Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Confession Of Love

Daniel’s POV:

Today, I met Helen again.

She was as beautiful and poised as the first time I saw her.

But this time, after exchanging texts with her last night, I knew her a little better.

Although the only words we said to each other were a simple greeting, I couldn’t stop beaming happily.

Helen and Jennifer were chatting.

I didn’t know if I was just imaging things, but I kept catching Helen’s gaze falling on me.

There was a moment when our eyes met.I was so nervous that I looked away in a hurry.

“Then we’ll meet your father tomorrow at noon, Helen.How about we meet in this same cafe?”

Jennifer asked Helen.

When I saw Helen nod in agreement, my heart almost exploded at joy at the thought that I would get to see her again tomorrow.

Wait, was I paying too much attention to Helen? Besides, why did I always smile subconsciously whenever I thought of her? After the discussion, the five of us walked out of the cafe.

It was noon, and the street was bustling with activity.

Skylar looked at us and suggested, “We don’t have anything else to do for the whole day.How about we look around? We can see the local customs of the Rainbow Pack.”

Jennifer’s eyes lit up at this.

“Good idea.I’ll take my brother to the places we used to go when we were children.Maybe it will help jog his memory.”

“Okay, sounds good,” Dylan agreed.

I was about to follow them, but someone grabbed my wrist from behind.When I turned around, I saw Helen standing there.

“Daniel, may I invite you to lunch?” Helen looked at me expectantly.

Of course I wanted to take whatever excuse I could get to spend time with her, but at the same time, I was a little hesitant.

I didn’t know how to get along alone with a she-wolf.

Jennifer and Skylar pushed me from behind.

“He agrees.Daniel would really like to have a meal with you, Helen.”

I didn’t expect that Jennifer and Skylar would accept Helen’s invitation on behalf of me.I was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

It would be rude to refuse Helen at this point, so I just nodded.Skylar seemed to be happier than I was.

She pushed me towards Helen and added, “Daniel, have a good time.See you at the hotel later.”

Helen and I inadvertently caught each other’s eyes and exchanged an awkward smile.

It was painfully obvious that my friends were trying to set me up with her.

“There’s a good fried chicken restaurant nearby, but I’ve never been there before.How about we go there?” Helen asked me politely.

“Sure,” I agreed with a smile.

Under Jennifer’s and Skylar’s eager gazes, Helen and I left.

When I turned my head back, I saw Skylar pumping up her fists to cheer me on.

I flashed her a tight smile before turning back.

The walk with Helen was nerve-wracking, to say the least.

Since we were not familiar with each other, we didn’t know what to talk about, so we walked in silence.

When we arrived at the fried chicken restaurant she mentioned, I saw that it was crowded with customers.

There was a queue of people waiting for their turn.

It seemed that this restaurant was a popular place in this area.

When it was our turn to be seated, we chose a table in a corner, where it was relatively quiet and peaceful.

Helen was right.

The fried chicken here tasted heavenly.

I was happily digging into my food when I heard Helen call my name.I paused and looked up questioningly at her.

“There’s Sauce near your mouth.”

I froze and let Helen wipe the sauce from the corner of my mouth.I was stunned.

Only I knew how wild my heartbeat was at that moment.

It was as if my heart would jump out of my chest.My ears burned, and I was sure they were bright red by now.

What was wrong with me? After we were done having lunch, Helen took me to an amusement park.While we were sitting on the Ferris wheel together, I listened to her talk about what was on her mind.

“My mother died a long time ago, and my father was too busy to accompany me.I’d often come here and ride the Ferris wheel alone.I’m really happy that I have you with me here this time.I don’t feel lonely anymore.”

As Helen spoke, she turned to look at me and beamed.

“Thank you, Daniel.”

“No…You’re welcome,” I stammered, feeling flattered.

I was happy that I could be a source of comfort to her.While sitting on the Ferris wheel, I looked at Helen’s face carefully.

She had a pair of big eyes that shone brightly when she looked at others.

The Ferris wheel kept moving, but I felt like my world stopped.

Only Helen’s smile lingered in my mind.

In the evening, after leaving the amusement park, we had dinner together.

Helen seemed to be in high spirits.

While eating, she asked, “Daniel, have you ever had a mate?”

I coughed slightly, taken aback by her sudden question.

“I’m afraid Moon Goddess has forgotten about me.I haven’t found my mate yet.” Helen’s eyes lit up once again, filling me with warmth.

“What a coincidence! Me too.But now, I have met you.Maybe Moon Goddess hasn’t forgotten us after all.”

Then, she paused and took a deep breath, as if to gather her confidence.

“Daniel, would you like to consider me as your mate? I might be a good one.”

My jaw almost fell in shock.There was a voice in my head that kept screaming, ‘What are you waiting for? Accept her! Daniel, you obviously have a crush on her.’ Looking at Helen, I nodded in a daze.

She bit her lower lip and asked me shyly, “Then…is it a date?”

I had been hoping that a relationship would blossom between us, but I didn’t expect it to progress so quickly.

Feeling at a loss, I said, “Well…Sort of.”

But when I looked into her eyes, I realized that a girl like her deserved a much clearer answer.

“Helen, you are my ideal type.I like you very much.An amazing girl like you deserves everyone’s favor,”

I said earnestly.Helen chuckled before asking me about my background.

I didn’t want to hide anything from her, so I told her frankly, “I’m the son of the Alpha of Black Stone Pack.”

“What are you doing here?” she asked with her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“It’s a long story.I met Jennifer and Skylar on Marge Island, where we attended the elite werewolf training together.Since Jennifer had to come here to complete a task, I tagged along in case I could help her,” I explained.

To my surprise, Helen’s eyes lit up in awe.

“Daniel, that’s so awesome.I’ve heard of the royal training ground before.Only the most powerful werewolves can enter, right? I won’t even have the chance.”

I scratched my head in embarrassment, but I slightly felt flattered.Helen was so excited that she asked me a lot of questions about the training ground, which I was happy to answer.

She was rather generous with her praise, which put me at ease.I had never talked so much with a she-wolf before.After dinner, we said goodbye to each other reluctantly.

But just as we were about to part ways, Helen held my hand and offered to walk me back, saying that she wanted to hear more interesting stories.

This was the first time I had heard of a woman walking a man back.Helen never failed to surprise me.

“Well, can we go out again soon?” she asked expectantly.

“Of course,” I replied, feeling my heart flutter.

As I bid her goodbye and watched her walk to the end of the street, I couldn’t help smiling again.

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