Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 483: I Didn’t Know Amber Was Your Chick by NovelsYou

Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 483: I Didn’t Know Amber Was Your Chick

He gradually became more audacious. At noon that day, he suddenly molested Amber in the class.

“Amber, are you free after school? How about having dinner with me in Ritz-Carlton. If you like it, we can spend the night there.”

The smile on Shen Chun’s face was a bit obscene.

Sean was lying prone on the desk, taking a nap. Hearing these words, he stood up suddenly and overturned the desk. He strode to Shen Chun, clutched his collar and spoke coldly, “Say it again!”

Shen Chun turned pale with fright.


Sean raised his fist at Shen Chun. Amber grabbed his hand immediately.

He almost vomited blood out of anger.

Sean looked down on dandies who relied on his family power, but Amber even defended this kind of scum in order to prevent others from knowing that they were together. Sean was angry.

He squinted and looked at Amber, “Am I such a disgrace to you that you would rather be bullied by such scum than let others know that we are together?”

When Shen Chun heard this, he was terrified.

“Sean… I didn’t know Amber was your chick…”

Sean couldn’t stand anyone saying anything frivolous to Amber, so he shook off Amber’s hands.

“Don’t hit him!”

Amber snapped at him.

Sean looked back at her in disbelief. There was obvious tension on her face.

She was worried about a scum?

Sean’s face turned livid in anger.

Was it because Amber didn’t like him but just liked scums like Shen Chun?

He clenched his fists, and his chest was heaving. Amber grabbed Sean’s hand tightly and whispered, “You will be given a demerit!”

“He just said a few offensive words casually, but if you hit him, it will become your fault. If your father knows it, you would suffer again.”

The anger in Sean’s heart suddenly disappeared.

The dream ended here. Sean suddenly sat up from the bed. The dream brought him out in a cold sweat.


Since they got divorced, it seemed to be the only word left in his world.

When Xu Lin arrived the next day, Sean said he wanted to visit his alma mater.

The college entrance examination was over, and high schools were closed.

Xu Lin arranged the trip effortlessly.

After eating breakfast, Xu Lin drove Sean to Tong City First High School.

There was a small lotus pond in the center of the campus. Sean stood beside it and asked Xu Lin to get Lin Man here.

Xu Lin stepped aside to call Lin Man.

Sean was in situ alone.

He didn’t take the wheelchair, standing there silently.

He thought of Lin Man.

When they were in school, Lin Man and Amber were good friends. After Sean and Amber were together, Lin Man asked Sean to eat with her to celebrate it.

Sean was no short of money, but Amber chose an inexpensive restaurant.

Afterwards, Sean couldn’t find Amber. Lin Man asked him to treat her to a delicious meal on the pretext of telling him where Amber was.

At that time, he discovered that Lin Man was coveting him.

He did not like Lin Man, and even hated her a little.

Gradually, Lin Man didn’t hide her amorous glances at him in front of Amber.

Sean thought it was a trick of Amber. Maybe she thought he was not faithful enough, so she asked Lin Man to test him.

Although Lin Man was not as good-looking as Amber, she was well-known for her temperament and taste in dressing.

Even if he didn’t like Lin Man, he agreed on Amber taking her when the two of them hung out.

Sean clenched his fists, lowering his eyes in heartache.

He suddenly turned around. Xu Lin was talking on the phone, “Miss Lin, Mr. Smith is now at your high school alma mater. Can you come here… Mr. Smith?”

Sean passed by Xu Lin. He walked very fast.

Xu Lin hung up the phone in a hurry and wanted to keep up with him. Just after two steps, Sean staggered and collapsed on the ground!

Lin Man got the news and hurried to the hospital.

Tomas and Mrs. Smith were both there.

They were talking to Xu Lin, “How is he?”

“He was sent to the emergency room a moment ago, and the doctor hasn’t come out yet.”

Mrs. Smith pressed the corner of her mouth and asked in a low voice, “Xu Lin, why did Sean faint suddenly? He hasn’t recovered. How could you take him to his high school?”

Xu Lin was aggrieved.

“Madam, Mr. Smith demanded to go there. I tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen to me!”

Tomas was shocked, “Sean fainted?”

It was Mrs. Smith who answered Xu Lin’s call. Tomas didn’t know what happened.


Lin Man, who was walking towards the emergency room, stopped and looked at Xu Lin’s back with fixed eyes.

Mrs. Smith seemed to have thought of something, and subconsciously looked at Tomas, “No, don’t overthink. Sean had regular physical examinations. It’s impossible!”

Tomas frowned.

All of his other three sons had regular physical examinations.

But blood cancer couldn’t be prevented at all.

Tomas took a deep breath and fell silent. Everyone in the corridor was waiting for the doctor to come out.

As soon as the door of the emergency room opened, Mrs. Smith didn’t rush to it and asked about Sean’s situation eagerly as usual. Tomas didn’t move, either, as if Sean wasn’t their child.

Xu Lin paused and asked in a low voice, “How is Mr. Smith’s condition?”

The doctor removed his medical mask, took out the medical record from his pocket, and said, “The patient’s broken ribs are healing well, but he still needs to recuperate in bed.”

“And… When I checked the patient to find out the cause of his faint.” The doctor frowned and whispered, “Cancer cells were found in his body.”

Mrs. Smith was like being hit by a thunderbolt.

She turned pale in an instant. Even Xu Lin froze in situ.


“Is the test result reliable?”

Doctors cared about medical ethics, but the doctor didn’t feel offended by Xu Lin’s suspicion. No one could accept the result. After all, Sean was still so young.

The doctor was accustomed to seeing such reactions of patient’s families. His expression remained unchanged.

“Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith should know the patient’s illness.”

The doctor whispered, “Mr. Smith’s other three sons were also treated here. The patient is not life-threatening. But you guys need to find the right bone marrow…”

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