Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 484: Lin Man Wouldn’t Give Up by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 484: Lin Man Wouldn’t Give Up

The doctor did not finish his words, but both Tomas and Mrs. Smith knew what he was going to say!

After hearing this, Lin Man turned around and left the hospital.

Their invitations had been sent out.

Standing at the gate of the hospital, Lin Man looked sullen.

Sean had agreed to marry her. He nodded. She tried her best to take him back from Amber and had been longing to marry him for more than ten years. She couldn’t let his illness ruin it.

Lin Man took out her phone, found Amber’s number, and called her.

She found her number on Sean’s cell phone.

When Lin Man called, Amber just got up. She had a good memory and knew Lin Man’s number.

A trace of disgust flashed in her eyes, and she clicked on the ‘No’ button without hesitation.

Lin Man called her again.

Amber ignored her directly.

When Sean woke up, it was already dark. The ward was silent. He was having a drip.

Mrs. Smith, Tomas, Xu Lin and Gu Jinyan were all here. None of them spoke, and the atmosphere was heavy. Sean pressed the corner of his mouth.

Xu Lin found that Sean woke up.

“Mr. Smith.”

Sean glanced at the time. It was almost midnight.

“Sean, you’re awake. I’ll make some porridge for you…”

“No, I’m not hungry.” Sean whispered, “It’s late, what are you guys doing in the hospital? I won’t recover immediately even if you all stay by my side. Go back and rest.”

Gu Jinyan nodded and said, “Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith, you should go back and rest. I’ll look after Sean.”

Mrs. Smith’s eyes reddened. She held back her tears, looked at Sean carefully, and asked in a low voice, “Sean, when you had treatment in Los Angeles, did you… see Amber?”

When Sean heard the word Amber, his expression changed slightly, but he restored calm quickly.

“Where is Lin Man?”

Sean changed the topic.

Mrs. Smith paused. Only then did she realize that Lin Man hadn’t appeared since Sean fainted.

She took a deep breath and suddenly thought of Amber.

In the past, when Sean was sick, Amber was always the first to appear beside him, and Amber was very good at taking care of him.

She knew what medicine Sean could use and what medicine he couldn’t. She almost made no mistake when taking care of Sean.

Mrs. Smith’s heart ached.

She regretted offending Amber so thoroughly.

Tomas looked at his son on the bed and said blankly, “The doctor said cancer cells were found in your body.”

Sean was mentally prepared. He was not surprised at all but only sneered.

“Anything else?”

Tomas frowned. Mrs. Smith said, “The doctor said, you had no signs of… getting blood cancer. He suspected that you were exposed to drugs that induce cancer…”

Mrs. Smith sobbed too much to continue.

Sean pressed the corner of his lips.

His food in Los Angeles was arranged by Xu Lin.

The medicine he used was prescribed by the doctor according to his physical condition. He took no wrong medicine or food…

Sean suddenly thought of Cindy.

When he met Amber at Mrs. Joseph’s house, he took Cindy away.

He ate the candy Cindy gave him.

But Cindy was three years old. How could she harm him?

Sean thought of Amber.

Amber hated him.

She hated him for leaving her without saying goodbye back then. So she got back at him in this way?

Sean didn’t want to assume the worst of Amber in this way, but the few memories he restored told him that Amber probably really did not mean to be with him back then.

Sean’s eyes deepened.

He was suffering from blood cancer. If Amber didn’t donate bone marrow to him, basically, he had no chance of survival.

Sean took a deep breath. Mrs. Smith cried, “Sean, I won’t watch you die. I will go to the airport now. I will go to Los Angeles and find Amber. No matter what method I use, I will get her to donate bone marrow to you.”

Saying this, Mrs. Smith suddenly got up.

Sean stretched his hand to grab Mrs. Smith’s arm.

Mrs. Smith turned her head and looked at him.



Mrs. Smith paused and heard Sean say, “I hate Amber. You heard what I said to her on the wedding day three years ago. I said I would rather die than accept her bone marrow.”

Mrs. Smith’s mouth opened wide in shock. She turned around suddenly and slapped Sean across the face.

Five fingerprints quickly appeared on Sean’s cheek.

Mrs. Smith looked at his red and swollen face, as if being stabbed in the heart.

“Have you ever thought of me and your dad? We only have you. If you die, who will nourish us in our old age and bury our dead bodies?”


Mrs. Smith choked, “Your dad and I had watched your brothers die! We don’t want to go through that again!”

Sean’s expression remained unchanged, and he whispered, “Mom, I don’t believe that only Amber’s bone marrow can save me. Sherman and Marcus might also be able to save me.”

Mrs. Smith’s expression eased a little. As long as Sean was not resisting the treatment, she was relieved.

“If their bone marrows can match mine successfully. I can grant them whatever they want. Amber can’t be convinced to save me. I don’t like to owe things to others, let alone a life.”

“Mom, because of bone marrow, I was taken advantage of three years ago. I don’t want that to happen again!”

There was no expression on Sean’s face, and Mrs. Smith didn’t doubt what he said.

She cried for a while, took a deep breath, and said, “Okay, I will contact the White family to see if the bone marrow of Sherman and Marcus can match yours. Sean, you have to promise me. If they can’t save you, I’ll go to Amber. You can’t stop me.”

“Mom, the doctor said that I am not life-threatening, remember? It’s too early to cry.”

Mrs. Smith wiped her tears. The death of her other three sons was a thorn in her heart. She was extremely afraid of losing her last son.

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