Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 485: I Want to See Lin Man by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 485: I Want to See Lin Man

“Alright, I’m not crying.”

After Mrs. Smith finished speaking, she left the ward with what she was holding. She was probably going to the White family.

Gu Jinyan and Tomas were still in the ward.

They were not easy to be convinced, especially Tomas, who was sitting on the sofa and looking at Sean.

“You refused to get divorced, and even chased Amber to Los Angeles. Now you finally decided to let her go?”

Sean closed his eyes powerlessly.

“Amber said she would never donate bone marrow to me. I don’t want to beg her.”

Sean felt ashamed.

Three years ago, he nearly killed their daughter. He hit Amber with his car and called Cindy *******. He did too many things to wrong her.

Amber’s contour profile gradually became clear in his mind.

Sean suddenly “missed” Lin Man very much.

“Dad, I miss Lin Man. Can you ask her to take care of me in the hospital? With her by my side, I will definitely recover sooner.”

He said in a slimy tone, which made Tomas feel sick.

Seeing that his son didn’t cherish Amber but thought of Lin Man, he looked sullen, “Do as you like. I don’t care.”

Tomas stood up and left the ward.

“Sean, drop the act. You know it’s not easy to fool me.”


Sean responded and said in a low voice, “I want to see Lin Man.”

“Lin Man has already reached Los Angeles. When you mentioned Lin Man just now, I asked my assistant to find out her whereabouts. She is getting off the plane.”

Gu Jinyan smiled, “Sean, you don’t need me to tell you why Lin Man went to Los Angeles, do you?”

Sean’s expression changed suddenly, “You knew the reason already?”


Gu Jinyan laughed again.

When Lin Man came to the hospital, he happened to see her. He even saw her standing in the corridor and listening to Tomas’s conversation with the doctor and then leaving.

Within ten minutes, his assistant told him Lin Man bought a ticket to Los Angeles and went to the airport.

“Why didn’t you stop her?”

Gu Jinyan said with a mocking expression, “Why would I do that? Lin Man is very scheming. She tricked you for eleven years. If she talks to Amber, maybe Amber will return home tomorrow and donate bone marrow to you.”

“I don’t want to lose you. You are a good buddy.”

Sean’s eyes deepened.

“By the way, Sean, you are going to marry Lin Man, aren’t you? In the past three years, you snubbed Amber and ignored her. Now, you are going to do that to Lin Man.”

“I can’t wait to see it. If you do that, you are like getting rid of an evil for the people!”

The smile on Gu Jinyan’s face was gloating.

Sean pointed to the door and whispered, “You can leave now!”

Gu Jinyan was not angry, throwing his jacket over his shoulder, and went straight out.

The ward became quiet. Sean took out his phone and called Lin Man. A mechanical female voice came from the phone.

He raised his hand and slammed the phone out.

Hearing the big noise, Xu Lin entered the door. The phone on the ground had been smashed apart by Sean.

His hair stood on end.

“Mr. Smith… the board of directors knew that you have returned to Tong City, so they sent the documents over.”

Sean looked at him silently. His eyes were as silent as a pool of stagnant water.

He did not respond. Xu Lin silently placed the files on the bed, then picked up the phone on the floor, and put it on the files before walking out.

Los Angeles.

Lin Man knew where Amber lived. After she got off the plane, she stopped a taxi, said Amber’s address, and went straight there.

It was daytime in Los Angeles.

When Lin Man arrived at Wonderful Manor, she only saw Marcus who was playing games with Cindy in the living room.

Selena was in the kitchen. The door was open, and Lin Man invited herself in.

Seeing Lin Man, Marcus frowned, licked his lip, and smiled, “Oh, we got a rare visitor!”

Lin Man looked solemn and said directly, “I need to see Amber.”

“Yeah, I need to see the President of the United States. Come on, who do you think you are? Get out!”

Marcus mocked with a cold face.

Lin Man did not leave but walked towards Cindy.

Cindy suddenly turned pale with fright. She was deeply afraid of Lin Man who wanted to feed her to wolves and sharks.


Cindy leaned into Marcus’s arms and said with a sobbing tone, “I’m scared.”

Marcus threw the game console away, took Cindy into his arms, and looked at Lin Man coldly.

Lin Man smiled. She looked at Cindy and said, “Cindy, I am here because of your father. He is sick. He will die. Only your mother can save him.”

She raised her cell phone and continued, “I’ll stay in Los Angeles, waiting for your mother’s call.”

Cindy didn’t believe it.

Amber told her Lin Man was not a good person. Cindy didn’t believe any words she said, but she was smart and nodded.

Lin Man was very satisfied. She was not worried that Cindy would not tell Amber what she said. Marcus was here. Even if she wouldn’t, Marcus would do that.

Moreover, she would come here again.

“I told you to get out!”

Marcus spoke coldly, and Lin Man stared at him quietly.

Marcus was not afraid at all. He snorted and said viciously, “What disease did Sean get? Sean seems to have three brothers who have died long ago. They have a family history of diseases? Now, he is sick. Was it him who asked you to be here? After all the things he’s done to my sister, he wants her to save him?”

“Tell Sean my sister wishes he were dead. She can’t wait to attend his funeral.”

Lin Man’s expression changed. During the years when she was with Sean, almost no one would speak insolently to her.

No, except for one person!


Amber and Marcus seemed to be her nemesis.

Marcus held Cindy and whispered, “Lin Man, my house is off limits to dogs and *******!”

“If you come uninvited again, I will toss you out like a dog.”

Lin Man clenched her fists and glanced at Marcus, knowing that he hated her for slandering him in the Pomeranian thing.

She never saw such a stupid man. Suddenly, her anger was gone.

She smiled disdainfully and walked straight out of the villa.

Cindy watched Lin Man leaving, encircled Marcus’s neck, and asked in a low voice, “Uncle, is what Lin Man said true? Is my dad really sick?”

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