Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Fragments of Memory

Jennifer’s POV:

“Jennifer, something is wrong in your hometown,”

Skylar pointed out with a frown as we walked down a street in the Rainbow Pack.She was right.

As I glanced around, I noticed that most of the werewolves on the street were walking in a hurry, and the sound of laughter was rare.

Adults who had children with them protected them while walking and kept looking around vigilantly, as if they were afraid that something bad would happen at any time.

Even to an untrained eye, the atmosphere on the street was solemn and gloomy.

It was obvious that the werewolves here lived a tense, unhappy life.

“Yes.It used to be filled with life, but now, it has changed so much that I can hardly recognize it,” I said with a sigh.

“Jennifer, come here. Doesn’t this look interesting?” Skylar stopped me by the wishing pool.

“Do you know what place this is?” Of course I knew it.

This was the place where my parents had met each other for the first time.

When I was a child, my mother would always bring me here to play and tell me about their love story.

She would call my brother along too, but he would refuse, choosing to go horse riding with our father instead.

“This is a famous spot here.Couples come here to throw coins into the pool.It is said that if the coin enters an eye of the dragon, the two will be together forever,” I said, pointing to the dragon in the wishing pool.

Skylar’s eyes lit up.

She immediately dragged my brother to the wishing pool.

I shook my head and chuckled before finding a place nearby to sit down, where I could wait for them.

Just, I overheard two werewolves nearby whispering heatedly to each other.

They seemed to be complaining.

“What is our Alpha planning to do? Why did he make such a rule?”

“Come on, this isn’t the first time he has done such a thing.Don’t you know his character yet? He has been called a tyrant for so many years.”

Alpha? They must be talking about Arthur.

I perked up my ears, trying to discern what they were talking about, but the one who began to speak was stopped.

“Keep your voice down.If someone hears us, we are doomed.” Their conversation ceased.

But I had already heard enough.

It was clear that most of the werewolves in the Rainbow Pack were dissatisfied with Arthur.

Of course, it was no surprise.

Arthur’s rule was harsh and cruel, but no one dared to complain openly.

No wonder the atmosphere here was so depressing.

**** it! Arthur didn’t deserve to be the Alpha of the Rainbow Pack.

Sooner or later, I would overthrow his rule.

Not only would I be able to avenge my father, but I would also be able to save my clansmen who were living in distress.

I clenched my fists and made up my mind.

Soon, Skylar and Dylan returned.

I could tell by the bright grin on Skylar’s face that my brother had successfully thrown a coin into an eye of the dragon.

Sometimes, people were really strange.

Although it was obvious that they loved each other very much, they still wanted to prove their love through external ways.

In order to help my brother regain his memories, I decided to take him to the forest where we often played in our childhood.

On the way there, we chatted with each other.

“You know what? When we were children, my brother’s dream was to be a knight, who could protect his hometown and his beloved she-wolf,” I told Skylar, winking at her.

Skylar’s smile deepened.

“Well, I’m sure he’ll fulfil his dream. I’m looking forward to his protection in the future.”

Dylan quickened his pace a little to hide the blush that crept up on his cheeks.

Skylar, who was walking next to me, kept asking me questions about Dylan’s childhood, and I answered all of them in detail.

Skylar couldn’t help but exclaim at how cute Dylan had been when he was a little boy.

She skipped forward to catch up to him and kept making fun of him with his childhood stories.

Watching my cold and aloof brother lighten up with Skylar’s teasing, I shook my head in amazement.

“Our parents loved each other very much, and always took us out to play.From a very young age, my brother and I were taught to ride horses and shoot arrows.They also made us learn and practice attack and defense skills.That was why my brother and I were able to survive when we fled the Rainbow Pack,” I continued, looking wistfully into the distance.

“If your parents were still alive, you would all have been a very happy family,” Skylar remarked.

I felt a little sad about it.I missed the beautiful past, and I missed my parents.

Somehow, we arrived at the forest which my brother and I had passed through while fleeing all those years ago.

My brother’s face suddenly paled.

Dylan’s POV:

Jennifer brought up a lot of memories about our childhood.Listening to her talk, I didn’t feel strange at all.On the contrary, I felt a sense of familiarity.

In fact, I wanted to regain my memories and learn more about myself.When she mentioned our parents, I felt heartbroken, but I didn’t know why.I couldn’t remember their faces, but I felt a great sense of loss.

As we walked along a path in the forest, I found it more and more difficult to breathe.

I subconsciously had the urge to escape from this place.

Fragments of memory stabbed into my mind, giving me a terrible headache.

I couldn’t help but groan and cover my head, doubling over.

“What’s wrong with you?” Skylar and Jennifer asked worriedly as they rushed up to support me.

I felt like my head was splitting in two.

Images flashed through my mind erratically the ****** scene of a murder, and the scene of two children fleeing desperately hand in hand through this forest.

My mind was in a mess.

For a moment, I couldn’t even tell what reality was the forest in front of my eyes, or the ****** scenes in my mind.

Skylar and Jennifer helped me lean against a tree nearby, where I rested for a while.As I caught my breath, I slowly recovered.

“Dylan, have you remembered something?” Jennifer asked tentatively.

The hair on my forehead was matted with sweat.

Wiping it away, I told her what I had seen.

Jennifer kept silent for a while before suddenly bursting into tears.

“The murder scene you remember is the scene of our father being killed.Arthur murdered our father in cold blood to seize his position.In the middle of the chaos, you and I escaped and ran wildly through this forest.We were just children, but thanks to our parents’ training, we were well-equipped for the situation.We managed to get rid of the werewolves who tried to hunt us down.But we lost each other while fleeing.”

In a daze, I reached out to wipe the tears off of Jennifer’s face.

“Dylan, have you remembered anything else?” Jennifer asked me through choked sobs.

“Not yet.” I felt helpless.

Why couldn’t I remember more? I wished I could regain all my lost memories at once.

“It’s okay, Jennifer.You have an elder brother now.I will protect you,” I promised, comforting my little sister.

“Dylan, I overheard some werewolves complaining just now.Under Arthur’s rule, everyone in our hometown is suffering.He doesn’t deserve to be the Alpha of the Rainbow Pack. We must make him pay for what he has done.”

When Jennifer filled me and Skylar in on what she had heard by the wishing pool just now, sharp anger rose within me.

“What a *******!”

In a fit of fury, I punched tree with my fist, causing blood to ooze out near my knuckles.It was only minutes ago that I had regained memory of our father’s death.

And now, I was hearing about how cruel Arthur’s rule was.It was too much for me to digest.

“Dylan, don’t worry.You still have me.As long as we work together, we can definitely take Arthur down and avenge our family,”

Jennifer said, hugging me.

“And me.We’re family from now on,” Skylar added, throwing her arms around us.

The three of us hugged each other, uniting in our deep hatred of Arthur.


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