Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Looking For Tony

Daniel’s POV:

Two days ago, I received a message from Skylar while I was training on Marge Island.She bid me goodbye because she was going to the Rainbow Pack with Dylan.I didn’t understand why she was leaving Marge Island all of a sudden, so I asked her about it.

It was only then that she explained that Jennifer had to go the Rainbow Pack on a mission, and that she and Dylan were going along to protect her.

Upon hearing Skylar’s reply, I couldn’t help but worry.After probing her about the matter, I finally learned about the whole situation.

It turned out that at the royal banquet, Alpha Arthur of the Rainbow Pack had appeared, along with his daughter, Ella.

The two of them had accused Jennifer of being a jinx and asked her to leave Anthony.

In order to prove her innocence, Jennifer had to go back to the Rainbow Pack to find out the truth.

When I learned the whole situation, I was filled with complicated emotions.

I used to have a crush on Jennifer.

But over time, I found out that she and Anthony really loved each other.

They were a perfect match.

Therefore, I convinced myself to give up on her, and blessed them a happy future in my heart.

But no matter what, I still thought of Jennifer as my best friend.

Whenever she needed help, I wanted to be there for her.

Now that Jennifer was going back to the Rainbow Pack, I was really worried about her safety, so I decided to follow her there.

I didn’t meet the trio until I arrived at the airport.

I was glad to see the pleasant surprise in Jennifer’s eyes.

Today morning, Skylar and Dylan didn’t come out of the room.

After discussing with each other, Jennifer and I decided to go into the room to wake them up.

The sight in front of us made my jaw drop in shock.

Dylan and Skylar were asleep in each other’s arms, and their clothes were scattered all over the floor.

‘’Are they going to get married soon?’’ I wondered.

It was exciting news, but I felt so embarrassed that I quickly shuffled out of the room.

After a while, Jennifer walked out of the room too.

She smiled and raised her eyebrows at me.

“Daniel, you know what? My idiot brother has finally seen the light,” Jennifer announced with a relieved look.

“I hope he and Skylar get married as soon as possible. I can’t wait to attend their wedding.”

“You think they’re a good match, right?” Looking at the smile on her face, I couldn’t help smiling as well.

“Jennifer, I have something to tell you.” There was no one else around.

It was a rare opportunity for me to be alone with Jennifer like this.I decided to just come out and tell her everything.

“Whatever it is, you can just say it.We’re good friends.You can be straightforward.” Seeing me hesitate, Jennifer patted me on the shoulder.

“The truth is, I used to have a crush on you.”

After a pause, I finally plucked up the courage to tell her everything on my mind.

“Back then, I didn’t think of you as just a friend.I even thought about expressing my love to you and trying to be your mate.”

Jennifer’s eyes widened in disbelief.

She didn’t say anything for a long time.

Worried that I scared her, I quickly explained, “But that’s all in the past.I’m happy to see you with Mr.Jones.The two of you are a good match.Jennifer, I sincerely wish you two a happy marriage.I could have kept these words in my heart forever, but I don’t want to hide anything from you.After coming here to the Rainbow Pack, we’re all getting along well.I cherish this friendship very much.Jennifer, can we still be best friends?”

“Daniel, you will always be my friend,” Jennifer said, looking into my eyes sincerely.

“That will never change.”

“Great.But don’t you mind that I used to have feelings for you?”

“You said it was in the past, right? In that case, why should I mind?” Jennifer smiled and shook her head.

“Daniel, I firmly believe you will find your mate.”

“Thank you.”

Her kind words filled my heart with warmth.Mate was so precious a word.

I was always looking forward to meeting my mate, and I also couldn’t wait to have a sincere relationship.

Now, seeing Dylan and Skylar getting closer and closer by the day, I was a little envious.

Where was my destined mate? When would she appear?

Jennifer’s POV:

This morning, when I heard Daniel’s confession, I had complex feelings.

Anthony was the love of my life, and I was determined to be with him.

But Daniel would always be my best friend.

I wished that he would find his own love as soon as possible.

After having breakfast, the four of us packed up and left the hotel together.

Dylan and I were the children of the previous Alpha of the Rainbow Pack.

In order to not be recognized by anyone, we both wore sunglasses and caps.

In fact, Anthony had instructed Dylan to follow me secretly.

But because of Skylar pestering him all the time, he had shown up in front of me.

And after learning about this trip, Daniel had joined us as well.

Now, the four of us were in this together.

After leaving the hotel, we decided to find out some information first.

As Anthony’s right-hand assistant, Dylan was good at prying information out of people.

Soon, we learned that there was indeed an elder who had the gift of prophecy in the Rainbow Pack.

His name was Tony.

Tony was a key figure, and the only lead we had.

We decided to find him first.

It was said that Tony lived in the west of the pack.

The west was mostly grassland, which was relatively empty.

It was not difficult to find his residence.

Along the way, Daniel and I ganged up to tease Dylan and Skylar.

“Dylan, when will you marry Skylar? How many children are you going to have?” I snickered.

“Both Jennifer and I are looking forward to seeing your children.I will give your first child a big gift,” Daniel echoed in a hurry.

“Dylan and Skylar will probably have beautiful children.I wonder who they’ll resemble, though.”

Hearing our teasing, Skylar looked at Dylan shyly.As for Dylan, he kept his eyes straight ahead and blushed in embarrassment.

“Jennifer, let’s focus on our mission,”

Dylan said seriously, glaring at me.

“Let’s find Elder Tony first. We can talk about other things later.”

“Dylan, although the mission is important, your marriage with Skylar has to be put on the agenda too.”

I shot Dylan a playful wink.

“Elder Tony lives in the west of the pack.We should go in this direction.”

Dylan calmly pointed to the west, stubbornly ignoring my words.

I shrugged.

It was time for me to be serious as well.

We walked westward along a river and soon found Tony’s residence.

We couldn’t risk having our presence here discovered, so we kept as vigilant as possible, and tried to keep a low profile.

Walking down the familiar roads and smelling the familiar smell of the Rainbow Pack, I couldn’t help recalling the past.

When I thought of how Arthur had brutally killed my father and taken his place, I gritted my teeth with hatred.

I wanted to kill that hypocritical ******* and give him a taste of his own medicine.

I told myself inwardly that I would succeed.

“Is this ‘Elder Tony’s residence? It looks deserted.”

Skylar’s uncertain voice brought me back to my senses.

Squinting my eyes to take a closer look, I realized that the house in front of us was covered with weeds and vines.

The weeds in the front yard were almost a meter tall.

A strong breeze blew past, lifting the dust up off the ground and into our nostrils, almost choking us to tears.

Pinching my nose, I walked around the house, taking large steps to avoid getting caught in the weeds.

“It looks like no one has stayed here for a long time.” I frowned.

I couldn’t understand what was going on.

“If Elder Tony isn’t here, where is he?”

“Let’s continue looking for him.”

Dylan and Daniel walked into the house to search for him.A few minutes later, they came back out with dust all over their faces.

“There’s no one inside.The house is just full of weeds and dust!”

We were all standing there and looking around in confusion when I suddenly sensed the strange smell nearby.**** it! Had we been followed?

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