Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Crazy *** In The Bathroom

Skylar’s POV:

Simon and Helen went back to their home, while we went to Simon’s another villa, taking Tony with us.

Since Tony’s mental condition was unstable, Simon arranged a separate room for him and sent a doctor to take care of him.

Thanks to Simon’s help, we had successfully tracked down Tony.

Now, we just needed him to recover as soon as possible.

The past few days, Jennifer had been in low spirits.

I was worried about her, so I decided to go and have a chat with her.

When I entered her room, I saw her sitting on the bed with a faraway look in her eyes, lost in thought.

“Jennifer, what’s wrong?” I sat next to her and held her hand.

“You look upset.Have you managed to talk to Mr.Jones yet?”

“You look upset. Have you managed to talk to Mr.Jones yet?”

“No.” Jennifer shook her head dejectedly.

“Is that why you look so sad? It doesn’t matter.Trust me, Mr.Jones is probably fine.He must be too busy.Don’t worry,”

I comforted Jennifer softly, patting her on the shoulder.

“But that’s the thing.No matter how busy he is, he won’t ignore me,”

Jennifer said exasperatedly.

“We love each other so much.How could he bear to be out of contact with me for so long? Besides, I can’t shake off the bad feeling that something big is about to happen.What if Anthony’s in trouble? I just want to find out the truth as soon as possible so that I can return to his side.”

“I get how you’re feeling, but Mr.Jones is a prince.He has so many people protecting him.He can’t be in danger,”

I pointed out before giving Jennifer a hug.

“My dear, don’t think too much.You’re probably just missing him.”

However, no matter what I said, I couldn’t seem to make Jennifer feel at ease.She leaned on my

“Jennifer, don’t worry.I have an idea.Tomorrow, Dylan and I can go back to the royal palace of Osman Kingdom.Since you still have work to be done here, we’ll go there on your behalf and let Mr.Jones know how much you miss him.Don’t worry.We’ll come back with good news about how he’s safe and sound, so that you’ll finally be able to relax,” I suggested with a smile.

“Skylar, you are such a good friend!” Jennifer’s eyes lit up, and she smiled through tears.

“Thank you.”

“It’s my honor to help you.Don’t dwell on this anymore and get some sleep.It’s getting late.”

I was glad that I managed to comfort Jennifer by giving her a good solution.

After saying good night to her, I turned around to go back to my room.

But since we had just moved into this villa, I was not familiar with the layout yet.

I felt lost.

I walked along the corridor, scratching my head in confusion, before finally walking into a room on the right that looked somewhat familiar.

It had to be my room, right? Shrugging to myself, I pushed the door of the room open.

But the sight that greeted me was one that would be etched onto my mind for the rest of my life.

Through the transparent glass door of the bathroom, I saw Dylan taking a shower.

My breath hitched in my throat when I saw the drops of water slide down his naked body, pulling my gaze downwards.

I couldn’t help but widen my eyes.

Below his strong chest were well-defined abdominal muscles.

And as my gaze wandered lower, I saw his thick reddish ****.

I was stunned.

I couldn’t tear my eyes off of his lower body, and my ears began to burn.

Oh my ***! Dylan had such an amazing body, and his **** was so big.

It must feel great to have *** with him, right?

“Skylar?” Dylan called out in shock.

Noticing my presence, he quickly threw a bath towel around his waist and looked at me with embarrassment.

“Why are you here? Get out!”

“Why should I go out?”

I closed the door of the room behind me before boldly walking into the bathroom.

Keeping my eyes fixed on his body, I said, “You have such a good physique.I want to look at it for a while longer.Besides, you are my mate.There’s nothing wrong with me being here.”

“You are so stubborn.” Dylan sighed helplessly.

“Come on, be a good girl and go out.”

“Can’t I even look at you?” I pouted, feeling aggrieved.

“Dylan, we are already so close.Are you still not ready to accept me?”

“That’s not what I mean. I…”

Dylan seemed to want to say something, but on second thought, he stopped and shot me a fierce glare.

“If you keep acting like this, I won’t be so nice to you anymore.”

“What can you do to me?”

I raised my eyebrows and stuck out my tongue at him.

After saying that, I stepped closer to him, leaving just inches between our bodies.

Looking at his handsome face and his chiseled arms, I really wanted to reach out and touch him.

“Dylan, you look so good— Mmh.”

Before I could finish my sentence, he suddenly bent over and kissed me.

I froze, feeling my mind go blank.

As if ignited by an unknown force, Dylan eagerly pressed me against the wall and stroked my ******* over my clothes.

Heat rose within my body, making me tremble in his arms.

“Don’t forget, Skylar, you came to me voluntarily.”

Dylan sucked my lips and kissed me with an insatiable hunger.

