Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Reunion

Jennifer’s POV:

The time passed quickly.

Before I knew it, the day of my departure arrived.

All my things were ready and were loaded on the plane.

Before I boarded, Anthony and Elizabeth and a few others were there to see me off.

“Be careful, Jennifer.Don’t push yourself too hard.Call me if anything happens!”

Anthony nagged for the umpteenth time.

I had never seen him like this before, and it only made me more reluctant to leave him.

“Okay, Anthony. I’ll call you every day, okay?”

I wrapped my arms around his waist tightly, savoring the feeling of being in his arms.

How would I survive without him? I was already so used to him by my side.

“You’d better come back and marry me.”

Anthony cupped my face in his hands and bent over to kiss me.

His kiss was filled with longing, hunger, and passion.

I kissed him back fiercely, never wanting to let go.

The whole world seemed to melt away.

In that moment, we were all we had, and that was all that mattered.


Elizabeth, who was beside us, coughed slightly, bringing us back to reality.

I quickly withdrew from Anthony, but he held me close to him firmly.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes at him, but then turned solemn when she looked back at me.

“Jennifer, my dear, take good care of yourself, okay? I will wait for you to come back and become my daughter-in- law.”

Tears welled up in Elizabeth’s eyes as she spoke.

I let go of Anthony and walked over to hug her.

Like a doting mother, she gently stroked my back and said, “Everything will be okay.

Come back as soon as possible, okay? I’m still waiting for a grandchild, you know!”

“I will,”

I answered her firmly.

After bidding them goodbye, I headed to the plane.

I would look back and wave occasionally, until I finally boarded the private plane of the Osman Kingdom.

I settled into my seat with a sigh.

Already I felt lonely.

Two hours later, I arrived at the Rainbow Pack.

Returning to my hometown after so many years gave me mixed feelings.

The Rainbow Pack had changed a lot from what I remembered.

However, there were a few things that looked familiar, which made me feel extra nostalgic.

One day, I would take this place back and make it my home again.

I had already booked a hotel in advance.

When I got there, I asked the driver to bring my luggage to my room ahead.

I looked at my surroundings, knowing I would be living here for a while.

Sometime that evening, Dylan called and told me that he just arrived at the airport.

I took a taxi to pick him up.

To my surprise, he wasn’t aloneSkylar poked her head out from behind him.


I exclaimed happily, throwing my arms around her.

“I can’t believe you’re here!”

“Well, believe it,”

Skylar said with a wink.

“Do you know how long it took me to convince Dylan to let me tag along? I even had to”


Dylan coughed to cut her off.

I smiled knowingly.

These two had their own little secrets now.

And from the looks of it, it seemed that Skylar would become my sister-in-law soon.

We started catching up with each other, talking excitedly.

Suddenly, Dylan exclaimed, “Isn’t that the werewolf you guys trained with?”

His tone was a little tense.

Was he jealous? Confused, I looked in the direction he was pointing at and gasped.that Daniel hadn’t even so much as glanced at Skylar.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

The atmosphere at the dinner table was very happy.

We all caught up with each other over drinksSkylar had one too many and was as flushed as a tomato.

I couldn’t help but confiscate her glass.

“That’s enough alcohol for you.”

Skylar looked at me with a huge smile.

“Dylan, you know what? I love you very much.Please don’t reject me, okay?”

She was obviously drunk.

I tried to push her away, but failed.

She leaned over and kissed me in front of Jennifer and Daniel! From the corner of my eye, I could see that they averted their gazes, pretending not to see what was happening.

I didn’t know why, but even though I was embarrassed, I couldn’t help but feel a bit happy.

With Skylar’s lips on mine, my body ignited with desire.

Her whole body was glued to me, so I shot Jennifer and Daniel a meaningful look, hoping they would take the hint and pull Skylar away.

But to my surprise, the two of them didn’t even seem to notice my expression.

“Daniel, let’s go to the hotel,”

Jennifer said.


“Dylan, I’ll leave Skylar to you!”

Jennifer said to me.


Before I could finish my words, Jennifer had already dragged Daniel out of the restaurant.

I followed them with Skylar on my back.

Jennifer seemed to be worried that Skylar and I wouldn’t be able to find the hotel, so she waited for us by the door.Skylar kept squirming.

Fortunately, it was a short walk and we made it to the hotel in one peace.

Jennifer opened the door to the hotel room for us.I put Skylar on the bed.

She was a drunken heap, and Jennifer saw this.

“Dylan, why don’t you stay and take care of Skylar?” Before I could protest, Jennifer stuck out her tongue and quickly exited the room.

I looked at the ceiling and shook my head.My mate and sister were both so naughty.I turned my head to look at the sleeping Skylar.

She looked unusually meek and quiet when she was asleep, which, for some reason, made me calm down.

I got a clean towel and was about to dab the sweat off her forehead.

Unexpectedly, she opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around my neck.

Before I could react, she pulled me onto the bed next to her and then leaned over, What the ****? Her sudden movement excited me.

I checked down there and sure enough, I was hard.

‘Dylan, you are such a beast!’ I scolded myself inwardly.

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