Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Injured

Skylar’s POV:

Dylan had been very busy recently.

He didn’t have much time to spend with me.

I heard what had happened to Jennifer and Elizabeth, and I decided to ask Dylan about it.

“Dylan, how are Jennifer and Mr.Jones doing? Have they found Mrs.Jones?”

I asked.

“Not yet.Jennifer and Mr.Jones are looking for her.As for me, I’m going to the royal palace to see what I can find out.”

Dylan had a serious expression.

“Skylar, so much has happened lately.Please, be careful.Don’t worry about Jennifer.She will be safe and sound with Mr.Jones by her side.”

“Wait, you’re going to the royal palace?”

I grabbed his wrist in a hurry, unwilling to let him go.

“Dylan, are you going alone? Isn’t that dangerous? I’m worried about you.Let me come with you.”

“No way, Skylar.You were just released from the hospital.I forbid you from coming with me,”

Dylan said in a stern voice.

“Be good and stay on Marge Island.”

“I want to be with you!” I whined, slipping my arms around his waist and leaning my head against his chest.

“Dylan, we’re mates.You can’t leave me.”

“It’s exactly because we are mates that I can’t let you come with me.”

Dylan gently pushed me away.

“Skylar, you are not a child.You can’t act so recklessly.I’m begging you as your mate to stay on Marge Island.”


I still wanted to argue with Dylan, but I could see in his eyes that he wasn’t going to budge.

If I couldn’t persuade him otherwise, I had no choice but to verbally agree with his decision.

“Fine, I’ll stay put,”

I lied through my teeth.

If he wasn’t going to let me come with, I would just have to follow him in secret.

“Good girl.”

Dylan smiled and touched the tip of my nose.

I stuck out my tongue at him and smiled shyly.

‘Dylan, I’m sorry.I can’t do as you wish.I have to go with you, even if it means I’ll do it in secret.

How can I let you sneak into the royal palace alone? You are my mate.

No matter what difficulties we face, we have to face them together.

Dylan’s POV:

When darkness fell, I snuck into the royal palace.

I was good at this sort of thing.

After all, I was Anthony’s right-hand man.

I managed to get my hands on a black guard uniform.

After changing, I slipped into a group of patrol guards and followed them to the garden.

Along the way, no one noticed the intruder in their midst.

“This is so annoying.We’ve been working overtime since Mr.Jones has been hounding us to strengthen security.I haven’t slept properly in a while now.I’m exhausted!”

one of the guards complained sourly.

“Keep your mouth shut.If Mr.Jones hears what you just said, we’re dead.Let’s just go to Mr.Jones’ room and report on today’s patrol,” said another guard.

I quietly followed the group of guards to Austin’s room.

There, we found Austin yelling at a lycan attendant in the room.

“What? She’s half dead? Didn’t I tell you to take good care of her? You can’t let her die just yet! Get whatever medicine she needs to the south.If she dies on your watch, I’ll have you all buried with her.”

Austin’s words sent a chill down my spine.

Was he talking about Elizabeth? It seemed that Austin had ordered his attendants to move her to the south.

It was no secret that she was in poor health and was in urgent need of medicine.

This was a very important clue, so I took note of it.

Elizabeth’s medicine was exclusively supplied.

If I could find out where the medicine was sent, it would eventually lead me to her whereabouts.

I smiled to myself.

I didn’t think I’d piece the puzzle together so quickly.

I had to go back and report to Anthony as soon as possible.

Just as this thought was crossing my mind, a guard suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the group.

“Who are you? You don’t look familiar.”

“Is he a spy? Let’s take him to Mr.Jones and let him decide this spy’s fate!” another guard suggested.

It was just a matter of time before my luck ran out.

I had carried out so many missions in the royal palace before, but this was my first time to get caught.

Now that my identity was exposed, I had to find a way to escape.

I gritted my teeth, whipped out a tear bomb and threw it at the group of guards.


The choking smoke pervaded the hall, and the guards all scrambled to cover their eyes and mouths.

I took advantage of this opportunity and took off as fast as I could.

“Stop! Hurry up! Catch him!”

The guards quickly regrouped and began to chase after me.

I was so anxious that I didn’t dare stop.

Despite my best efforts, they eventually caught up to me.

One of them even managed to snag me with a five-point dart.

I felt a sharp pain in my leg.

Enduring the pain, I staggered to the exterior palace wall and jumped up to climb over it.

Fortunately, I just barely made it over and tumbled to the ground below.

“Dylan!” I froze.

Wasn’t that Skylar’s voice? I couldn’t believe it.

When I squinted into the darkness, I saw Skylar standing there.

“Are you injured?” She hurried forward and helped me up.

“Let’s get out of here!”

“Skylar, didn’t I tell you to stay on Marge Island? What’re you doing here?” I scolded her coldly.

“Did you follow me in secret?”

“Let’s talk about that later.” Skylar glared at me.

“We need to get you to safety first! Who knows what would’ve happened if I didn’t come?”

I was rendered speechless by her words.

Before I could respond, Skylar transformed into her wolf form.

She carried me on her back and sprinted away from the royal palace as fast as she could.

She didn’t stop until we reached a forest in the suburbs.

Skylar then lay me under a tree.

I leaned against its trunk, panting heavily.

“Are you tired?” I asked her gently.

Skylar hadn’t changed back to her human form yet.

I couldn’t help but stare at her wolf form in awe.

Her silver gray fur shimmered in the moonlight.

She was beautiful.

But I didn’t get to admire her wolf form for very long.

She soon reverted to her human self.

Without wasting any time, she approached me to check my wound.

“I already told you that we are mates.We are one.We shouldn’t act separately.” Skylar began to nag.

“Dylan, I’m strong.Don’t treat me like a child.Whether we advance or retreat, we have to do it together from now on.Do you understand?”

“Okay, Skylar.” I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh.

“Don’t move.” She forced me to lie down.

“Do as I say.” I had no choice but to obey.

“I’ll help you deal with the wound. This is going to hurt, though.”

Skylar looked at me seriously.

I nodded slowly and watched her lower her head and clean my wound.

Her movements were meticulous.

Under the moonlight, I could see the worry written all over her face.

“Does it hurt? Dylan, I don’t like seeing you hurt.Please, be careful next time…” Skylar choked and burst into tears.

“It doesn’t hurt, Skylar.Don’t cry.”

Seeing her cry like this made me feel at a loss.

After treating my wound, Skylar threw herself into my arms and wept sadly.

“Dylan, I was so scared.I was so worried I would lose you.”

“I’m fine.” I hugged her tightly.

After a while, she raised her head to look at me with her tear-stained eyes.

Seeing her like this made my heart ache.

But I had no idea how to comfort her.

“Kiss me.” Skylar was pouting, looking up at me expectantly.

“Can’t you see that I’m sad? I won’t feel better until you kiss me.”

“Well…” I was hesitant.

Skylar snorted.

Then, she put one hand on my shoulder, raised my chin with the other and kissed me forcefully.

All of a sudden, something was sparked within me.

All my indifference and coldness melted away, replaced with fiery passion.

I could do nothing but pull her closer and kiss her back fiercely.

“Skylar, hasn’t anyone told you that you’re a bad kisser?” I planted another kiss on her soft lips.

“Let me teach you what a real kiss is.”


Skylar moaned and her fingernails dug into my skin.

We kissed each other under the moonlight, intimate and romantic.

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