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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 486: Lin Man Was Exaggerating

The corner of Marcus’s mouth twitched.

Sean’s three brothers were indeed dead. It was rumored that the Smith family had a family history of genetic diseases and the men of the Smith family had a high risk of getting blood cancer.

What Lin Man said was probably true.

But it had nothing to do with him. He wouldn’t tell Amber about this to bother her.

“Of course not.”

Cindy looked at Marcus with a puzzled look.

“Your father is not an ordinary person. If he is seriously ill, we’ll know. Lin Man was exaggerating!”

“But he’s probably caught some kind of lurgy.”

Fu He went downstairs and heard the conversation between Lin Man and Marcus. He poured water for himself, and said with a smile, “Cindy, have you forgotten what your mother said? Don’t believe other people’s nonsense.”

“Your dad loves you so much. If he is really sick, he would tell you himself, wouldn’t he? Lin Man lied to you.”

Cindy felt what he said made sense, and the only bit of doubt in her heart was dispersed.

“I see.”

Lin Man didn’t know Cindy and Marcus were not going to tell Amber Sean’s illness. She came out of Wonderful Manor and booked a room. Not long after she entered the room, the door was knocked. Lin Man thought it was a waiter and opened the door.

Two men in black suits stood outside the door. Immediately, Lin Man tried to close the door, but one of them put his hand against the door.

“Miss Lin, we are Mr. Smith’s subordinates.”

Lin Man’s expression remained unchanged. The man whispered, “Mr. Smith said he missed you very much and wanted to see you. We were asked to send you to the airport.”

Lin Man pressed her lips, “If Sean missed me, why didn’t he call me directly? I don’t believe it. If you don’t leave, I will call the police!”

The man smiled and said, “Miss Lin, you know whether Mr. Smith called you or not.”

“Mr. Smith said if you refuse to go back, he will find a way to take Miss White back to look after him.”

Lin Man frowned.

She wanted Amber to donate bone marrow to Sean, but she didn’t want them to make up.

Sean’s memory was restoring. If Amber went back to take care of him, Sean would recall everything. By then, he would get angry with her.

She was afraid that Sean’s remained affection for her would disappear after he knew what she did all the years.

Lin Man thought Marcus and Cindy would tell Amber about Sean’s illness. Even if they wouldn’t, the Smith family would manage to reach Amber to get her help.

She hesitated for a few seconds. Then she took her luggage out and whispered, “Fine, I’ll go back.”

Lin Man didn’t even have a rest. She boarded the plane returning to Tong City directly.

Amber didn’t even know Lin Man tried to talk to her about Sean’s illness and had no idea what happened in Tong City.

Amber knew Sean’s illness a few days later than Lin Man expected.

Mrs. Smith was anxious to get Sean out of danger sooner. Even though Sean was not at all life-threatening, she was still extremely anxious.

That night, she went to the Whites’ mansion to see Sherman.

When Mrs. Smith arrived, Yolanda was at home alone.

She knew Mrs. Smith.

“Mrs… Mrs. Smith?”

Mrs. Smith nodded and said, “I want to see Sherman.”

Mrs. Smith’s expression was so grave that Yolanda thought that Amber had done something to offend the Smith family again. A gloating smile quickly appeared on her face.

Mrs. Smith glared at her. Then Yolanda put away her smile. She cleared her throat and asked with a smile, “Mrs. Smith, did Amber do something wrong again?”

“Sherman has broken all relations with her three years ago. What she did has nothing to do with us. You can’t blame us for what she did!”

Mrs. Smith frowned.

Not long after Sherman’s wife died, Yolanda, the home wrecker, married him. It had always been a laughing stock in the upper class. Treating her stepdaughter harshly was even more contemptible.

But she was proud of it?

“Oh, really?”

Mrs. Smith smiled meaningfully, “Sean was in Los Angeles to receive treatment the other day. He mentioned to me that your son was very close to Amber.”

“I thought you guys were going to accept Amber again.”

Yolanda was wordless.

Sherman always listened to her, but Marcus didn’t.

Marcus was her precious son who was independent and never asked her for suggestions. He admired Amber whom he never met since he was a child.

Yolanda’s expression changed. Mrs. Smith was not in the mood to mock her. She lowered her head and said to Yolanda, “Please call Sherman and tell him to come back immediately.”


Yolanda couldn’t afford to offend Mrs. Smith, so she obediently called Sherman.

Sherman came back soon. He had a heavy smell of alcohol. Mrs. Smith frowned.

Although they were relatives by marriage in the past three years, Mrs. Smith only met Sherman a few times.

Sherman was in a suit and looked very elegant and gentle.

“Mrs. Smith.”

Mrs. Smith nodded, pressed the corner of her lips, and said in a low voice, “Mr. White, I need you to do me a favor.”

A flash of surprise flashed across Sherman’s face. The White family was about to go bankrupt. Unexpectedly, the Smith family asked for his help at this time.

“Is it about Amber?”

Sherman asked with a smile.

“It doesn’t have much to do with Amber. Mr. White, I hope you can spare some time tomorrow and go to the hospital with me.”

Sherman nodded, and Mrs. Smith spoke continued, “And please get your son back. Don’t worry, whether the thing goes as expected or not, I won’t let you guys make a trip for nothing.”

“I heard that your White Group is developing a new project, but it has some cash-flow problems. I am very interested and plan to invest some money in it.”

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