Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 493: I Want to Take Her Back by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 493: I Want to Take Her Back

“I see.”

Amber said and then went upstairs to find Marcus.

He just came back and was sleeping off his jet lag. Amber knocked on the door. Marcus opened the door, rubbed his head, and asked, “Sister, what’s the matter?”

“Cindy and I are going back to Tong City. In the next few days, you have to take care of the company.”

Marcus was still very sleepy, but when he heard Amber’s words, his sleepiness was instantly gone.

He looked at Amber suspiciously, “Why are you going back? Sister, do you still have feelings for Sean? You can’t go back. If you do, Sean’s mother wouldn’t let you come back.”

“Maybe you will be forced to donate bone marrow. Why would you want to go back? You want to see Sean and Lin Man display their affection?”

Amber, “…”

Marcus was Yolanda’s son. She should appreciate it that he didn’t hate her as Yolanda did. She didn’t know if it was because he went to school abroad since he was a child. He didn’t hate her but cared about her very much.

Amber laughed. If Yolanda knew how they were getting along, would she be furious?

“You know, Sean is Cindy’s father. I’m taking her back to see him. After I come back, I will keep him away from Cindy.”

“In fact, it’s good that Sean is going to marry Lin Man. Cindy doesn’t like Lin Man. If Sean is going to marry someone else, Cindy wouldn’t give up her idea of getting us back together so quickly.”

Marcus wanted to prevent Amber from returning to Tong City, but he felt that what Amber said was reasonable and even felt convinced.

“Then, I’m going back with you.”

Saying this, Marcus was about to turn back to the bedroom, but he was stopped by Amber, “No, you just came back. The company’s situation is not stable now. If both of us leave, the company will be leaderless. You should stay. Mr. Fu told me he was going back too. Don’t worry. I will go back with him.”

“Moreover, even if I am going to the wedding, I will not go alone. I will go with Muzhou.”

Fu He, Shi Muzhou.

Although Amber comforted him, Marcus still said with worries, “Well, after you attend the wedding, you have to come back immediately. I’ll book the return ticket for you.”

Amber smiled, “Remember to give me two extra days. I want to go shopping with Xiangxiang.”

After Amber and Marcus finished talking, Amber boarded the plane in the afternoon.

By the time they arrived in Tong City, it was already dark.

Although it was dark, Cindy was in high spirits and wanted to see her grandpa.

Amber didn’t want to go to the Smiths’ house, so she took out her phone and called Tomas.


“Yes, Mr. Smith. It’s me. Cindy and I are in Tong City for your son’s wedding. Cindy wants to see you. Are you available now?”

Tomas readily agreed.

Amber asked Tomas to meet them at a themed restaurant whose name was Love at First Sight.

When they arrived, Tomas was already waiting there. It had been more than a month since Amber saw Tomas. He had a few more strands of gray hair on his temples. Amber narrowed her eyes.

“Mr. Smith.”

Tomas was not used to being called by her like this. He reached out and picked Cindy up. She grew taller and looked good. He knew Amber did a good job in taking care of her.

“Amber, why are you here for Sean’s wedding? Did Lin Man and Aru go to you again?”

Amber took out the invitation card and handed it to Tomas.

“I received the invitation.”

Tomas’s expression changed. Except for Mrs. Smith, no one would dare to send the invitation to Amber in his name.

And in the Smith family, he was the only one who could get Amber back from LA.

He put down the invitation cold with a cold face, “Amber, don’t worry. Since I agreed to your conditions when you brought up the divorce, I would never ask you to donate bone marrow to Sean. Even Aru has no way to force you to do that.”

“I believe you.”

Amber smiled, feeling herself quite hypocritical.

“To be honest, I brought Cindy to Sean’s wedding to dispel her idea of getting Sean and me back together. She is afraid of Lin Man. So, Sean marrying Lin Man is a good thing in a sense.”

Tomas sighed.

He looked at Cindy. The little girl was young but surprisingly sensible and well-behaved.

Maybe he was unlucky. Three of his sons died of illness. The last one couldn’t keep his granddaughter for him.

“Amber, I apologize for the way our Smith family treated you for so many years.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the door of the private room was suddenly pushed open. Mrs. Smith strode in. Cindy was the first to react and shouted, “Grandma!”

Mrs. Smith’s gaze fell on Cindy. She squinted slightly, looking at Cindy with fixed eyes, and then said, “Amber, why did you come back suddenly?”

Mrs. Smith hoped that Amber would tell her she came back to donate bone marrow to Sean.

Amber smiled.

She was in an ordinary **** long dress and a thin suit jacket, looking gentle and graceful.

After leaving Sean, she became better-looking and a lot more gentle. Mrs. Smith’s eyes widened and heard Amber say.

“I’m here for your son’s wedding. Mrs. Smith, you sent me the invitation in the name of your husband, didn’t you? I thought you would know why I’m here.”

Mrs. Smith paused.

“Really? It was Lin Man who said that she wanted your blessing and forgiveness, so she asked me to send you an invitation. You know, I personally selected Lin Man for Sean. I was worried you were here to ruin their wedding.”

Amber stood up and took a look at Mrs. Smith. She leaned over and picked up Cindy, and whispered, “If you are still worried about that, I can go back to Los Angeles immediately. After all, I still have a lot of work to do.”

Fearing that Amber would really leave, Mrs. Smith put up a kind smile, and reached out to stop her, “I believe you wouldn’t do that. Please don’t rush to leave.”

“You are going to have dinner with Tomas, aren’t you? The dishes have not been served. Why don’t we eat first?”

“By the way, you said you came back for Sean’s wedding. Have you booked the hotel? Should I book a room for you? How about Ritz-Carlton?”

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