Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 487: Come Back to Tong City Immediately by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 487: Come Back to Tong City Immediately

Sherman looked tempted.

The White Group was indeed facing an unprecedented crisis. Since Mrs. Smith had offered to help…

“Mrs. Smith, please rest assured. I will be there tomorrow, and I will get my son back from Los Angeles.”

After they made the deal, Mrs. Smith left.

After Sherman walked her out, Yolanda was about to call Marcus.

Yolanda knew a little bit about the situation of the White Group. She was so happy to hear that Mrs. Smith would allocate a sum of money to help them start the new project. She went to get her mobile phone happily.

Sherman stopped Yolanda and said in a low voice, “I’ll call Marcus.”

It was Amber who answered the phone.

Sherman suddenly remembered a thing three years ago. At that time, the White Group was about to close down. Lin Man came to him and said that as long as he openly disowned Amber, she would persuade Sean to help the White Group tide over the difficulties.

Sherman sighed. He actually felt guilty.

But if he was given another chance, he would still do the same.

Marcus was right. He couldn’t pay the huge debts, and neither could Yolanda and him.

“Where is Marcus?”

Sherman asked in a low voice. Amber only realized that it was Sherman who was calling. She frowned and got Marcus on the phone.


“You’re wanted on the phone.”

Marcus glanced at the screen, reached for the phone, and answered in the living room, “Dad, what’s the matter?”

“You book a flight back home now. I need you to deal with something!”


Marcus refused without thinking, “Our subsidiary in Los Angeles is undergoing a major rectification. The employees in the company don’t listen to my sister at all. I need to stay and help her.”

“I have no time to go back. If you really want me to help you with something, come to Los Angeles to find me.”

Sherman’s eyes widened angrily.

“Listen, you have to come back. I’ll convince the people in the subsidiary to follow Amber’s orders.”

Marcus was a little suspicious. Sherman didn’t want Amber to manage the company for them at all. Would he do that?

“Fine, I’ll go back, but you should tell me what you want me to deal with.”

Sherman told him the whole story.

The Smith Group offered to help the White Group, which was like manna from heaven. Sherman thought Marcus would agree readily. However, Marcus kept silent for a while and said without hesitation, “I’m not going back.”

Sherman was enraged, “Don’t be a moron! Buy a ticket and get your *** home!”

“With the Smith Group’s help, our White Group will go through the difficulties, otherwise I will declare bankruptcy tomorrow!”

Marcus was stubborn, “You think I want their help? Just declare bankruptcy. I don’t care. I know Mrs. Smith wants me to go back for a bone marrow matching test. Lin Man told me Sean was suffering from blood cancer.”

“He deserves it!”

Sherman’s pupils contracted.

Mrs. Smith wanted them to go to the hospital to save Sean?

If they saved Sean, the White Group might have a chance to thrive.

“You have to come back!” Sherman’s heartbeat raced and he whispered, “Marcus, I’m telling you the truth. Our White Group is about to close down. Let’s have the bone marrow matching test. If we can save him, our company will survive. Otherwise we have to bear hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. How can we repay it?”

“That’s your business!”

Marcus hung up the phone directly.

He stuffed his phone into his pocket and met Amber when he was about to get out of the bathroom.


Amber was expressionless.

She must have heard what he said on the phone.

Marcus and Fu He reached a tacit understanding to keep what Lin Man said a secret.

Since Sean might hurt Amber again, Marcus didn’t want him to continue to disrupt Amber’s peaceful life.

Amber pressed the corner of her lips, and nodded.

She entered the bathroom, washed her hands, and asked Marcus in a low voice, “When did that happen?”

Marcus knew Amber was asking about Sean’s illness.

He wanted to lie, but Amber was smart. He knew he couldn’t hide it from her.

“I don’t know, but Lin Man was here this afternoon.”

Marcus followed Amber, whispering, “Sister, Sean’s illness has nothing to do with you. He is going to marry Lin Man. Don’t do stupid things.”

Amber didn’t seem to hear Marcus. Marcus looked up at the ceiling and said, “Sean already knows this place. He will definitely come to you shamelessly. Sister, we should move out.”

Amber laughed, “What about the company? Are you going to move it away?”

“Don’t worry, I have cut all ties with Sean, and I told his father that if he really got blood cancer, I would not donate bone marrow to him.”

Marcus kept silent.

Amber continued, “If Sean really wants me to donate bone marrow to him, he wouldn’t ask you and Sherman to do the matching test. Since they offered to help the White Group out, why don’t you grasp the chance?”

“The Smith family is not stingy. Maybe you can bring the White Group back to life with a bit of bone marrow.”

Marcus’s mouth was wide-opened in surprise.

He really didn’t expect that Amber was such a decisive and ruthless person.

But… that was really impressive!

“Okay, I’ll book a ticket and go back in the evening.”

Amber smiled.

In Sean’s ward, the air seemed to be suffocating.

Xu Lin pressed his lips, and looked at the man on the bed. Sean closed his eyes and looked asleep, but his slightly trembling eyelashes told Xu Lin that he was not asleep.

“Mr. Smith.”

Sean opened his eyes.

Being stared at by him, Xu Lin licked his lip to push aside the feelings of fear.

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