Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Agreement

Anthony’s POV:

Jennifer offered to search for my mother and rescue her.

Although we were able to find some clues, I was concerned that it might be another trap set by Austin.

I couldn’t guarantee what I would do if something bad happened to Jennifer.

Since I was really worried about her safety, I sent my guards to watch over Jennifer.

I worked all night, foregoing sleep.

When morning came, I received an order from Austin to attend today’s meeting.

Austin must have been impatient because he called for a royal elders’ meeting so early in the morning.

He made the elders gather in the conference hall, and they waited for me there.

I moved slowly to buy some time.

It took me more than two hours to freshen up, change into appropriate attire, and get to the hall.

This was my first time feeling that the elders’ meeting was so tough.

When I entered the room, everyone turned to look at me.

After all, I was about to be forced to give up my right to inherit the throne.

The elders were divided into two factions.

One faction supported Austin, and the other hoped that I would overthrow my brother and become the king of Osman Kingdom.

Under Austin’s instruction, the elders who supported him had drafted an agreement that confirmed that I was giving up my right to inherit the throne.

They all hoped that I would sign the agreement today.

Of course, they didn’t know that the king had resorted to many dirty deeds including holding my mother hostage so that I would be forced to sign this agreement.

The elders who supported me didn’t know that Austin had my mother stashed away somewhere.

They were shocked and confused when Austin asked if I would willingly give up my right to inherit the throne.

“Anthony, have you finally decided to sign this agreement?”

Wanting to delay the procedure, I replied, “I haven’t thought it through yet.What do you think, elders?”

The elders noticed my hesitancy so they all turned to look at Austin.

“Since Anthony hasn’t made up his mind yet, why don’t we discuss this some other day?”

They all wanted to postpone this matter as long as possible.

Hearing this, Austin sneered and fixed his eyes on me.

He then took out his phone and played with it.

“I’m in no rush.What about you, my dear brother? You can take your time to think about it.I just don’t know if you really have the time to do that.” It was a subtle threat.

If I didn’t sign the agreement immediately, he was going to contact his guards and order them to kill my mother.He handed me the prepared document.He clearly wanted me to sign it.

I was out of time.

For my mother’s sake, I gritted my teeth and picked up a pen.

But before I could sign the agreement, I received a call from Jennifer.

Her voice was music to my ears.

“We have Mrs.Jones,” she informed me.

I happily put the pen down and looked at everyone present in the conference room.

“I am not signing this.Jennifer was an angel.I left everyone behind and rushed to see my angel and my mother.The elders who wished that I wouldn’t sign the agreement had no reason to stop me from leaving.

I left Austin behind to deal with the aftermath.

Austin’s POV:

Anthony was about to sign the agreement, but then he suddenly changed his mind.

Why? ****! Did they find Elizabeth? How was that possible? I thought that I had hidden her well enough.

How depressing.

Why did that ******* have to change his mind at a critical moment? I was going to hold another grudge against him for this.

“Anthony, stop! Before you go, you should sign the agreement.Don’t you want to save Elizabeth?” I shouted after Anthony.

No matter what, I had to make him sign the agreement.

But Anthony left without looking back.

Meanwhile, the elders stared at me in shock.

****! I just carelessly told everyone that I used Elizabeth to threaten Anthony.

But I didn’t give it a ****.

So what if the elders learned about what I had done? I was the rightful king of this country.

They couldn’t do anything to me.

“Now that Anthony’s gone, this meeting is over,”

I told the elders, dismissing them.

Anthony’s abrupt reversal upset me.

I returned to my room in a foul mood until I remembered that Caroline was still locked up in a secret room.

I walked past the bed, pressed a button in the corner of the room, and entered the secret room.

Caroline approached me with a smile.

I remembered how sensible this she-wolf was.

I thought of venting my anger out on her through a good ****.

Caroline sat on my lap and tried to please me.

I sat back against the sofa and watched her ***** my body.

Something was off about her today so I pinched her chin and made her look me in the eye.

Caroline took my hand and kissed my cheek.

She then pressed her chest to mine and put her hands around my waist.

“Austin, when can I go out?”she asked me with a smile.

No wonder she was being so submissive.She wanted to go out.I thought she was just rutting.

“Why? Isn’t it better to stay here? Who else can please you like I do?”

What a *****! I gave her what she wanted, but she still wanted to leave.

Caroline tightened her hold on my waist and pouted.

“I get lonely.Let me out.I can help you deal with Jennifer and the others.I know that they are still alive.You need any help you can get.”

“Who told you they are still alive?”

Had Anthony contacted her somehow? This ***** might have already betrayed me.

I grabbed Caroline’s neck and squeezed until her face turned blue.

She couldn’t breathe and she tried to make me loosen my grip.

Feeling a little out of control, I let her go.


Caroline coughed and wheezed as she caught her breath.

When she felt better, she explained, “I overheard the guards talking when they came to deliver my food.Since they are still alive, you should let me out.I can do a lot of things for you.”

“Aren’t you glad that Anthony is still alive?”

“Yes, I’m glad.I don’t want him to die, but if they are all living happily together, what chance will I have to win his heart? If you let me out, I’ll make sure that Anthony will stop being a threat to you.We all get what we want.Doesn’t that sound good?”

“Are you sure you don’t have any other intentions?”

Didn’t this ***** have feelings for my annoying brother? Could I still count on her to help me deal with them?

“I’m yours now so don’t worry.I have ways to help you.As long as you let me go out, I will cooperate with you obediently.”

Now that Elizabeth had been saved, I no longer had anything to threaten Anthony with.

But if Elizabeth still considered Caroline as her daughter, perhaps Caroline could still come in handy.

With that in mind, it seemed reasonable to let Caroline out.As long as I had her under control, she shouldn’t be able to play any tricks on me.

“Fine, but no funny business. Don’t forget that I have a lot of evidence against you. If you upset me…”

“I won’t betray you,” Caroline quickly promised.

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