Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 492: I Can’t Take the Wedding Photos With You by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 492: I Can’t Take the Wedding Photos With You

Sean chuckled.

“Lin Man, I’m sick. I can’t take the wedding photos with you.”

He changed the subject. Lin Man breathed a sigh of relief, hesitated for a while, and said in a low voice, “We’ll do that after you recover…”

Sean nodded. Lin Man stayed for a while. She didn’t know medicine and didn’t know how to take care of Sean. Sean looked completely different and had no desire to talk to her.

They didn’t even have anything to share with each other.

Lin Man suspected that Sean might have recovered part of his memory, so she didn’t dare to mention the past, for fear of affecting his impression of her.

She was afraid that Sean would remember it all at once and would not marry her.

“Sean, the wedding date…”

“Set it as the end of the month. My mother agreed with our marriage. Many things are almost arranged, and we should have the wedding as early as possible.”

“In case my illness gets serious, and I can’t attend the wedding.”

Speaking of the wedding, Lin Man was a little bit shy. Hearing Sean want to have the wedding as soon as possible, she was glad. She lowered her eyes slightly and nodded.

But she was still afraid that Sean was still thinking about Amber. After hesitating, she said, “Sean, you know I went to Los Angeles the night you were found sick.”

Sean knew Lin Man was going to say something about Amber.

Maybe she was going to speak ill of Amber.

He wanted to stop Lin Man. No matter what she said, he would not believe it.

But he stared at Lin Man’s lips firmly, suppressing all the depression and anger in his heart.

Lin Man whispered, “I’m not going to speak ill of Amber. Actually, I didn’t see her. I only saw Cindy, Marcus, and Fu He.”

“Marcus said they wished you were dead, and Amber would never donate bone marrow to you!”

Lin Man said, and her eyes turned red, “Sean, Amber must already know Marcus came back for the bone marrow matching test. Marcus hates you so much. Only Amber can persuade him to return to have the test, which means that Amber has known you got blood cancer but she refused to come back.”

“She doesn’t want to donate her bone marrow to you. She wishes you were dead!”

“It’s her who disregarded the love you once had for each other. Stop thinking about her. Get over her and move on your life.”

Sean looked at Lin Man with dark pupils. Lin Man continued, “I know you have like 10,000 ways to make Amber compromise and donate bone marrow to you!”

Lin Man looked at Sean with an aggrieved and begging expression.

“Call her and make her donate her bone marrow to you, okay?”

Sean took a deep breath.

If it was before.

If he didn’t remember the past, he would have accepted Lin Man’s suggestion.

Maybe he would send people to get Amber and Cindy back from Los Angeles, take them to the hospital, and force Amber to donate her bone marrow!

Sean didn’t directly reject it, “I will consider it.”

A smile appeared on Lin Man’s face.

She left contentedly.

Time passed quickly. At the end of the month, the temperature dropped and it was not so hot anymore. At night, the night breeze was even a bit cool.

The wedding of Sean and Lin Man was about to take place, and Amber received the invitation.

Amber knew that why the Smith family mailed the invitation to her. One of the reasons was to persuade her to donate bone marrow to Sean, and the other was to warn her not to think about Sean anymore.

Amber didn’t want to go back to Tong City, or even attend Sean’s wedding, but the person who mailed the invitation was Tomas.

Tomas would not ask her to go back. It was likely that the invitation was mailed by Lin Man or Mrs. Smith in the name of Tomas.

But Tomas did her favors.

If it wasn’t for Tomas Smith, she wouldn’t have grown up so fast in the workplace.

She was very grateful to Tomas. Even if the invitation may not be from him, she couldn’t reject it directly.

After hesitating, Amber decided to let Cindy choose.

She was Sean’s daughter. Sean was going to get married. Whether she was willing to attend the wedding and accept Lin Man was her own business even if she was only three years old.

Amber held the invitation card and went to Cindy. Cindy was doing homework. She didn’t learn English very well, and the homework was a bit difficult for her. She pressed the corner of her mouth and bit her pen.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, she raised her head and saw it was Amber. She called “mom” softly.

“Cindy, I have something to tell you.”


Cindy raised her head and looked at Amber with innocent eyes.

When Amber hesitated to tell her about Sean’s wedding, she had already seen the invitation card in her hand, “Mom, what’s in your hand?”

Cindy asked as she took the invitation card over.

Cindy didn’t know many words, but she saw Sean’s name often in the newspapers. Moreover, she knew the word ‘Lin’.

The smile on Cindy’s face disappeared instantly.

“Mom, dad is going to marry Lin Man?” Cindy’s voice choked, “This is their invitation, right?”

Amber kept silent, and her silence was already the answer.

Cindy cried aggrievedly.

“Mom, are you… are you going to attend dad’s wedding?”

Amber asked in reply, “Do you want to attend it?”

“If you want, I will book tickets, and we will go back to attend their wedding. If you don’t, we’ll ignore it.”

Cindy didn’t know about Sean’s illness. Amber hesitated, squatted down, touched Cindy’s head, and whispered, “But, your dad is ill, and he won’t recover in a while…”

Cindy didn’t want to attend Sean’s wedding. She didn’t want Sean to marry Lin Man at all.


Amber looked at Cindy who pressed her lips tightly and whispered, “I… I miss grandpa.”

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