Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Exchanging Diamond Rings

Jennifer’s POV:

Anthony and I had been making love passionately all night.

It was like neither of us could get enough of the other.

Despite this, I knew something was bothering Anthony.

We had planned to announce our marriage at the banquet, but obviously, that plan was ruined.

Even I had to admit it had gone horribly.

I had to part with Anthony since I had to prove I was not a jinx.

“Honey, it’ll just be for a while. We will see each other again soon,”

I said softly, knowing full well that Anthony was worried about me.

I knew how he felt.

He didn’t want me to leave.

“I’ll be fine,” I added reassuringly.

“If you dare to come back with even so much of a scratch, I’ll teach you a lesson,”

Anthony warned me as he thrust himself inside me further.

Stifling a moan, I admitted defeat.

I looked up at him and smiled sweetly.

“Yes, my prince.”

When we were done, I picked up my phone to check the time.

It was already six o’clock.

We had spent the whole day in bed, not wanting to be apart from each other for a second.

Even our dinner was sent to the room by the attendants.

At some point, I even heard Elizabeth by the door outside, telling the attendants not to disturb us except during meal times.

I covered my reddened face and shook my head.

Now everyone in the palace knew that I had *** with Anthony.

But Anthony’s voice brought me back to reality.

“Jennifer, I want to give you a surprise tonight,” he said, kissing me behind my ear.

I didn’t know what he was up to, so I nodded quietly and let him hold me.

I liked the feeling of lying in Anthony’s arms.

It made me feel safe and secure.

We didn’t get any sleep last night, so I decided to take a nap.

But minutes later, I found that I couldn’t fall asleep.

“Anthony, are you asleep?” I whispered.

He turned on the bedside lamp, his eyes shining.

“What’s up? Do you want me to **** you again?” he whispered in my ear.

I rolled my eyes.

Hadn’t he done that enough last night? Anthony was full of energy.

On the other hand, thanks to the previous training, I was on the same level as him.

“You can’t fall asleep either, can you?”

I asked teasingly.

“You’re right, I can’t.I want to **** you so hard, you won’t be able to get out of bed.You’d better accept your fate and just lie there.I want to **** you day and night,” he said in a serious manner.

My face was red.

I could feel Anthony getting turned on, as I could feel myself do the same.

I loved spending my time with Anthony.

The thought that we would be separated upset me.

I just wanted to be with him, but things never went my way.

I touched the diamond ring on my finger and suddenly remembered something important.

“Anthony, let’s exchange our diamond rings.”

I sat up to look him in the eye.

“Jennifer, what’s on your mind? Huh?”

Anthony pinched my cheek playfully.

“We’ll keep each other’s rings.When we miss each other, we can just look at the rings.When I come back, we can put them on each other again.”

I looked at him expectantly, wondering what his thoughts were on the matter.

With a doting smile, Anthony said, “That’s a good idea.Let’s do it.”

He gently pulled the ring off my finger, then he pulled his off and put it on my palm.

Then, he held my hand to his mouth and kissed the back of my hand.

I couldn’t help but giggle softly, giddy that he was so accepting of my suggestion.

“When I’m gone, you should take good care of Mrs.Jones.”

I cupped his face, pressed my lips against his and gave him a nice, lingering kiss.

“I will.But don’t make me wait too long.If you don’t come back soon, I will go look for you,”

Anthony whispered in between kisses.

Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and got on top of me.

“Do you feel it?” he asked me.

He stopped right at the gate, knocking and probing, but refusing to go in.

It was driving me insane!

“How about you touch it?” he asked me in a low, husky voice.

I nodded obediently and let him guide my hand to his part.

Truth be told, I felt a bit haggard.

After all, we had lunch in bed.

All the same, Anthony stared at me hungrily, his fingers brushing the surface of my skin.”Jennifer, I like every part of your body, but I have to admit this part’s my favorite.”

Anthony leaned over to lick my *******.Even though he was praising me, I felt nothing but shame.

I wanted to hide myself under the blanket.

“Anthony, I love your ***** the most,”

I said quickly, to distract him from my *******.

“It’s my honor to be loved by you,”

Anthony told me as he positioned himself at my gate again.

I expectantly raised my waist to receive him.

I even closed my eyes, waiting for him to penetrate me.

Truth be told, I longed for it.

But after a second, two seconds, and what seemed like an eternity later, I never felt him inside me.

I cracked one eye open to find out what was going on.

I found Anthony kneeling over me with both hands on the bed, looking at me with amusement in his eyes.

“I didn’t expect you to be in such a hurry.But you’re going to have to wait for my surprise.Take a rest first.”

And with that, Anthony pecked me on the cheek, pulled away the blanket, and got out of bed.

He did all these in one swift movementI was too dazed to even speak.

When I snapped back to reality, I turned as red as a tomato.

“Anthony, you’re such a tease!”

I pouted and FILES as im bens threw a pillow at him.

How could he make fun of me in this way? What kind of surprise was he talking about? I couldn’t take the suspense! After he was gone, exhaustion overtook me and I fell asleep almost immediately.

When I woke up again, I found that Anthony was still absent.

I opened the door and went downstairs.

I saw a trail of rose petals staring from the entrance of the hall all the way to the door of my room on the third floor.

The colorful customized chandelier on the first floor created a beautiful atmosphere, and the soothing music was playing on loop.

The water in the hot spring pool was steaming with hot air.

There was, without a doubt, love in the air.

The petals around the hot spring pool smelled so good, I almost felt intoxicated.

Behind the pool was a stocked rack of countless bottles of wine twinkling under the chandelier.

Not long after, Anthony arrived.

He walked towards me, stepping on the petals delicately.

The candlelight made him look more handsome.

He smiled as I threw myself into his arms.He caught me and carried me.

I wrapped my legs around his hips and he held me firmly.

Looking at the romantic setup, I pecked him on the lips and asked, “Honey, is this the surprise you were talking about? You even laid out a trail of petals from the first floor to the third floor.I think my feet smell like flowers.”

Anthony looked into my eyes affectionately.

“Jennifer, I love you.I want to give you an unforgettable moment before you leave.”

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