Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Enemies

Jennifer’s POV:

The dress Anthony prepared for me was of a noble and elegant style perfect for today’s occasion.

Ever since I stepped inside the banquet hall with Anthony and Elizabeth, all eyes were on me.

Most of them were hostile, especially those coming from female lycans.

“Who is this she-wolf? What’s she doing with Mrs.Jones and Anthony?”

“Could she be the prince’s mate?”

“No way! What’s her family background?”

“See? She and Anthony have marked each other.They really are mates!”

“Unbelievable.Anthony has always been standoffish with girls.How come he suddenly has a mate? And she is a mere she-wolf with no family background.”

“Why didn’t Moon Goddess designate me as Anthony’s mate?”

“I heard that she was also a heroine who saved Colored Flowers Pack this time and would be going to get engaged to Anthony.” I could hear what they were saying.

Some envied me, while some disdained me.Either way, they were negative towards me.But this was nothing new.I always knew that I would be judged as soon as word got out that I was Anthony’s mate.

On the contrary, it was Anthony who couldn’t take it, so he walked to my side, took my hand and held it up in front of the crowd.

“Jennifer is my mate, the one I love deeply.No one can hurt her.I will punish whoever does so.”

The other girls immediately stopped slandering me and started to apologize.


Anthony really gave me a sense of security.

He managed to notice a detail as small as this and came to my rescue.

“It doesn’t matter.Just mind your language from now on.” I waved my hand generously to show that I forgave them.

“We will.”

They promised that they would never make the same mistake again.

But I knew they were only saying that to my face.

Who knew what rumors they would come up with behind closed doors? Then, I saw someone approaching us.I sighed secretly.It turned out Caroline was here.

She was a hard nut to crack.

I know she liked Anthony, but that didn’t stop her from slipping her arm into mine.

With a sweet smile, she said, “I heard that you and Anthony are getting along well.Now that your wedding date is approaching, please let me help with the preparations.Let’s put everything between us in the past.Please forgive me.”

To be honest, I still didn’t like Caroline.

I was pretty sure she was the one behind Elizabeth’s disappearance.

Plus, she had always been hostile to me.

Did she really expect me to believe she accepted me now? Despite my doubts, I had to play along, for Anthony’s and Elizabeth’s sake.

“Don’t worry about it, Caroline,” I said, forcing a smile.

The banquet was about to begin.

Austin stood onstage and announced loudly, “Jennifer has contributed greatly to our victory against the vampires.As such, I have prepared a special surprise for her.”

A surprise? I frowned slightly.What did he have in store for me?

“Mr.Jones, I don’t understand what you mean,” I said cautiously.

Austin walked straight past me.

“Everyone, look behind you!” As soon as Austin finished his words, a group of werewolves rushed forward aggressively.

The leading one was an aged werewolf.

He was the familiar figure I saw earlier.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on him until I saw Ella standing behind him.

Oh, my ***! He was Arthur Wood, the traitor who stole my father’s position as the Alpha of our pack! My heart ached sharply.

The past came rushing back in heavy waves, making me take two steps backward.

Anthony caught me, helping me stand steadily.

My father was murdered, and my pack was renamed after someone else.

I was even forced into exile.

Arthur was the chief culprit behind all that suffering in my life! I didn’t expect to see him here.

It was traumatizing to be standing in his presence.

I hated him so much! Despite my murderous glare, Ella walked up to me and greeted me as though we were old friends.

“Jennifer, congratulations! I never would’ve thought you would become Mr.Jones’ mate. I’m sure your parents, Alpha Lewis and Luna Doris, are smiling at you from heaven,” she said in a loud voice, as though she just wanted to tell everyone my identity.

Sure enough, they were shocked.I heard whispers around me as they started talking about my family.

“Lewis was the late Alpha of Rainbow Pack, right? But I thought Jennifer was from Dark River Pack?”

“So this she-wolf is an Alpha’s daughter…” Ella squeezed my hand and looked at me with a malicious smile.

“Do you remember how we used to be playmates growing up? I wanted to get close to you back when we were training on Marge Island, but I couldn’t even bring myself to approach you.”

What on earth was she talking about? She tried to kill me! What a lying hypocrite! Just as I opened my mouth to respond, Austin cut in.

“Really? So you two are old friends! Then tell me, why didn’t you dare to get close to Jennifer?”

Ella blurted out, “Because she’s bad luck.Anyone who gets close to her will suffer, maybe even lose their life.After all, the former Alpha and Luna of the Rainbow Pack died because of her!”

The audience burst into an uproar.After saying that, Ella dramatically covered her mouth, eyes wide with mock shock.

“I’m sorry.I shouldn’t have said that on such an occasion.I just heard that Jennifer and Anthony were going to get engaged, so I came here to bless her.I didn’t mean anything else!”

Despite her words, she didn’t look apologetic at all.

In fact, she seemed to gloat at the face of my misfortune.

I knew she came here to slander me in front of everyone here.

If they took Ella’s words to heart, my marriage with Anthony was in jeopardy.

As Ella smiled at me innocently, I couldn’t help but feel angry.

She and her family had done so many evil things, yet they still dared to appear here and slander my good name.

What even was she doing here? Ella had left a long time ago.

It was like she had come back simply to haunt me.

I had a sinking feeling that her appearance here was no coincidence.

But what could I do? I clenched my fists in rage and my fingernails dug into my skin.

I couldn’t make a scene on such an occasion.

Anthony could sense how I felt.

He held my hand and gave it a comforting squeeze.

I knew what he meant.

I forced a smile, trying to indicate to him that he didn’t need to worry about me.

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