At the same time, he pulled off my top, unhooked my bra, and gripped one of my *******.

“Do you want me to **** you?”

The corners of his lips rose into an attractive smirk.

The Dylan standing in front of me now was not the cold, stern Dylan that I was used to.

His smile was like a drug that drove me over the edge.

I tugged off his bath towel and hurriedly grasped his ****, holding it tightly in my hand.

“Babe, you want it that much?”

A slight grunt of pleasure escaped Dylan’s lips.He tilted his hip forward and let the tip of his **** graze my thigh.

“You have seduced me so many times.Do you know how much I want to **** you?”

“Then do it.” I bit his lower lip, provoking him even further.

“Dylan, I love you.I want to give myself to you.”

“Okay, let’s do it.Let’s have ***.We don’t have to stop till we’re satisfied.”

Dylan ripped off my short skirt and underwear, and half-knelt on the floor, with one hand holding my waist, and the other unfolding my *****.

“Dylan…What are you doing?”

The touch of his fingers on my ***** seemed to send an electric shock through me, and I looked at him in surprise.

Instead of answering me, Dylan did something that I was completely unprepared for.

He leaned close and kissed my *****.

He was unskilled but enthusiastic.

His tongue darted out of his mouth and slipped into my *****, exploring every corner.

He sucked on the folds, making me wetter and wetter.

“Ah, Dylan, it feels so good…”

My voice came out high-pitched and breathless.

I was so overwhelmed with pleasure that my whole body was quivering.

My legs were so weak that I almost collapsed.

But Dylan held me tight and didn’t let me go, licking and sucking until I threw my head up and screamed, reaching my climax.

It was only then that he stood up with a snicker and led me to the empty bathtub.

He made me lie down in it with my legs spread out and slung over the rim of the bathtub.

My ***** was open and exposed to the air, eagerly waiting to be filled.

“Skylar, you taste so good down there.”

Dylan’s words made my heart race, and my breathing quickened.

I could barely think straight as he lifted my waist and lightly pressed his big burning **** against my delicate *****.

His movements were tender and gentle.

He carefully probed at the folds before slowly entering me bit by bit.

By this time, I was dripping wet.

“Dylan, come in.I’m ready,”

I cried impatiently.

Sparked by my encouragement, Dylan suddenly straightened up and inserted his thick **** all the way into me.

I took the opportunity to wrap my legs around his waist, gripping him in place.

I subconsciously straightened up, bringing my ******* close to his face.

Dylan’s gaze froze for a moment.

Then, he opened his mouth and firmly grabbed a ****** with his lips, grazing it with his tongue.

At the same time, he straightened his waist and thrust back and forth in my wet *****.

With his lips wrapped around my ****** and his **** filling my *****, I felt an unprecedented satisfaction that made me squint my eyes and sigh.

“Babe, faster…I love how this feels.”

I twisted my waist restlessly, letting him slide in even deeper.

My movement seemed to arouse him, because his **** swelled up and became even harder, filling me up completely.

While greedily sucking at my ******, Dylan reached out and squeezed my ****, holding me in place as he thrust his **** even harder and faster into me, striking the deepest part of my ***** every single time.

Feeling like I was flying all the way to heaven, I moaned uncontrollably.

“Dylan, it feels amazing.**** me hard.Just like that…”

“*****, I’ll **** you to death!” Dylan growled and slammed into my body hard.

Meanwhile, he rubbed my sensitive **** with his fingers, and sucked hard at my ******.

Under so much stimulation at the same time, I shivered.

My ***** shrank violently and spurted out warm liquid over and over again, wrapping tight around Dylan’s ****.

In a daze, I realized that Dylan was not an unromantic werewolf with no desire.

He had a crazy, unchained side too.

Today, he was like a thug, venting all his desire on my body.

At the peak of his climax, he bent over and bit my neck hard.

We both marked each other.

We had *** for several more times in a row, but we were still reluctant to stop.

After a while, Dylan finally pulled out his ****.

Milk-white fluid flowed out of my *****.

“Did you like it?” Dylan asked, rubbing my head.

“You’re so warm and wet down there.******* you feels so good.”

“I liked it…” I nodded shyly.

“Are you tired? Let’s go to sleep together.”

Dylan stood up with me in his arms, and we proceeded to take a shower together.

After that, he carried me to the bed and lay down next to me.

I leaned against his chest with a content smile.

I finally got what I wished for.

Dylan completely accepted me now, and we even marked each other.

It was more than I could ask for.

We hugged each other tightly.

Before falling asleep, I told Dylan that Jennifer hadn’t been able to contact Anthony for a while.

Hearing that, he agreed that we could set out for the royal palace early tomorrow morning.

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