Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Hot Spring And Petals

Jennifer’s POV:

With a serious expression, Anthony said, “Every moment with you should be beautiful and pure, including my ardent love for you.Jennifer, forget your unpleasant past, and remember only this moment.”

I was moved by his words and hugged him tightly.

“Anthony, thank you for preparing all this for me.”

With our arms wrapped around each other, we tumbled down to the floor.

The petals that had been strewn all over the floor floated into the air and circled around us.

I didn’t know how many petals he had used to create such an effect.

All I knew was that Anthony and I were surrounded by petals.

We hugged and kissed each other in the flurry of petals.

The petals’ fragrance clung to my body, and the one before me was my sweetheart.

I had never felt like this before.

At the moment, my spirits were so high that they spread to my heart, my mind, and the most sensitive part of my body.

My ***** started to get moist even though we hadn’t started flirting yet.

I was getting aroused just from my love for Anthony.

Anyone with a love like mine would understand this feeling I was talking about.

I really wanted to interweave my fate with his, just like how our bodies often came together.

“You will always be mine, Anthony.Besides, we are a couple fated to be together by Moon Goddess.Nobody and nothing can separate us.”

My mate was the best in the world.

I truly loved Anthony.I hugged him with all my strength.

His ***** hardened as if gearing up for a fight.

“I can feel that you really want me.” Being in the sea of petals ignited all my senses.

I shifted my legs so that I could wrap them around his waist, hooking my ankles together behind his back.

“Jennifer, you are such a tempting minx,” he said.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and  said seductively, “Yes, I’m a tempting minx.What are you going to do about it?”

I kissed his neck and licked his Adam’s apple.

His Adam’s apple bobbed under the attack of my tongue.He then changed our positions so that I was sitting on his thighs.

“Jennifer, undo my belt.”

He gestured for me to undo his buckle.

I reached out and did as I was told, wrapping my hand around his ****.

I opened my mouth and put his ***** in my mouth, wrapping my tongue around the bulbous head.

“Oh…” Anthony gasped, placed a hand on my head, and pressed it down.

I spat out his **** and stroked it with my hands until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

He cupped my buttocks, aligned his ***** with my entrance, and quickly slipped it in my *****.

“Ah!” I could not help moaning out loud.

We were surrounded by a thick blanket of petals, and the dark night magnified our senses.

I leaned over to kiss him, and my mouth was filled with the scent of flowers.

After having *** so many times, I was very familiar with Anthony’s body.

He moved his hips against mine with ease until our legs became slick with our arousal.

He bounced me up and down his ****, and I came close to reaching an ******.

“Faster, Anthony,” I urged.

“Well, when you beg like that, how could I not comply?”

As he spoke, he pushed his **** even deeper into me, making me groan.


He smothered my moan with his mouth.

He started thrusting his hips faster.

For a moment, it even felt like his **** was touching my womb.

Liquid gushed from within me, soaking his *****.

Anthony paused for a moment, smiled, and then started thrusting all over again.

He moved his hips quickly as if he was sprinting.

“Anthony, you make me happy,” I told him when he pulled back.

My whole body felt light as if I was floating in the air.

In addition to the sense of weightlessness, even the tip of my tongue felt a little sore and numb.

Before I could say anything more, he wrapped an arm around my neck and drew me closer to him.

He set me down on the petals, and the surrounding lights changed into romantic colors.He looked at me as he massaged my *******.

“I was wrong when I said that I loved your ******* the most.I love everything about you.”

As he expressed his love for me, Anthony’s eyes shimmered with the light.

I really loved him when he was like this.He was enchanting.

“Anthony, **** me again.”

I wrapped my legs around his waist once more and rolled my hips invitingly.

But Anthony didn’t comply this time.

He carried me in his arms and walked towards the hot spring.

As we settled into the pool, my body was immersed in hot water.

My hair became wet and clung to my chest.

He cupped my buttocks and cornered me against the side of the pool.

The tiles felt cold against my back, but Anthony’s body warmed my front.

Before I could adjust to the contrasting temperatures, he stabbed his **** into me.

I started babbling.

I really admired Anthony’s strength and endurance.

He could keep thrusting for hours without ***********.

This time, he held out even longer.

Hot water from the spring seeped into my body and got squeezed out of me.

I kissed Anthony’s neck to make him climax.

Anthony’s sperm mixed with the hot spring water inside my body.

I couldn’t help trembling, and I struggled to catch my breath.

Anthony kissed my damp forehead.

We were both sweating profusely from our **********.

“Jennifer, it will please me greatly if you get pregnant and give birth to our child.My mother will happily look after the baby so that we can continue to enjoy our time as a couple.”

Anthony’s smile reached his eyes.I looked back at him and tried to imagine what our child would be like.

Would our child be as handsome and smart as him? The possibility made me extremely happy.

“When you return, we will get married.I can’t wait for you to become my bride,”

Anthony added.

I hugged him and gave him a sincere smile.

“I look forward to that day, Anthony.”

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