Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 72

Chapter 72: The Proposal

Jennifer’s POV:

Anthony and I arrived at the Colored Flowers Pack.

The situation here was very similar to that of the Red Sun Pack, if not worse.

Since the location of their pack was adjacent to the vampires’ territory, they were often harassed by the vampires.

By the time we got there, the werewolves of the Colored Flowers Pack had been defeated by the vampires, and the werewolves had suffered heavy casualties in the process.

Unable to bear seeing them suffering this way, I rushed into the battlefield with a small group of elite werewolves, regardless of Anthony’s dissuasion.

I had never been so riled up before.

As I fought on the battlefield, an astonishing strength burst out of me.

Perhaps it was activated by the Alpha bloodline in my body.

Whatever it was, it came at a great time.

Once I joined the battle, the vampires were successfully chased away.

In this way, I managed to defend the territory of the Colored Flowers Pack.After the battle, Alpha Andrew and Luna Flora invited me and Anthony to a banquet to celebrate the victory.At the banquet, we were surrounded by the Colored Flowers Pack.

“Your arrival brought hope to our pack and breathed new life into everyone,” Flora added, with tears welling up in her eyes.

“We sincerely thank you two.”

“Long live Mr.Jones and Miss Smith!” shouted the other werewolves at the banquet, also raising their glasses in unison.

I Anthony and I became the center of attention.Looking at how enthusiastic they were, I smiled.I hoped that this victory could improve Anthony’s prestige and help him achieve his goal of overthrowing Austin as soon as possible.

“It was Mr.Jones’ idea to come here.It’s all thanks to him,”

I stated, raising my glass as well. Anthony turned to me and beamed.

“We will never forget your favor, Mr.Jones.”

Andrew and Flora clinked glasses with us.

“Miss Smith, you are so beautiful.I heard that you’re Mr.Jones’ mate, right? You two are a perfect match.”

Flora held my hand, and her eyes glistened with appreciation as she looked me up and down.

I couldn’t help smiling shyly at Anthony.

After three rounds of drinking, Anthony suddenly stood up and held my hand tightly, interlocked his fingers with mine swallowed hard, as if he was overcome with emotions.

“You have to consider your own safety…and my feelings.”

Hearing his words, I lowered my head with guilt.The truth was, in that critical moment, the fury I felt made me rush into the battlefield regardless of anything.

But Anthony was right.

I had to consider his feelings.

“Sorry, I…”

Just when I began apologizing to Anthony, he knelt down on one knee, making me trail off in shock.I couldn’t believe it.

Before I could even anticipate what he was about to do, he took out a delicate ring box.

“Jennifer, will you marry me? I have been wanting to ask you this for a long time.Now, I propose to you seriously.”

Anthony opened the box, revealing a big, bright diamond ring.

“I, Anthony Jones, the prince of Osman Kingdom, hereby promise to you that from now on, whether you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, I will love you and take care of you until death separates us.Jennifer, will you marry me?”

I didn’t know how long I stood there in stunned silence.Was Anthony actually proposing to me? It felt like a dream.I pinched my arm subconsciously.

The sharp sting on my skin told me that it was not a dream.

At that moment, I was so moved that tears gathered in my eyes.

“I do.” I nodded and held out my hand.

“Anthony, I want to be with you.I accept your proposal.”

Anthony took out the diamond ring and carefully slid it on my finger.

Then, he picked me up in his arms.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and leaned against his chest with a soft sigh.

I was too excited to express myself in words.

“Jennifer, you did a great job today.You were so dazzling on the battlefield that I could barely look away.”

Anthony planted an affectionate kiss on my cheek.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I blushed and lowered my head shyly.

Thunderous applause broke out on the spot, and everyone came up to us to give us their blessings.

Looking at Anthony, I felt I was the happiest she-wolf in the world.

Later, in the dead of the night, Anthony and I lay in the big, soft bed.

Under the light of the moon that streamed in through the window, we kissed passionately, letting our bodies entangle with each other.

“Anthony, am I really going to be your bride? Am I dreaming?”

I kissed his Adam’s apple and asked in a trembling voice.

“Jennifer, it’s not a dream.If you still can’t believe it, let me prove it to you.”

Anthony took off my bra, cupped my fair breast with his big hand, and gently rubbed it.

“Let me make love to you.”

“Honey, I want you so much.”

I quickly slid my hand into his underwear and found the part of his body that I had missed for a long time.

“Anthony, **** me…”

“You’re irresistible.”

Anthony climbed on top of me, pinning my body under his, and kissed my lips.

At the same time, he let his crotch rub over mine.

I responded to his kiss passionately, biting and sucking his lips.

My body trembled under his touch, and I knew that I was wet down there.

It had been a long time since we last had ***.

My body was longing for him.

I missed the sensation of being flown to heaven, and Anthony was the only one who could give that to me.

“Anthony, I want you…”

I looked eagerly at him through my blurred eyes.It was as if my gaze and my soft murmur lit a fire in him.He grabbed my waist and slid his **** into my *****, entering me in one fell swoop.

“Ah…” A moan of satisfaction left my lips.

I twisted my waist, trying to let him go deeper.I could feel his **** growing bigger and bigger as it slid in and out of me, making me pant uncontrollably.

“Jennifer, you’re so hot.”

Anthony looked straight into my eyes and dug his fingertips into my waist.

“Your MPP ey Wad im bes ***** is so tight.It feels so good.You’re so wet down there.This is the best feeling ever.”

His eyes wandered down at the place where our bodies were connected.

He slid one finger over my wet *****, and then put it into his mouth to taste it.

My head grew light, and my body went weak.

Watching Anthony taste me, I was so excited that my ***** contracted, holding his **** tightly.

Feeling this, Anthony quickened his pace.

Every time he thrust into me, I could feel the pleasure in the depths of my soul.

With each movement, his skin grazed against my ****, taking me higher and higher.

The mixture of our fluid slid down along our thighs onto the bed sheet, making it an ****** sight to see.

Having *** with Anthony was the best feeling in the world.

The intense stimulation made me feel as if my heart was flying out of my chest.

When I reached the climax, I was so overwhelmed by the pleasure that my toes curled, and my body quivered uncontrollably.

“Oh my ***…Anthony, you’re amazing.Oh, it feels so great…” I shouted incoherently.

At this moment, I couldn’t even form a complete thought in my head.

While I was still reeling from the pleasure, Anthony suddenly moved close to my neck and parted his lips.

That was how a werewolf marked their mate.

Was he going to mark me? Sure enough, as soon as the thought flashed through my mind, Anthony bit me on the neck. He marked me.

I was so moved that my eyes turned red.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, nuzzled close, and bit his neck.

We marked each other.

From now on, Anthony would be my mate in the truest sense.

We could be together aboveboard.

There was nothing that could make me happier than this.

I twisted my waist again, letting myself melt into a pool of desire in his arms.

“Anthony, **** me harder…You’re so big and thick.I like it so much…”

“Honey, you asked for it.”

Anthony flipped me over and made me kneel in front of him, facing towards the wall.

He held my waist from behind, rubbed his big hands over my ****, and thrust his **** into me.

The night was long, and we switched to countless positions.

Under his strong grip and  incessant thrusting, I came over and over again, until my body was numb and I almost fainted.

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