Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 60

Chapter 60: A Blind Date

Caroline’s POV:

Elizabeth arrived at my residence early the next morning.

When I opened the door, I saw Elizabeth standing outside, accompanied by her maids who had faithfully served her for many years.

They carried bags of clothing and jewelry.

“You’re awake.Good.You’re meeting someone today so you need to dress nicely.”

I recalled what Austin told me yesterday.

Was Elizabeth really looking for a mate for me? “Where are you taking me?”

I asked as I invited Elizabeth in, still hopeful about her intentions.

“There is a strapping lycan from the Thomas Clan who is your age.His qualities are quite good so I want you to meet him.”

Was she really making me go on a blind date? Did she really want me to get married? I looked at the she-wolf who had brought me up, feeling like I no longer knew her.

It was as if she didn’t love me anymore.

Elizabeth used to be a good mother and cared about me.

I still remembered the time when my parents passed away.

I had been very young and terrified, but Elizabeth had taken me in.

She had raised me as her own daughter, and I had barely experienced any hardship.

But the only man I had loved since I was a child was Anthony.

Why was she helping an outsider instead of me? I had sworn that whoever hindered me from getting into a relationship with Anthony was going to be my enemy.

Was I going to have to consider my mother as an enemy as well? She was giving me no choice but to deal with her myself.

I put on the clothes she brought, dressed up just as she asked, and followed her to a high-end restaurant.

My blind date was a lycan.

He looked a few years older than I was.

In my eyes, he was not very good-looking.His temperament was much inferior to Anthony.

Just as I had thought, no man could compare to Anthony.I entered the restaurant with Elizabeth.

He stood up politely and pulled out a chair for me.He was shy and didn’t like to talk much.He only spoke up every time Elizabeth asked him a question.

Based on how many times he kept looking at me, I could tell that he liked me a lot.

However, I had no interest in him at all.

After the meal, Elizabeth held my hand and asked, “What do you think? Do you like him?”

Without waiting for my answer, she continued, “I think he would make a good partner.Not only is he from a good clan, but he also knows how to care for others.If you end up marrying him, I will feel at ease.”

“Mom, you know I like Anthony.I don’t want to marry anyone else,” I objected.

But it was like Elizabeth didn’t even hear me.

“Nonsense.Anthony’s fated mate is Jennifer.They’ve been destined by Moon Goddess.I think the guy we met today was a decent man.You are not that young anymore.You can’t stay single all your life, my dear.Please think about this a little more, okay?”

She coaxed me as if I was still a child.

Elizabeth, my adoptive mother and the only person I actually respected, wanted that guy to be my mate.

I felt really angry.

“No! I want to marry Anthony,” I insisted.

Elizabeth sighed upon hearing my answer.

We decided to call a truce over the matter.

Why was she siding with Jennifer anyway? Didn’t she want me to keep her company as a daughter-in-law?I decided to go to find Anthony.

After all, he was the one I loved.

When we returned to Marge Island, I made my way to Anthony’s villa.

However, Jennifer was there as well.

Why was that ***** here? “Anthony, I need to tell you something.”

I walked over to Anthony and grabbed his hand, nudging Jennifer out of the way.

“Jennifer is not an outsider.Whatever you want to say to me, you can do it in front of her.”

He pulled his hand from my grasp and stepped back to put some distance between us.

Even he was trying to draw a clear line with me.

Anthony was the one I loved.

I would do anything for him, and yet, he acted as if he couldn’t stand me.

“I’m going to step out for a little bit,”

Jennifer announced before exiting the room.

After she left, I told Anthony what had happened today.

“Anthony, Mom wants me to marry a lycan from the Thomas Clan.”

“That sounds like a good idea.I’m happy for you.”

Did I hear him wrong? How could Anthony say that he was happy for me? The Thomas Clan lived far away.

I couldn’t believe it.

All of a sudden, I lost my sense of reason and reservation.

I ran up to Anthony and hugged him.

“You know that I love you and that I want to marry you.”

As I spoke, I leaned over to kiss him.

However, he pushed me down so all I felt was the cold floor against my ****.

He looked down at me with such a cold expression that I had never seen before.

“Caroline, look at yourself.Have you forgotten who you are? I’m your older brother.”

“No, you are not.We’re not related by blood.If you break up with Jennifer, I could be your mate,” I argued almost maniacally.

“Caroline, I love Jennifer.She is my mate.”

“Jennifer doesn’t deserve you.Only I deserve you.You belong with me,” I argued back.

“Caroline, have you lost your mind?”

After saying that, Anthony walked past me.

I remained seated on the floor, feeling as if a bucket of ice had been poured over me.

What was so good about Jennifer? Those who were supposed to be closest to me were now her staunchest allies.

Why? How could they do this to me? Ms AM Py iam bes This was all Jennifer’s fault.

She took everything from me.

And Elizabeth had heartlessly shattered my dream.

All she was capable of was defending that *****, Jennifer.

After leaving Anthony’s villa, I called Austin.

“It’s rare for you to call me.What’s up?”

Austin asked from the other end of the line.

“I’ve made up my mind.Tell me what I should do.”

Since Elizabeth had no plans of letting me marry the man I loved, I no longer cared about our relationship as parent and child.

“Find a way to ask Elizabeth out.I’ll take care of the rest,” Austin told me.

“Okay,” I agreed.

From now on, I was getting rid of everyone who prevented me from marrying Anthony—no exceptions.

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