Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Skylar’s Decision

Dylan’s POV:

This morning, Anthony sent me a message, asking me to follow Jennifer back to the Rainbow Pack so that I could secretly protect her.

I heard what happened to Jennifer at the banquet.

Someone said it had been foretold that she was a jinx.

And the royal family was using this as an excuse to make things difficult for her.

This was a heavy blow for her.

Even without Anthony’s order, as her brother, I had to protect my sister.

How could she be a jinx? I agreed with Anthony.

The rumor was ridiculous.

Anyway, since Jennifer decided to go back to the pack, I would definitely go with her.

I couldn’t let her face it all alone.

After all, we used to live in that pack as a family.

Perhaps visiting the place would jog my memory a little.

In fact, until meeting Jennifer again, I hadn’t been curious about my lost memories at all.

But after hearing from her that I once had a happy family and loving parents, I couldn’t help but wonder what my past had been like.

I replied to Anthony’s message, telling him that I would protect Jennifer and find out the truth together with her.

Then, I kept my phone aside and packed up some necessities.

I knew that on our journey back to the pack, Jennifer and I might face all kinds of dangers, so I packed some medicine, as well as electronic equipment that I usually used.

Once I was done packing, a face suddenly appeared in my mind.

It was Skylar.

These days, I was thinking of her more and more frequently.

I thought it was necessary to tell her about my trip.

After all, she was my mate.

I didn’t want to hide anything from her.

Therefore, I went to Skylar’s dormitory and waited for her at the door.

Since she had training that day, it was a long time before she returned.

As soon as she saw me, she skipped over happily.

“Dylan, did you miss me so much that you came here to see me?” she asked excitedly, throwing her arms around me.

I gripped her waist and gently moved her aside before pointing my chin at the door, indicating for her to open it.

Skylar opened the door and eagerly welcomed me in.

I knew it was inappropriate for me to enter a she-wolf’s room in the middle of the night, but I couldn’t risk letting anyone else hear what I was about to tell Skylar.

Her room was the only place we could talk in private.

Time was limited.

I had to get straight to the point and explain why I was here to Skylar.

“Skylar, I have to leave this place for a while.”

Skylar’s face, which had been so cheerful until now, turned gloomy.


“I’m going back to the Rainbow Pack with Jennifer.That’s where we grew up.We have to find out the truth about our father’s death and prove that Jennifer is not a jinx.”

Since Skylar was my mate, I wanted her to know these important details about me.

But after saying those words, I felt a little reluctant to leave.

Before I could figure out why I was feeling this way, Skylar reached out and clasped my hands.

“Dylan, take me with you.” She leaned in and blew on my ear like a temptress.

I knew that she wanted me to love her and make love with her, and that she wanted to be my real mate.

But I pushed her away and said, “Skylar, just stay here and take good care of yourself.”

I didn’t even know what kind of danger Jennifer and I would encounter on the way.I couldn’t drag Skylar along with us.

But Skylar’s face fell when she heard my words.

“Dylan, I know why you don’t want to bring me with you.You don’t want to come back here, right?”

I felt a headache coming on.

The truth was, I didn’t want to leave Skylar’s room, let alone leave her alone on Marge Island.

However, it wouldn’t be safe to take her along with me.How could I protect her in the face of unknown dangers?

“Skylar, I’m going to finish an important task.There’s no telling what danger I’ll face.I won’t be able to protect you.Be good and stay here, okay?”

I coaxed her with the gentlest and most patient words that I had ever uttered in my life.

However, it didn’t work at all.

“I promise I won’t get in the way.I’ll be good.Can you take me with you? Please!”

Skylar clasped her palms together like she was praying and blinked her eyes sincerely at me.

As I looked at her pleading face, my heart softened.

“Okay.I’ll ask Mr.Jones to allow you to leave the training ground for a while.But you must listen to me.You can’t run about.Follow me at all times and don’t put yourself in danger,”

I told her sternly.

“Of course.Dylan, you are the best.”

Skylar stood on tiptoe and gave me a peck on the corner of my mouth, smiling brightly at me.

All of a sudden, I felt warm happiness pouring into my chest.

Maybe it was time for me to try being a little closer with Skylar.

Things might turn out well.

Perhaps the two of us could be a happy couple.

Skylar’s POV:

When Dylan finally agreed to let me go to the Rainbow Pack with him, I was so happy that! kissed him.

To my surprise, he didn’t push me away, nor did he stand there like a statue.

For the first time, he kissed me back, wrapping his arms around my waist and pressing me close to him.

With such little distance between us, I could feel his hard-on poking against my thigh, but just then, he pushed me away abruptly.

Why did he have to be so rational and uptight all the time? When could we have ***? It wasn’t easy for me to find my mate, but our progress was moving at a snail’s pace.

But on second thought, I realized that Dylan had already improved a lot.

In the past, he wouldn’t have listened to me at all, but now, he agreed to let me go to the Rainbow Pack with him.Moreover, the Rainbow Pack was his hometown.

Since he was willing to take me there, did it mean that I had a place in his heart now? That was great! As soon as the thought entered my head, I felt like I would burst with joy.

“Dylan, since we are leaving Marge Island soon, can we stay here and have fun for just one day?”

I asked, shaking his hand like a spoiled child.

“Okay.” Dylan nodded.

I was so glad that I would get to go out with Dylan.

Before leaving the island, I planned to go on a date with him at a dessert shop.

It was something I had always dreamed about.

As soon as I found a mate, I wanted to go on a date with him to the dessert shop, so that both my heart and my stomach could be happy.

Dylan and I were finally going out together.

After we sat at a table, the waiter brought over my favorite vanilla-flavored ice cream.

“Dylan, it’s delicious.Just have a taste!”

The sour look on Dylan’s face made me smile secretly.

It was obvious that he didn’t like desserts, but he still came here with me just to make me happy.

Seeing that he didn’t eat the cake in front of him, I moved to the seat next to him, leaned over, and acted like a spoiled child.

“Dylan, if you’re not going to eat it, at least feed it to me, or it will be a waste.”

Dylan looked at me in dazed silence for a moment.

Then he scooped up a spoonful of cake and brought it up to my mouth.

When I opened my mouth, my lips accidentally grazed against his fingers.

Dylan shivered like he had been Sud Ve im bn electrocuted and tried to shrink away, but I stopped him.

We were sitting a corner table where no one would pass by, so I boldly slid onto his lap, wrapped my arms around his neck, and brought my face close to his.

I raised my eyebrows at him, giving him a silent invitation.

The next moment, Dylan held the back of my head and kissed me fiercely.

Under my ****, I could feel a bulge growing on his crotch, and I couldn’t help but blush.

It turned out that Dylan was a normal guy after all.

One day, I would make him completely fall in love with me.

After the date, I texted Daniel to tell him goodbye since I was leaving the island.

Daniel texted me back and asked me where I was going.

Smiling at my phone, I typed a reply, saying, “I’m going to the Rainbow Pack with Jennifer and her brother, Dylan, for a mission.”

Daniel replied with a question mark, so I explained the details to him.

Although it was an important matter, Daniel was our friend, so I thought that it was okay to tell him about it.

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