Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The Welcome Ceremony

Austin’s POV:

Crazy! This world was ******* crazy! I sat in my room and listened as my subordinate reported the news to me.

I was so angry that I flipped a table.

As the table crashed into the wall, the servants kneeling before me trembled in fear.

I glared at them.

They just couldn’t do anything right.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Anthony had led his guards to the Colored Flowers Pack? Now, he managed to help their pack defeat the vampires and build his reputation.

Plus, Jennifer had gained popularity as well for fighting valiantly.

As if that wasn’t enough, she and Anthony made their mate bond public, which only boosted their public image even more.

This was just so ******* ridiculous.

How did a she- wolf manage to accomplish such a feat? And my people failed to find out in time!

“What the **** do you even do all day? How come you’re just telling me this now?”

I threw the goblet in my hand and hit an attendant on the forehead.

Seeing blood flowing down from his head, I felt much better.

It had been so long since I had felt this way.

As his blood dripped to the floor, I felt my anger slowly ebb.

I looked down at the subordinates kneeling before me, and they lowered their heads to the floor.

Finally, I barked, “**** off, losers.”

They all clamored to their feet and retreated in panic.

As they were leaving, I saw Caroline come in.

Maybe it was because she had been hanging around here for a while already that I wasn’t opposed to her presence.

As she approached, I didn’t ask anyone to stop her.

“Austin, have you heard the news about Anthony?” she asked as soon as she was within earshot.

“What do you mean?” I looked her up and down, wondering what she was up to.

“Austin, you should have been prepared for this. Your rule is in danger.” I sat up straight.

Did she hear something from Elizabeth?

“What do you mean?” I asked, looking at her expectantly.

“Tell me.”

“I’m sure you must’ve heard that the Colored Flowers Pack was aided by Anthony and Jennifer, boosting their image in the public eye.As soon as they get back, the first thing they will do is to announce their marriage.I heard this from Elizabeth.Austin, don’t you see what’s happening? Once they announce their mate bond, they will overturn your rule.”

****! ******* ****. I did not expect that.

My anger flared up again.

Before I knew it, I kicked over a chair.

If I could just kill Anthony right then and there, he would’ve been dead by now.

Alas, things were not so simple.

So that was their plan to aid a pack to build prestige, then come back and announce their marriage.

Then, they would use this as an opportunity to usurp me.

I couldn’t help but sneer.

This was nothing but wishful thinking! If Anthony thought he could overthrow me, then he wasn’t just annoying he was also extremely arrogant.

“Calm down,” Caroline said gently.

“You need to come up with a plan to stop them.” She was right.

I needed to focus my energy on finding a solution.

“I’ll remember your contribution. You can leave now.”

I pressed my fingertips against my temple. I needed to think of the perfect plan. I brooded for what seemed like an eternity.

All of a sudden, an idea came to me.

I could write an edict and send it to the Alpha of the Rainbow Pack, the pack Jennifer was born into.

Maybe there was someone there who could help me deal with Jennifer and my annoying brother, Anthony.

I heard that the current Alpha of their pack was Arthur Wood, who used to be the Beta of the pack.

He claimed that he had no choice but to ascend the throne because the former Alpha passed away.

Such ********! He must’ve gotten there through some improper means.

Otherwise, why else would Jennifer, the daughter of the previous Alpha, be exiled to another pack? Arthur obviously wanted Jennifer dead.

If he knew that she was still alive and was about to become Anthony’s mate, he would certainly try to put a stop to their wedding.

I could make use of him.

Maybe he could be an important tool.

I made arrangements to have Arthur summoned to the royal palace so that I could discuss the details with him.

I had to make good use of this opportunity.

Jennifer’s POV:

Things were going really well with the Colored Flowers Pack.

I was happy for this, since it was very important for Anthony to build up his public image with the people.

When we got back to the royal palace, Elizabeth and others held a welcome ceremony for us.Anthony and I stepped inside the hall to find Austin sitting on his throne, while Elizabeth was seated next to him.

The elders sat on both sides.

“Anthony and Jennifer have contributed greatly to the Colored Flowers Pack’s victory against the vampires.I think they should be rewarded,” said an elder who supported Anthony.

“He’s right. What do you think, Austin?” Elizabeth looked at Austin meaningfully.

The other elders expressed their agreement as well. Austin nodded gloomily.

“They indeed deserve all the praise.The werewolves of that pack are very grateful to them.”

Austin was a vengeful man, and he didn’t care about anyone other than himself.

We all knew that he was just pretending to agree, and maybe he was even plotting something to get back at us.

After the welcome ceremony, Elizabeth suggested we hold a celebratory banquet for us, which was unanimously agreed on.

When I walked out of the hall, Elizabeth caught up to me and held my hand.

She looked into my eyes happily.

“I’m going to announce your marriage with Anthony at the banquet.What do you think, Jennifer?”


The truth was that I didn’t mind.

I wasn’t very particular about this matter.

Whether my mate bond with Anthony was made public or not wasn’t important to me what mattered was that we would be together.

Seeing that I didn’t answer, Elizabeth made the arrangements herself.

“Anthony, don’t forget to take Jennifer shopping.She needs a dress suitable for the party.Make sure she will be the most beautiful she- wolf at the banquet.” I couldn’t help but turn red and flustered.

Anthony was an obedient son.

He simply nodded and whisked me away to try on dresses.

He insisted on dressing me with his own hands, pressed his lips on mine and kissed me again and again in between fittings.

“Jennifer, are you nervous?” Anthony asked.

I didn’t answer him.I couldn’t tell how I was feeling now.True, I was nervous, but I was happy as well.That kind of happiness filled my heart and mind, enveloping me in warmth.I really loved Anthony.

“I will always hold your hand.As long as you stay by my side, I’ll never leave you,”

Anthony whispered in my ear as he pulled me in for a hug.

I felt a lump in my throat.I was so lucky to have met Anthony.I walked towards the banquet hall, hand in hand with Morey pho im hes Anthony. Just as we neared the entrance, I saw a familiar figure at the door.

His scent was so familiar! I seemed to have met that werewolf somewhere.


Just as I was about to chase after that familiar scent, Elizabeth interrupted my thoughts.

It seemed she wanted to ****** me to the venue.

I followed Elizabeth into the banquet hall, and the werewolves around all turned to look at us.

I should have been nervous about the dinner, but because of the figure I saw just now, I was nervous for a different reason.

Was something bad about to happen? My gut told me something was off.

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