see your dad? He is sick and stays in the hospital. He misses you very much. After dinner, I’ll take you to see him, OK?”

Amber’s expression remained unchanged. Cindy hesitated and nodded.

Mrs. Smith was overjoyed. She smiled at Amber and asked in a low voice, “Miss. White, would you like to go with us?”

Amber was calm. Since she dared to come back, she was not afraid to meet Sean and Lin Man.

Tomas was kind to her before. She was not ungrateful. If she severed all the ties with Tomas, people would doubt whether she had ulterior motives.

However, before they finished the meal, the news that Tomas and Mrs. Smith ate with Amber and Cindy became a trending topic.

#The Smiths Ate With Their Ex-daughter-in-law at Love at First Sight. Sean and Amber Seemed to Have Rekindled Their Past Feelings#

This trending topic caused an uproar on the Internet and caught Lin Man off guard.

Three years ago, Amber forcibly occupied the position of Mrs. Smith. She tried her best to lay a trap for Amber and make Sean hate Amber for three years.

She couldn’t wait for another three years. Moreover, Sean’s attitude towards Amber was obviously softening. If Amber really remarried Sean, she would have no chance to get Sean anymore.

Lin Man was not reconciled.

She gritted her teeth and trembled all over while holding the phone.

Why did Amber come back?

Was she going to threaten Mrs. Smith to let her remarry Sean with her bone marrow?

Lin Man couldn’t imagine it.

If Amber succeeded, her long-run plan would be ruined.

Lin Man subconsciously got up from the bed, went downstairs with her handbag, stopped a taxi and went to the hospital.

In the taxi, the car radio was broadcasting the news.

“The wedding of Sean and Lin Man is about to be held, but Sean’s parents publicly entertained Sean’s ex-wife. According to an insider, Mrs. Smith may be dissatisfied with Lin Man…”

Lin Man’s face darkened instantly.

The relationship between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law had always been a big problem. Lin Man also knew that Mrs. Smith was dissatisfied with her, but it would be embarrassing if it was known to everyone.

The taxi driver saw her overcast expression, smiled and asked, “Miss, what’s wrong?”

Lin Man shook her head. She was always gentle to others, “I just hate to see the media jumping on the bandwagon and talking about nonsense.”

“The relationships of the people from rich families are always complicated. If it were not for the media, we would not know so much. I guess Sean is not a good man.”

“Not long after the divorce, he is going to marry again.”

“I heard that Sean’s new wife is not as good as his ex-wife. Whether it is her appearance or her workability, it is not as good as that of Sean’s ex-wife. Is Lin Man particularly good at seducing men? Otherwise, why did Sean choose her? She is not good-looking or attractive. What did Sean see in her?”

Lin Man’s face darkened instantly.

Time seemed to regress to eleven years ago. From childhood to adulthood, many people praised Lin Man for being beautiful and graceful. However, after Amber just appeared in her world, people compared her with Amber.

She didn’t care.

She admitted that she was not as beautiful as Amber, but she was never ugly!

But she didn’t know since when the impression that others had of her was ugly and unattractive.

The corner of her lips was twitched, and she looked sullen.

“Pull over!”

These two words seemed to come from her throat. She sounded cold and gloomy. The driver was startled, stopped the car, and observed the surroundings.

“Well… It’s still a long way from the hospital. Are you sure you want to get off here?”

Lin Man stared at the driver with fixed eyes. The driver said, “We’ll reach there in less than ten minutes. This is one-way traffic. Even if you get off here, I still have to go forward. I won’t refund the money.”

Lin Man opened the door and got out of the car.

She blinked and her eyes were stinging.

She must let Sean know that in this world, the most suitable person for him was her, Lin Man, not Amber!

When Lin Man arrived at the hospital, a car stopped in front of her. Lin Man didn’t know the sign of the luxury car, but she was familiar with the license plate number.

It was Tomas’s car.

A bad premonition flashed in Lin Man’s heart. The next second, Tomas’s assistant got out of the car and opened the door for Amber, Cindy, Mrs. Smith, and Tomas.

Her pupils contracted. She walked forward and took Mrs. Smith by the arm, “Mom, dad.”

After that, she looked at Amber, “Amber, when did you come back? Why didn’t tell me? I could have picked you up at the airport.”

Amber glanced at her and did not answer.

When Lin Man hurt Cindy, Amber had already fallen out with her. She didn’t think it was necessary to talk to her.

Tomas glanced at Lin Man gloomily and said in a low voice, “You haven’t married Sean yet. Don’t you think it’s too early to call us dad and mom?”

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