Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 490: Was Lin Man in Any Position to Question Her by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 490: Was Lin Man in Any Position to Question Her

Being questioned, Mrs. Smith looked more upset. Even the people in the upper class didn’t dare to question her. Was Lin Man, a nobody, in any position to do this?

Moreover, she was also worried about her son!

“That’s ridiculous. Miss Lin, it was you who pushed Amber to the cliff. It was you who made Amber divorce Sean. You know she is a lunatic and Cindy is her taboo. Why did you hurt Cindy?”

“You vicious *****. If my son can’t survive, I will never let you go!”

Lin Man turned pale.

“Alright, Mom, Lin Man, I’m tired. Stop it.”

Watching Sean getting thinner, Mrs. Smith felt like she was having a fishbone stuck in her throat. She fell silent because of the pain.

“You’d better stay out of my son’s business, otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Lin Man’s aggrieved gaze fell on Sean’s face.

Sean pressed the corner of his lips, as if he didn’t see Lin Man’s aggrieved look.

Marcus was not in a hurry to go back to Los Angeles. Anyway, Sherman had instructed the people in the subsidiary company to listen to Amber, and no one would disrespect her.

Moreover, neither his nor Sherman’s bone marrow successfully matched Sean’s.

Maybe Sean did too many things wrong to Amber, and *** was deliberately punishing him.

But there were too many people who didn’t want Sean to die.

Gu Jinyan went directly to the Feng Group.

The Feng Group started a new project, and Lu Xiangxiang was very busy. When Gu Jinyan arrived, she was sorting out a mountain of files in the secretary’s office.

The desk was knocked twice. Lu Xiangxiang looked up and saw Gu Jinyan.

Only a few people know Sean was suffering from blood cancer. Lu Xiangxiang didn’t know it.

So when she saw Gu Jinyan, a flash of surprise flew through her beautiful eyes.

“Why are you here?”

Since they quarreled last time, they were not as close as they were used to be. Even when they talked, their tone was alienated.

Gu Jinyan noticed that and paused.

“I have to talk to you. What about having lunch with me?”

Lu Xiangxiang stood up behind the desk, walked up to Gu Jinyan, and pointed to the empty small conference room, “I’m a bit busy recently. I may not have time for lunch. If you don’t mind, let’s talk in the conference room?”

Gu Jinyan’s face darkened, “Mr. Feng’s subordinates don’t even have time to eat? Is your work so hard? Why don’t you work for me? You’ll be richly rewarded.”

Hearing this, Lu Xiangxiang was a little surprised. She suddenly smiled and said in a low voice, “I am not working hard for salary, but to realize my life value.”

What value could a little secretary achieve?

Gu Jinyan sneered, “Should I go to Mr. Feng and ask for a short leave for you?”

Lu Xiangxiang was a little impatient, and asked in a low voice, “What the **** do you want to talk to me? I have work to do.”

“I want you to go to Los Angeles with me and persuade Amber to come back.”

Lu Xiangxiang was a little surprised.

“So you are here for Sean?”

Gu Jinyan did not deny, “Sean is sick. He needs Amber.”

“No, he doesn’t. The person he needs is his fiancée, Lin Man. Isn’t Lin Man Sean’s mental nourishment? As long as she is by Sean’s side, Sean will be cured!” Lu Xiangxiang mocked, “He is too brazen, isn’t he? Amber is his ex-wife. Why does he still think about her?”

Gu Jinyan frowned.

After marrying Sean, Amber was indeed not happy.

However, Sean was dying. If Amber didn’t help him, he was likely to die.

Besides, in Gu Jinyan’s heart, Amber was a kind woman. If she knew Sean’s illness, she would never sit idly by.

Moreover, she and Sean had a daughter, Cindy.

Gu Jinyan lit a cigarette and stood in the corridor of the Feng Group with an anxious face.

“Xiangxiang, you are badly wrong about Sean.”

Gu Jinyan paused, and told Lu Xiangxiang the reason why he wanted Amber to come back.

At the secretary’s office, there was a sudden silence. Sean was sick with blood cancer. Once it went out, it was likely to directly affect the Smith Group’s stock.

Not like Sean’s other news, it would cause a great impact on the Smith Group.

Lu Xiangxiang hesitated.

She took sides with Amber. After hesitating, Lu Xiangxiang said, “We don’t need to go to Los Angeles. I will tell Amber about this and ask her what she thinks.”

“Gu Jinyan, Amber and I are friends. If she agrees to come back and donate bone marrow, I will not stop her. But if she doesn’t, I will not persuade her.”

“You know she doesn’t owe Sean anything.”

Gu Jinyan lowered his eyes and nodded, “Let me know if you get her answer.”

Lu Xiangxiang nodded.

Gu Jinyan left quickly. After all, he was the president of the Gu Group. He appeared in the Feng Group to see Feng Chen’s secretary, which was easy to stir up rumors.

After he left, the people in the secretary’s office begin to gossip.

“Is she here to be a secretary or a mistress? Even Mr. Gu is bewitched by her!”

“Yes, so is our president. Maybe we should guard against her. What if she leaks our company’s secrets one day?”


Lu Xiangxiang slammed the thick files on the desk. The office fell quiet. The two gossiping secretaries stared at her with wide-opened eyes. Lu Xiangxiang mocked directly, “You guys are quite good at gossiping. Why don’t you spend your time on your work? It’s okay to be ugly, but you can’t be ugly and vicious. Am I right?”

“Lu Xiangxiang, how dare you!”

Lu Xiangxiang looked at the woman who was talking, and said in a low voice, “If I were Mr. Feng’s mistress, I would tell him to fire you first!”

The secretary’s eyes widened. Before she could talk back, the door of the president’s office was open from the inside. Feng Chen walked out with rare fatigue on his face.

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