Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 491: That Is My Private Affair and Has Nothing to Do With Work by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 491: That Is My Private Affair and Has Nothing to Do With Work

“You are not hired to have debates here! You go to the personnel department to pick up your three months’ salary. You are fired!”

The atmosphere in the secretary’s office froze.

Lu Xiangxiang was surprised. After she said those words, Feng Chen appeared and did what she said…

The rest of the people looked at Lu Xiangxiang. Was Secretary Lu really in a relationship with the boss?

“Secretary Lu, come to my office.”

Lu Xiangxiang calmly entered the president’s office under the gazes of the others.

“Why did Gu Jinyan come to you?”

Lu Xiangxiang thought for a moment, and said, “That is my private affair and has nothing to do with work.”

Feng Chen raised his head and glanced at Lu Xiangxiang, as if he was surprised at Lu Xiangxiang’s words.

Lu Xiangxiang’s implication was that he was being nosy?


Feng Chen pondered for a moment and then responded.

When Lu Xiangxiang was about to go out, she thought of the dinner party in the evening. She hesitated, and said, “Mr. Feng, I am a little uncomfortable. Can you ask Secretary Lin to accompany you to the dinner party? I think I need to see a doctor.”

Feng Chen raised his eyelids, “But you look fine.”

“Your eyes are deceiving you.”

“Why? Because of the gossip of those people in the secretary’s office?” Feng Chen asked, “If it is, you are lousy being a secretary. You run away from your job because of groundless rumors.”

“Fine, I’ll give you a day and a half off. Adjust your mentality before coming back to work.”

Lu Xiangxiang pressed the corner of her lips, nodded, and left the office.

After picking up her handbag from the secretary’s office, she went home directly.

Her work was very intensive. Lu Xiangxiang threw herself onto the bed after getting home.

Thinking of Gu Jinyan’s words, she took out her cell phone and called Amber.

Lu Xiangxiang forgot the jet lag. She was about to hang up after dialing the number, but the call had been answered by Amber.


Lu Xiangxiang paused and then said in a low voice, “Amber… Am I disturbing you?”

Amber shook her head, smiled and said, “I was about to go to bed.”

Lu Xiangxiang looked at her watch and said in a low voice, “It should be more than five o’clock in the morning in Los Angeles. You are going to bed at this time?”

“I just finished my work. I don’t need to go to work tomorrow.”

Lu Xiangxiang knew Amber very well and didn’t believe her words, “Who is your boss? How can he compel you to work like a workaholic?”

“Amber, do you already know…”

Did you already know that Sean got blood cancer?

Lu Xiangxiang failed to let this sentence out.

However, Amber got it. She smiled and asked, “Know what? The things about Sean?”

“Do I already know he is getting married to Lin Man or suffering from blood cancer?”

Lu Xiangxiang was surprised, “Amber… Why do you know these so clearly? Are you still thinking about him?”

Amber was busy every day. How could she have time to care about Sean’s affairs? She pressed her lips and smiled slightly, “I was forced to know. Lin Man came to me again and again.”


Amber told her about Lin Man coming to Los Angeles and looking for her several times, then added, “Xiangxiang, I’m dealing with the company’s mess. Our company has just been rectified. How can I have time to care about Sean’s affairs?”

“That shameless ***** actually went to you? You didn’t take a penny from Sean, which is already a huge favor for her, Why is she so brazen?”

Lu Xiangxiang was angry. She pressed her lips and really didn’t know what to say.

Amber took a sip of coffee, and curled in the soft sofa, talking to Lu Xiangxiang.

“Are you going to donate bone marrow to Sean?”

Amber didn’t answer. Lu Xiangxiang was a little worried.

She and Lu Xiangxiang were very good friends, but they didn’t go to school together in high school. Therefore, Lu Xiangxiang didn’t know much about what happened between Sean and Amber back then.

Amber only told her some fragments when she was drunk in a bar.

She didn’t want Amber to get involved with Sean anymore. Amber was already hurt by Sean deeply.

When Lu Xiangxiang felt a little nervous, Amber suddenly asked, “Who asked you to call me? Gu Jinyan?”


Amber pressed her lips, “The Smith family doesn’t worry about Sean’s illness. However, Lin Man and Gu Jinyan care about it very much.”

So far, no one in the Smith family had taken the initiative to see Amber and ask her to donate bone marrow to Sean.

However, Lin Man was anxious as ****.

“Amber, what do you mean by that? Are you really going to donate bone marrow to Sean?”

Amber did not admit or deny, “Xiangxiang, he is not life-threatening now. It’s too early to talk about donating bone marrow.”

Sherman and Marcus’s bone marrow were unsuccessful in matching with Sean’s. Lin Man got more uneasy.

In the afternoon, she came to the hospital again. Sitting next to the bed, she whispered, “Sean, how are you feeling?”

“Not bad.”

“Sean, you are still young…”

As soon as Lin Man opened her mouth, the meaningful smile on Sean’s face became mocking.

“You are afraid of being a widow after I’m dead?”

The expression on Lin Man’s face froze. She pressed the corner of her lips and told herself that Sean’s mocking tone was her illusion.

“Of course I am afraid that you will die. I heard that people who have blood cancer will suffer terribly. I feel distressed for you.”

“Sean, I don’t understand. You know Amber’s bone marrow can match yours. Why don’t you go to her and ask her to donate the bone marrow to you?”

The smile on Sean’s face gradually cracked and turned into a blank expression. He looked at Lin Man with fixed eyes.

Lin Man broke out in a cold sweat under his gaze and clenched her fists tightly.


Sean looked cold, “You hate her very much, don’t you? If I ask her to donate bone marrow, and she comes up with some conditions that you can’t accept , what are you going to do?”

The smile on Lin Man’s face was a bit stiff. She pressed her lips tightly and lied, “Curing you is the priority.”

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