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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 488: Get Them Back

“I got news from our men in Los Angeles. Miss Lin’s plane will land soon.”

Sean sneered.

It had been almost a day since he woke up. If Lin Man didn’t come back, he didn’t know if he had the patience to keep waiting like this.


“Tell them to come back as well.”

Xu Lin paused.

When Sean returned home, he left his two men in LA and asked them to keep an eye on Amber. If Amber was in trouble, they could offer help.

“You asked them to stay to help…”

Sean took a cold look at Xu Lin. Xu Lin fell silent at once.

Cold sweat ran down his spine, and he shivered in fear.

“What can they do for Amber? Marcus and Fu He are living with Amber. Shi Muzhou and Lu Yi could also help her. She won’t need our help. Get our men back!”


Xu Lin hurriedly responded, and the ward fell silent again.

After Sean woke up from the coma, he became more and more terrifying and silent. Xu Lin raised his head to peek at him. His gaze was lax. He was staring at one place, as if he was lost in thought.

A kind of utter loneliness and faintness enveloped him. For a moment, Xu Lin felt that Sean looked pitiful.

“Mr. Smith?”

Xu Lin called him, but he didn’t respond. He hesitated for a while and called him again.

Sean looked at him with no emotion in his eyes, and asked coldly, “You should get going.”

“Should we send someone to pick Miss Lin up?”

Sean paused, nodded, and said, “Bring her here directly.”

“You pick her up in person.”

Xu Lin answered okay.

He turned around and left the ward.

Sean fell silent again, thinking of a thing eleven years ago.

Amber didn’t like people staring at her.

When they were in school, Amber would work part-time. At that time, he would feel distressed for her. When she sold things, he would have someone to buy them quietly.

Later she found out and lost her temper with him for the first time.

She said she didn’t like people spying on her and investigating her.

Hearing her say that, Sean apologized and listened to her.

Sean suddenly laughed with sorrow oozing out of his dark and deep eyes.

How devoted he once was to her, and later how ruthless he was to her.

Sean felt a tearing pain in his heart, and gradually it became numb.

He sat up by himself, and reached out to call Tomas.

The phone was quickly answered. He lowered his eyes and kept silent.

Tomas was a little impatient, “What is it?”

“I have a question.”

“Go ahead!”

Sean paused and said, “On the day of the landslide, why did you suddenly withdraw the search and rescue team?”

Tomas looked sullen, “Well, you’ve got some nerve asking this!”

“You left Amber who had a high fever in the most dangerous maple forest. Did Amber do anything to hurt you in the past few years? I should have killed you…”

“I left her in the maple forest? Who told you that?”

Sean interrupted Tomas and asked in reply.

He remembered this incident very clearly. Amber was almost hit by a stone. He fell unconscious in the maple forest in order to save her.

When he woke up, he was the only one left there.

Amber had long been out of his sight.

At that time he thought that Amber was in that big pit. To find her, he almost drowned in it…

Sean suddenly laughed.

Tomas thought that Sean was laughing about leaving Amber in the maple forest. His eyes turned red in anger, “Who told me that? I won’t tell you. After all this time, are you going to get back at him?”

Sean pressed the corner of his lips and hung up directly.

At the time, Old Man Zhang said that Amber’s wound was infected and was having a high fever. She couldn’t wake up.

Only Lu Yi who rescued Amber from the mountain would tell his father that.

Cindy was kidnapped, and Amber hated him so much that she admitted to what Lu Yi said. She even told him directly that it was her who asked his father to withdraw the search and rescue team.

Sean looked at the files on the desk with fixed eyes and figured out the truth that he didn’t want to admit but had to.

In Amber’s heart, Lu Yi was much more important than him.

He deserved it, didn’t he?

He closed his eyes and didn’t open them even when Lin Man arrived. Lin Man thought that he hadn’t woken up yet, so she put her handbag on the table and asked Xu Lin, “What did the doctor say?”

Lin Man’s tone was so natural which made Xu Lin feel like she was already married to Sean and could call the shots.

He paused and said, “The doctor said that cancer cells were found in Mr. Smith’s body, which should be caused by drugs.”

Lin Man understood.

Someone harmed Sean. He shouldn’t have gotten blood cancer so early.

She thought of Lu Yi.

She shook her head quickly and directly ruled out this idea.

Lu Yi was Sean’s cousin. Even if Sean was his love rival, he wouldn’t harm Sean like this.

Lin Man nodded and said in a low voice, “Go buy something Sean can eat, in case he would be hungry after waking up.”

Xu Lin nodded.

Sean heard their conversation. Lin Man was sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, waiting for him to wake up.

When Xu Lin came back with the congee, she called him in a low voice, and Sean opened his eyes.

“Oh, good, you wake up. Eat this…”

Sean nodded.

Lin Man pressed the corner of her lips and watched him eating. She said in a low voice, “Sean, I… I’ve known what happened to you.”

Sean was not surprised. After all, she had already been to Los Angeles. And he knew what Lin Man wanted to say was not this.

“I’ve talked to Amber. You will be fine.”

The vortex in Sean’s eyes was so deep that it almost sucked Lin Man in.

“Lin Man, how did you know that Amber’s bone marrow can match mine?”

The smile on Lin Man’s face suddenly stiffened.

Sean never told her about this.

“Your mom told me that.”

Sean looked at Lin Man with a more bizarre gaze, “Really? What else did she tell you?”

Lin Man was a little nervous. Mrs. Smith didn’t like her. Why would she tell her that?

The other day, before she boarded the plane, Mrs. Smith called her. She wanted to cancel the wedding of her and Sean and wanted her to persuade Sean to give up marrying her. Moreover, Mrs. Smith offered to compensate her.

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