Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Drugged

Caroline’s POV:

Thanks to my persuasive skills, Anthony finally relented.

I knew he wouldn’t turn me down.

After all, we had grown up together, and he still viewed me as his little sister.

But I wanted so much more than that.

I wanted to be his mate, not his sister! Being so close to Anthony made me smile with satisfaction.

Everything was finally going according to my plan.

“Anthony, I’m going to check out a couple of jewelry stores, okay?” We were walking along a bustling street.

In order to make Anthony feel at ease with me, I pretended to be a good girl and kept a safe distance from him.

I knew that he was in love with that *****, Jennifer.Getting too close to him was risky.

“Sure.What do you plan on buying?” Anthony asked in confusion.

“Once Jennifer returns from the Rainbow Pack, you two will get married.” I feigned kind-heartedness and open-mindedness.

“To show you my sincerity, I want to pick out some jewelry for Jennifer as a wedding gift.And Anthony, since you’re Jennifer’s mate, you know her best.That’s why I wanted to you come along.I need your help in picking out a gift for her.I want to surprise her when she gets back!”

“Sincerity?” Anthony echoed questioningly.

“Of course!” I nodded.

“Anthony, I can see that you love Jennifer.I’m sure nothing in this world can shake that love.I already consider her my sister-in- law, so I hope you two live a happy life together.”

I tried my best to sound sincere.I really hoped that Anthony would be moved and trust me.

“Caroline, you’ve grown a lot. I’m happy for you.”

Anthony nodded, seeming to have fallen for my performance.

“I wish you a happy life too.I hope you find a suitable mate soon.”

“Thank you, Anthony.” I smiled sweetly.

“Can you tell me what kind of jewelry Jennifer likes?”

“Let’s just go in the store.I know Jennifer would appreciate any gift that’s from the heart.”

Anthony walked into the jewelry store first.I followed after him, keeping a safe distance.

In the end, we carefully selected a valuable sapphire necklace for Jennifer.

Anthony tried to talk me out of buying such an expensive gift, but I insisted, In order to gain his trust, I was willing to spend a lot of money.

But as I was paying for the necklace, I cursed internally.A ***** like Jennifer didn’t deserve such a beautiful necklace.

“Anthony, now that we’ve picked out a gift for Jennifer, I’m a little hungry.There’s a nice steak restaurant nearby.Let’s eat!”

With the shopping bag in my hand, I looked at Anthony with big, innocent eyes.


After some slight hesitation, Anthony agreed.When we arrived at the restaurant, I asked for us to be seated in a private room and ordered a filet steak and a glass of juice.

“Anthony, what would you like?” I handed the menu to Anthony.

“No need,” he said, barely glancing at the menu.

“I’ll just order the same thing as you.” I couldn’t help but feel a little unhappy.

Was it so boring to have a meal with me? Why did he always smile at Jennifer but treat me so coldly? I had gone through lengths to gain his trust.

I pretended to be kind and open-minded.

I even bought his stupid ***** some expensive jewelry! Why was he still cold towards me? I hated Jennifer.

**** that *****! She took my beloved man away! As I cursed Jennifer in my head, my face remained calm and friendly.

While waiting for our food, I excused myself, saying I needed to go to the bathroom.

After closing the door behind me, I went to the counter of the restaurant and singled out the juice that was meant for Anthony.

When the waiter wasn’t looking, I quickly poured a magic potion into the glass.

It was colorless and tasteless.

Even a lycan as keen as Anthony couldn’t have detected it.

I got it from a wizard.

It could make anyone fall into a deep but temporary sleep.

When I was done pouring, I hurried back to the private room and continued chatting with Anthony as though nothing had happened.

Anthony’s POV:

To be honest, I didn’t want to share a meal alone with Caroline.After all, she used to have feelings for me.

But the way she behaved today surprised me.

Maybe she really changed.

Whatever happened, to me, she would always only be my sister.

We chatted idly while waiting for the food.

I could tell she was struggling to keep the conversation going, but I just wasn’t in the mood to respond to her.

Fortunately, she was going to get married soon.

By then, she would be out of my life.

After a while, a waiter knocked on the door of the private room and we let him in.

Then, the drinks and steaks were served on the table.

“Anthony, here you go.” Caroline handed me the juice.

“Thank you.” I took it and eyed it warily.

It looked harmless, so I took a sip.

The juice was a little too sweet.

I didn’t like it very much, but it was tolerable.Caroline smiled warmly and tried to strike up another conversation.But with every topic she brought up, I would answer indifferently.

“Anthony, how’s the steak? Do you like it?”

“It’s not bad, but’s not great either.It would’ve been better if it were medium rare.”

“Okay, I will order that next time.I’m just thankful we’re having dinner together.I’m very happy!”

Caroline spoke softly as she sliced her steak with her fork and knife.

“The truth is, I’ve always wanted to apologize to you.This is all my fault.I shouldn’t have had improper feelings for you.You and Mom have been very good to me all these years.I really appreciate it.I was so selfish before.But please don’t worry anymore.I’ve changed.From now on, I won’t pester you.I will look for my own love.At the same time, I hope you and Jennifer get married as soon as possible and give birth to a healthy child for the royal family.”

“I’m glad.” I looked at her carefully.

Her clear eyes were full of sincerity, which made it difficult for me to doubt her words.

“Caroline, I hope what you’re saying is true.You’ve done some terrible things in the past.As long as you regret your actions and change for the better, Mom and I will forgive you.”

“Anthony, you’re so kind.No wonder Jennifer loves you so much.”

Caroline looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“Are you still willing to accept me as your sister?”

“If you behave yourself, then of course I will accept you.” I handed her some tissue.

“Do you understand? I love Jennifer.I hope you two get along well.”

“Anthony, you and Jennifer are the most important people to me.”

“That’s good.”

After chatting with Caroline for a while, I suddenly felt very sleepy.

The sleepiness came so suddenly that I couldn’t fight it.

My eyelids became incredibly heavy, and my vision went blurry.

I looked at the juice and realized in that moment that something was wrong with it.

“You…” I pointed at Caroline and wanted to say something more.

However, I was so sleepy that my voice just trailed off.

I slumped over the table as my consciousness faded away.

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