Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 489: You Don’t Want to Marry Me, Do You by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 489: You Don’t Want to Marry Me, Do You

Lin Man’s eyes were tingling.

She was indignant.

Did the Smith family think that the earth was revolving around them? What made them think they could do whatever they wanted?

Lin Man suddenly felt that she was no different from Amber. Both of them were so pitiful.

“Nothing more.”

Lin Man took a deep breath and looked at Sean with fixed eyes, “Your mother wanted me to talk you out of marrying me.”

“Sean, you don’t want to marry me, do you?”

Sean took a sip of the porridge and his voice was almost inaudible.

“Lin Man, as long as you are willing to marry me, I will marry you.”

“But I don’t think you will marry a short-lived man.”

Lin Man’s eyebrows jerked. She said the same words to Amber three years ago.

Back then, she went to Amber by stealth. Sean shouldn’t know about it.

“Don’t… don’t be ridiculous.”

Sean looked at Lin Man with a smile and said in a low voice, “You are probably tired after such a long flight. You should go back and get some rest.”

Lin Man nodded and left the ward with her handbag.

Sean watched Lin Man leaving the ward. He put the porridge in his hand on the bedside table. Xu Lin was confused, “Mr. Smith, you haven’t eaten anything all day… Why don’t you eat more?”

“Get out!”

Xu Lin was a little scared. He looked at Sean cautiously. Sean was motionless, and his gaze seemed to be fixed on the door of the ward.

Xu Lin hurried out of the ward.

The next day, Lin Man arrived at the hospital early in the morning, and Sherman was already there when she arrived.

He was actually an old friend of Lin Man. Lin Man froze for a moment and quickly put away her shock. Sherman pretended that he didn’t know Lin Man.

“Are you Mr. Smith’s fiancée? You are even better looking than on TV. Nice to meet you.”

Lin Man reached out and shook Sherman’s hand and said in a low voice, “I know you. You are Amber’s father. Amber and I were very good friends.”

Hearing her mention Amber, Sherman was a little embarrassed, but he quickly recovered his usual self-possession, pressed his lips tightly and smiled.

“Mrs. Smith, why is Mr. White here?”

Mrs. Smith smiled stiffly and said in a low voice, “He’s here for a bone marrow matching test. Lin Man, Sean is sick. We can’t watch you marry him and ruin your happiness…”

Mrs. Smith was talking about breaking off their engagement again. Lin Man’s expression instantly became cold and she sneered.

Three years ago, she forced her to give birth to Sean’s children, but at this time, she was pretending to be selfless and considerate.

“Mrs. Smith, I love Sean very much, and I don’t mind marrying him. I don’t want to hear such words again. It will hurt Sean.”

Mrs. Smith chuckled and did not respond.

Then Lin Man saw Marcus approaching from the other side of the corridor. He was in an Armani tailored shirt and black straight-leg trousers.


Lin Man looked at him with a frown, “What are you doing here? Where is Amber?”

Marcus raised his eyes and smiled, “Mrs. Smith asked me to have a bone marrow match testing for your fiance. Why are you looking for my sister? She has already divorced Sean and won’t pose any threat to you. Am I right?”

“Just because my sister and Mr. Smith were married, you have to make things difficult for her? Mrs. Smith, the new daughter-in-law you chose is too small-minded. She can’t compare with my sister at all.”

Mrs. Smith’s expression changed. Sherman stretched out his leg and kicked Marcus in his ankle, “Brat, don’t talk nonsense. Be polite.”

Marcus smiled and flicked the dust off his trousers, “I came here immediately after I got off the plane. I’m very sincere, but Miss Lin questioned me in an unkind attitude, which made me feel like I shouldn’t be here.”

Lin Man gritted her teeth and said in a low voice, “Why didn’t Amber come back? Is she unwilling to donate bone marrow to Sean?”

Marcus took a look at Sean.

It was just a few days. Sean looked a lot thinner. Even his shirt looked a little too big for him.

After Lin Man asked this question, Marcus noticed that Sean’s eyes instantly froze on the file that he was reading. He was like a sculpture, and even his breathing was lightened.

Sean was in a trance.

Would Amber donate bone marrow to him?

Sean was not sure. He knew Amber was a very kind person. Even it was a stranger who needed her bone marrow, she would not hesitate to agree.

Amber didn’t show up here, but it didn’t mean that she didn’t want to donate bone marrow to him. It was probably because she didn’t know he was sick.

“My sister already knows about Sean’s illness. But she said that she reached a consensus with Sean’s father. At the time of their divorce, she said that she would not donate bone marrow to Sean. Mr. Smith agreed with her.”

Mrs. Smith’s expression changed a bit. She knew about their deal. That was why she arranged the wedding of Sean and Lin Man.

She pressed her lips, and said with a cold face, “Alight. The doctor has arranged the test. You two, please be cooperative.”

Marcus glanced at Sean with a smile, and followed Sherman out of the ward.

Lin Man followed Marcus’s line of sight and looked at Sean.

Sean was very silent. Lin Man had never seen him being so silent.

The air in her heart seemed to be evacuated, and it froze bit by bit.

Marcus’s words were clear.

Although Sean was mentally prepared, the softest part of his heart was still stabbed by what Marcus said. His face was pale as a paper.

He had done so many things to break Amber’s heart and hurt her. Even if she donated bone marrow to a stranger, she wouldn’t donate it to him.

“Mrs. Smith, I don’t understand! Amber’s bone marrow matches Sean’s. Why did you ask Sherman and Marcus to do the matching test? Isn’t this a waste of time?”

Lin Man was about to shed tears. She seldom got worked up, “What if Marcus’s and Sherman’s bone marrow couldn’t match Sean’s? Sean’s father is on good terms with Amber. If he talks to her, she will agree to donate bone marrow.”

Lin Man didn’t notice that when she said this, Sean’s pupils were even darker. They were like ink and had no trace of light.

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