Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Austin’s New *** Slave

Caroline’s POV:

“What a brat you are, my dear. Bratty girls should be punished.”Austin smirked as he caressed my naked skin.

“Don’t be afraid.I’ll be very gentle.”

“You pervert!”I cursed at him.

“Swear at me all you like, Caroline.”

He held me down with one hand while the other fumbled through the bedside table and procured some rope.

No matter how hard I struggled and cried, he tied all my limbs to the bedposts, leaving no room for resistance.

I realized once more how terrible Austin was.

He was a freak.

A devil.A lunatic! My legs were forcefully spread wide open, revealing the most intimate part of my body.Austin had put me in this humiliating position to insult me and molest me.

“You’re actually quite slutty, aren’t you, Caroline? Just like how you were that night.” Austin cupped my plump ******* and kneaded them.

“What’s wrong? You only acted that way because you thought I was Anthony? I’ve already seen how slutty you are.Why are you still pretending to be so pure?”

“Anthony…Save me…”

In my desperation, I squeezed my eyes shut and tears rolled down my cheeks.

Honestly, *** with Austin was amazing; but I was a princess, not a prostitute to be toyed with.

I didn’t want him to torture me in such a humiliating way.

He had a way of crushing my pride.

I was terrified of him.

“You dare to call out Anthony’s name in my presence? *****, if you say his name again, I’ll **** you so hard that you’ll wish you were dead!” Austin slapped me across the face.

“From now on, you are nothing more than my *** slave.”


Head still reeling from the slap, I could not believe what I had just heard.

A *** slave? How could a princess be a *** slave? “You have any problems with that, Caroline?”

Austin arrogantly raised one eyebrow.

“Don’t you want to be my *** slave?” I trembled in fear.

He smirked and nipped my earlobe.

His teeth were so cold that my body shivered even more.

“Austin, please don’t do this…”

I begged him with tears in my eyes.

“My dear, you don’t really get a say in this.”

Austin shrugged off his nightgown, uncovering his muscular body.

He knelt close to my head and pointed his **** at my face.

“**** it,”he ordered.

“No…” I instinctively refused.

“No? You dare to disobey your king?”

Austin flew into a rage and whipped my *******.

“You are my *** slave, Caroline.And as a *** slave, you have no right to turn me down!”

Red marks bloomed across my *******, and my face scrunched up in pain.I wanted to cover my chest, but my hands and feet were tied.

“Are you listening to me, you *****?” Austin whipped my ******* with one hand and strangled me with the other.

“Ah” My voice sounded strange as I screamed and struggled for air.

Austin was a ******.

He laughed maniacally as he inflicted pain on me.

The more I suffered, the more pleased he looked.

My chest soon felt numb after the whipping.

But it wasn’t just pain that I was feeling.

For some reason, I felt pleasure as well.

I found myself toeing the line between pleasure and pain.

Was I really a slutty *****? How could I actually enjoy the feeling of being abused? A new fear overwhelmed me.

Despite that, my ***** practically wept in desire.

Austin noticed my reaction to his cruel ministrations.

He stuck a finger into my *****, and when he pulled it out, his finger was wet and shiny.

“What’s this? You’ve gotten so wet.You’re a natural- born ****!”

I closed my eyes so that I didn’t have to witness such a shameful scene, but he forced his finger between my lips so that I could ******** own arousal.

It tasted strange.

I tried to spit his finger out, but he refused to let me go.

His finger slipped in and out of my mouth, mimicking the way his **** moved in and out of my *****.

My eyes rolled back in pleasure, and my ***** became even more soaked.

Oh my ***! I was such a ****.

Austin was torturing me, and yet, I still wanted to have *** with him.

I actually looked forward to getting ******.

My ***** clenched around nothing, hungry to be filled by a big ****.

Noticing this, Austin slipped a ******** into my *****.

He dialed it up all the way so that I got maximum vibration.

I squirmed in discomfort.

My legs twitched and kicked, but I failed to break free from the rope.

I was going crazy with desire! Austin pushed the ******** in and out, hitting all the right places inside me.My ***** started to ache badly.I wanted Austin to **** me already.

“Austin, please…I can’t stand it anymore…”

I looked eagerly in his direction but my vision was getting hazy.”Please **** me…I want…”

“You ****.Begging for my **** already?”

Austin pinched my chin.

“**** me off first.If you satisfy me, I’ll give you what you want.”

He then forced his **** into my mouth.

I winced when his **** jabbed the back of my throat.I couldn’t help gagging.

Some saliva dripped from my lips.

“That’s right, my dear.**** it!”

He slapped my **** cheek.

I groaned and used my tongue to massage the underside of his ****, licking it inch by inch.

All I could taste was him.

With the ******** pleasuring my lower lips, I found myself on the verge of reaching an ******.

As if an electric current passed through my body, my body jolted, and I came over and over again.

My jaw was starting to hurt after holding Austin’s **** in my mouth for so long.

Finally, he slipped his **** out of my mouth and pulled the ******** from my *****.

He replaced the ******** with his spit-moistened ****.

“Oh, ***…”I groaned.

“Your **** is so big, Austin.**** me! **** me!”

“What a ****!”

Austin continued to thrust his hips as he humiliated me.

My lower body rose off the bed with every thrust, trying to meet him halfway.

Every time he pushed his **** into me, he hit my ******, making me come close to climaxing once more.

All I could hear was our skin slapping against each other and squelching sounds.

My eyelids dropped halfway in pleasure.

“You’re a slutty *****, aren’t you? Say it! Say that you’re my ****!”

Austin grabbed my ******* and pinched my *******, trying to get me to say those words.

But I still had some sense of shame left in me so I gnawed on my lower lip, refusing to give in.

He pulled away from me.

I almost cried out at the loss of his ****.

“Are you going to say it or not? If you don’t say it, we’re going to stop here.”

Frustrated to be left hanging after coming so close to a climax, I squeezed my eyes shut and cried out, “I’m Austin’s ****!”

My cheeks burned as I said those words.

My heart threatened to beat right out of my chest.

I only wanted to be pleasured once more.

It was as if my image as the beautiful and noble princess shattered.

From that point onward, I was Austin’s *** slave.

“That’s right, my dear.”

Austin clamped his teeth around my ******.

He bit down on the bud so hard that I thought he was going to rip it off with his teeth.

However, the pain of getting bitten pushed me over the edge, and I had an ******.

As I reached my climax, my ***** gushed, and a large amount of liquid soaked Austin’s ****.

I reached a new height of pleasure.

It was as if a fountain within me had overflowed.My body went limp, but pleasure coursed through my veins starting from my *****.

“*****, you got ****** stupid, huh? That’s so cool!”

Austin spat out my ****** and laughed, *********** inside me.

“Don’t…I might get pregnant,” I cried helplessly.

Because I was still feeling the aftershocks of my climax, liquid continued to seep out from my *****.

“It will be an honor for you if you get pregnant with my baby!” Austin reached out to touch my belly.

“I will **** you even if you are pregnant.How exciting…”

Aroused by the thought, his **** hardened once more.

He ****** me over and over again until I fainted from overstimulation.

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