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Please Go Away, Mr Smith! – Chapter 482: Sean Is Back

Sean returned home and was transferred to the SVIP ward of Tong City Central Hospital that night.

His trauma was almost healed, but his broken ribs hadn’t.

It was the same ward. When Sean arrived, Xiangxiang Lu was going through the discharge formalities for Feng Chen. Gu Jinyan picked Sean up at the airport and went to the hospital to go through the hospitalization procedures.

Gu Jinyan was lining up behind Lu Xiangxiang, but Lu Xiangxiang was on her phone and not aware of it.

After she paid the bill, she turned around and saw Gu Jinyan.

She didn’t know how long he had stood behind her, but when she turned around, she was really taken aback.

She frowned and cursed, “Gu Jinyan, what’s wrong with you!”

Gu Jinyan was a little confused.

“What do you mean?”

“Drop the act. Why were you standing behind me?”

The smile on Gu Jinyan’s face was a little mocking, “I’m going through the hospitalization procedures for Sean. Why? Is this hospital yours? I can’t even queue up here?”

Lu Xiangxiang kept silent.

After they quarreled last time, they ignored each other. Gu Jinyan was the CEO of a company. How could he take the initiative to speak to her?

Lu Xiangxiang pressed the corner of her lips and was a little embarrassed. Then she stepped aside and asked in a low voice, “Sean has come back?”

Gu Jinyan nodded lukewarmly, and asked, “Mr. Feng is going to leave hospital?”


Lu Xiangxiang smoothed her hair and said in a low voice, “Sorry for beating you in the hospital last time.”

“It’s okay.”

Normally, after the misunderstanding was resolved and people apologized, they would be reconciled.

But after talking for so long, Gu Jinyan hadn’t even taken a look at her.

The atmosphere became more stiff and awkward. Lu Xiangxiang narrowed her eyes slightly, said goodbye to Gu Jinyan, and turned to leave.

As soon as she left, Gu Jinyan turned to look at her. She was in a mint-green midi dress, which was refreshing and beautiful. The emotions in Gu Jinyan’s eyes became thicker. He took the receipt from the window and went upstairs.

Seeing him, Sean frowned, “Why did you have to go downstairs for hospitalization procedures?”

Gu Jinyan didn’t speak.

Sean held the shares of Tong City Central Hospital. If he needed to be hospitalized, the dean would naturally arrange it!

Besides, even if he really had to queue up to go through the formalities, Xu Lin would do that for him.

“Mr. Gu personally went downstairs to go through the formalities. If people think that the Gu Group is bankrupt, I would blame myself.”

Gu Jinyan knew Sean was joking. When Sean went upstairs, he probably saw Lu Xiangxiang go downstairs.

With a calm face, he ignored Sean, laughed low, and said, “Are you really going to marry Lin Man?”

“You tell me?”

“Sean, Lin Man hurt Cindy before.”

Sean didn’t think so and said, “She said that she didn’t mean to hurt her. The car accident was just an accident.”


Sean waved his hand, unwilling to continue the subject.

No matter whom he was going to marry, that person couldn’t be Amber.

He knew Lin Man was not a good person.

Amber was snubbed by him for three years. Lin Man knew that but she still used it to provoke Amber.

It took him eleven years to realize that Lin Man was actually no different from Tang Tian.

However, in those eight years, she was the only woman by his side. She got everything she wanted, so she put away her sharp claws and made him think that she was really innocent and kind.

As a result, he always felt that Lin Man was kind, so when he married Amber, he hated Amber for taking him away from Lin Man.

Sean didn’t want to discuss Lin Man, and closed his eyes.

He was like showing Gu Jinyan the door. Gu Jinyan was judicious and went straight out of the ward.

Xu Lin also left. In the ward, Sean sat on the bed alone.

It might because the ward was empty. For the first time, Sean felt his heart was empty.

He closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

He had a dream again. It was eleven years ago.

Amber was very low-key in school, but she was beautiful and attractive. After agreeing to be his girlfriend, Amber asked him to keep it secret.

They were in high school after all.

Sean didn’t want to. He pulled Amber into his arms with a sullen face and asked her, “Is it shameful to be my girlfriend?”

He liked her and got her. He wanted everyone in the school to know that.

Amber curled up in his arms, smiled softly, and said to him, “No, it would get too much attention on us. If you tell others about it, I will have a hard time before graduating from high school.”

Sean snorted coldly. He had made up his mind to make their relationship known to everyone, so he pretended not to hear what Amber said.


He lowered his head, and Amber encircled his waist with a smile, “Promise me, okay?”


Sean compromised and agreed.

After agreeing, he regretted it.

He was a popular figure on campus, and his desk was full of pink letters during his school days.

He was sitting in the back row. During the break, when he was taking a nap, he was awakened by Shen Rouran. She blushed and handed a love letter to him.

Sean took a look at Amber who ignored what was happening over here.

His face darkened instantly.

Even if she didn’t want others to know he was her boyfriend, she didn’t need to be so unconcerned, did she?

The people around were watching the fun, but she was the only one who showed no interest. Sean squinted his eyes and glanced at Amber’s high ponytail with fixed eyes.

Maybe Amber didn’t him at all. She agreed to be his girlfriend just because she had had enough of his pestering.

In a fit of anger, Sean reached for Shen Rouran’s love letter.

Shen Rouran’s face was even redder. When she was about to grin, Sean tore the love letter to pieces. He looked at her coldly and said, “I don’t like you. Just stay away from me!”

Shen Rouran’s smile suddenly stiffened.

Sean was pursuing Amber. Everyone knew that.

Shen Rouran took it out on Amber. In the beginning, she just asked Shen Chun to harass Amber.

Shen Chun was a dandy who pursued Amber in a different way.

Sean remembered what Amber said. He forbore from teaching Shen Chun a lesson. Shen Chun discovered that Sean didn’t seem to like Amber that much.

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