Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Wedding

Anthony’s POV:

I had a long dream.It was too real.

In my dream, there was a girl in the distance, facing away from me.

I could only see her back.I wanted to chase after her, to look at her face, but I couldn’t seem to take a single step.

My legs were as heavy as lead.

I was so shocked that I opened my eyes and found myself in my own room.

The dream was so strange.

My clothes were soaked with sweat.

I was going to take them off to take a shower, but then my eyes landed on someone in my room.

It was Caroline.

She was pouring water into a glass.

When she saw me sit up, she rushed to my side.

“Anthony! You’re finally awake!”

Awake? What did she mean? Her presence in my room was surprise enough, let alone the nonsense she was talking about.

What was the matter with her? I buttoned up my shirt and asked, “Caroline, aren’t you supposed to be studying abroad? What are you doing in my room?”

Caroline looked stunned for a moment.I saw tears welling up in her eyes.

“Anthony, what’s wrong with you? You’re scaring me.The doctor said you would lose your memories, but I didn’t want to believe him.”

Caroline approached, worry written all over her face.

“I’ve lost my memories?” I was also stunned.

Caroline nodded grimly.

“You went to the packs to pick out the elite werewolves.But your plane crashed on your way back.You were lucky enough to survive, but you’ve been in a coma for a few months.The doctor said that your condition was so serious, it might lead to amnesia.Have you really lost your memories?”

“Wait…” I stopped her.

I couldn’t figure it all out yet. I was still confused.

Had I really lost my memories?

“Did you just say that the plane crash happened on my way back from the trip after I selected elite werewolves?”

“So you remember that? What else do you remember? Do you still remember Mom? Do you remember me?”

Caroline fired a lot of questions at me, but I was still in a daze and wasn’t able to answer her.

“I remember you and Mom.I also remember that I went to the packs to select trainees.But I can’t remember anything after that.What did you say just now? A plane crash? How did I get here from a plane crash?”

“Forget it.If you can’t remember, then don’t think about it anymore.The most important thing for you now is to take good care of yourself.I will explain everything later.”

Caroline held my hand and led me to sit down on the bed.

“Okay,” I replied, still in a daze.

I sat on the bed, slowly accepting the fact that I had indeed lost my memories, though it still felt inconceivable.

Suddenly, Caroline threw her arms around me and looked at me as though she was about to burst into tears.

“Anthony, I love you so much.It’s so good that you haven’t forgotten me.”

What she said sent a shiver down my spine, but what she said next almost knocked me out completely.

“Anthony, we’re a couple.I came back from abroad a long time ago, and we’ve been together a long time already.Unfortunately, it looks like you’ve forgotten about our relationship.I’m just glad you still remember me.We can start over again.”

Caroline leaned her head on my shoulder.

We were a couple? Ridiculous! I had always treated Caroline as my sister.

Would I go so far as to see my sister as my girlfriend? Never! The mere thought made me so uncomfortable that I scooted away from her.

She said we were a couple, but whenever she came near me, I couldn’t help but want to escape.Why was that?

“Caroline, I’m your brother.Don’t say things like that.” I pushed her hand away.

Caroline looked at me with an aggrieved expression.

“I’m telling the truth, Anthony.I swear.Please don’t abandon me! I’m already your woman.Why do you push me away so coldly?”

Her voice broke and she started to sob.

To be honest, I had never liked it when Caroline cried, even ever since we were little.It was annoying.

I patted her on the shoulder and tried to comfort her, “I’ll try to regain my memories.Stop crying already, okay?”

Caroline nodded, sniffling.

I didn’t know why but I felt a little dubious.Was it actually possible that we were a couple?

“Zane, do you remember what happened?” I asked my wolf.

“No, I don’t.The last thing I remember is also about the selection of trainees.” Zane was also confused.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door.It was a servant, summoning us to the royal palace.

Apparently, Austin had prepared a banquet in honor of my waking up.

So I had no choice but to give up the investigation for the time being and go to the banquet with Caroline.

When we were settled at the table, Austin took the initiative to ask about my health.

“My dear brother, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine.Thank you for your concern.” I was confused.

However, considering the nature of the occasion, I needed to be on my best behavior.

Why was everyone acting so strange today? Did Austin actually care about me? I still remembered that Austin had come back alone saying our father had died in the war.

This had made me feel very suspicious towards him.

Then, over the years, he had always did what he could to weaken me.

Austin and I had a lot of conflicts.

Even though I had lost some of my memories, I still remembered clearly the conflicts between him and me.

What act was he trying to pull off, pretending to care about me today? No matter what his intentions were, I needed to keep my guard up against Austin.

I was going to overthrow his rule someday and strip this hypocritical man of his power.

But, of course, I couldn’t let him know that I harbored these thoughts.

I already thought that it was strange that Austin asked me about my health, but when he brought up Caroline, I was at my wit’s end.

“You two are a perfect match.Since you two love each other so much, how about I prepare your wedding? What do you think?”My jaw dropped to the ground in shock.**** it! What on earth had I forgotten? Had I really been with Caroline? “It may not be appropriate.Austin, I know you’re busy with state affairs.Please don’t worry about my marriage.”

Austin waved at me dismissively.

“It’s a well-known fact that you and Caroline have been together for a while.Don’t feel embarrassed to admit it.” I couldn’t believe it.

It turned out that Caroline and I were actually together! But when I looked at Caroline, who was sitting beside me, I couldn’t see her as my love.Why was that?

“I need time to think about it.”

I refused Austin’s suggestion politely.

It was true.I had to think about it carefully.

At the banquet, Caroline kept pestering me, picking out food and shoving it in my face.

“Anthony, try this.It’s, your favorite.”

I had never seen Caroline like this.

She was so clingy, but I was out of it.

Did I actually like her? How the **** could I have a crush on my own sister?

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