Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 95

Chapter 95: The Poisoning Plan

Anthony’s POV:

The moment I stepped out of the hall after the banquet, I felt all the cells in my body come back to life.

I was finally freed.

Caroline’s enthusiasm really made me feel at a loss.

I still needed some time to adapt to the abrupt change in our relationship.

One minute, we were siblings, and the next, we were a couple.

I was told that I had lost my memories, even forgetting something as crucial as dating my sister.

I was even asked to marry Caroline.

All this was simply too outrageous!  I planned to go to see my mother.

I wanted to ask her what on earth had happened.

She was the only one who could help me.

But as soon as I stepped foot outside the banquet hall, Caroline stopped me.

“Anthony, wait for me!”

She caught up with me and slipped her hand into mine.

She looked up at me with a sweet smile, but I couldn’t help but shrug off her hand.

“You can go ahead.I want to see Mom first.”

Caroline grabbed my sleeve to stop me and stammered, “Anthony, Mom…she…she might not be present right now.”

“What do you mean?” I frowned.

“Where is she?” Caroline lowered her head without saying a word.

“What’s wrong?” I asked anxiously.

“Did something bad happen to her?”

Caroline wiped her tears and said vaguely, “She fell into a deep sleep not long after your plane crash.The doctor said that it might be because she was too anxious and sad, so…”

I was shocked to hear that.I knew my mother’s health was declining, but she was in a relatively good condition, last I recalled.

How could she have suddenly fallen into a deep slumber? Maybe Caroline wasn’t lying.

It was possible my mother had suffered a big blow when I got into an accident.

“Where is she now? Caroline, take me to her!”

“Okay, I’ll take you there, but you have to prepare yourself mentally.”

Caroline took me to the hospital.

I found my mother lying in bed in a coma.

She couldn’t even open her mouth to eat, so she was living on IV fluids.

Seeing her lying there alone, I could do nothing but stare at her remorsefully.I felt so sorry for her.

“Since when has she become like this?”

I asked a maid who was in charge of taking care of my mother.

The maid faltered, “Well…since yesterday.Miss Wilson visited and chatted with Mrs.Jones and then suddenly, Mrs.Jones fainted.Only Miss Wilson knows the specifics.”

Caroline had stayed with my mother alone? I looked at Caroline questioningly.Just as I opened my mouth to ask her to explain, she looked at me sadly.

“It’s true.I’m also responsible for this matter.You didn’t wake up, and Mom was worried about you.I should have seen how emotional she was and shouldn’t have said anything…”

Caroline held my hand, trying to comfort me.

“Anthony, don’t worry.She’s blessed.She will wake up sooner or later.I can stay with you.We can wait for her to wake up together.After all, I want her to live happily for the rest of her life.”

I glanced down at Caroline’s hand holding mine and sighed.

“Caroline, I hope you can understand that I won’t even consider getting married before Mom wakes up.Please understand how I feel.As a son, I feel guilty for putting her in this situation.How could I get married like this?”

Gritting her teeth, Caroline seemed to be restraining her emotions.

Then she finally relented, “Anthony, I’m willing to accept this.We can talk about getting married later, but Anthony, you can’t keep running away from me, okay?”

“I’m sorry, Caroline.I don’t want to talk about it today.Can we talk about it another time? You can go ahead.I want to stay here with Mom.”

“Anthony, I won’t leave you.I’m staying.”

I raised my head and was about to refuse Caroline again, but her phone suddenly started to ring.

She glanced at the phone screen and bit her lip.

Finally, she said, “Anthony, don’t tire yourself out.I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, drive safe.”

When Caroline shut the door behind her, I finally felt relieved.

Austin’s POV:

What happened today made me so happy.Caroline was a truly capable she-wolf.

She had actually managed to erase Anthony’s memories.

I reveled in how helpless and sad he must’ve felt.

What with his lost memories and his mother in a coma, he must’ve felt terrible.

Alas, poor Anthony! He must have never expected that things would be like this one day.

How unfortunate! But on second thought, I realized that although Anthony had lost his memories, I couldn’t be complacent.I needed Caroline’s cooperation.

So, I asked someone to call her here.

She was sensible and came as soon as she was summoned.

“Austin, what can I do for you?” she asked me.

“Caroline, I’m satisfied with your performance.”

“Thank you, Austin.” I smiled with satisfaction.

“I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear what I’m going to say next.I’m going to grant you and Anthony a marriage.What do you think?”

Caroline’s sole ambition in life was to marry my stupid brother.I planned to fulfill her wish.

That way, with Caroline keeping watch on Anthony for me, I could gradually deprive him of his power.

After a while, he would no longer have the ability to oppose my rule.

I could kill two birds with one stone.

She would definitely be satisfied with my decision.

I looked at her expectantly, waiting to hear her thank me in surprise, but she was unusually quiet after hearing what I said.

“What’s wrong? Are you not satisfied? Don’t you want to marry him?”

I really couldn’t think of any reason to explain her current reaction.

Or, was it possible that she had fallen in love with me after all? Caroline sighed.

“I do want to marry Anthony as soon as possible, but he might not cooperate.He just told me that he would not even consider getting married until Elizabeth wakes up.But if she wakes up, my plan will be ruined!”

Hearing that, I was a little worried.

What should we do? My plan was about to come to fruition.

I couldn’t afford any obstacles now.

After pondering over it for a while, I suggested, “How about we kill Elizabeth and end the matter once and for all?”

Caroline hesitated for a moment but finally decided to agree with me.

“What are you planning to do?”

“How about this? When Anthony isn’t at the hospital, we can ask someone to put poison into Elizabeth’s IV bag and let the hospital take the blame.We just need to wait for the right timing.What do you think?”

“Great.If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave.” Caroline left listlessly.

I sat in my room and began to think about the possibility of poisoning Elizabeth.

This needed to be arranged perfectly.

As for Caroline, even I could tell she was not in a good mood today.

As her ally, it was time for me to reward her with some benefits.

Otherwise, how could she still be willing to work for me?

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