Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Hesitation

Austin’s POV:

Elizabeth had been acting strange recently.

When I heard that she was trying to look for a mate for Caroline, I decided to take the opportunity to check out Marge Island in person.

It was time to nudge Caroline a little.

I wanted to let her know what Elizabeth was up to so that she could make up her mind and help me deal with her so-called mother.

I had plans to make things difficult for Jennifer as well so that my brother would be too occupied to oppose me.

As a matter of fact, I was a little anxious because of Anthony.

According to the information I got, his training program on Marge Island had been quite successful.

Many of the trainees there were very strong.

If Anthony had been training them to fight against me instead of vampires, they would definitely be a threat to me in the future.

Now that I was on Marge Island, I planned to make my own observations.

I walked around the island.

The training ground was well built.

The trainees had been carefully selected, and the drillmasters were very strict.

This program seemed most likely to churn out a group of elite fighters.

I had underestimated Anthony.

If he ordered these werewolves to go against me one day, my own army would have some difficulty fighting them off.

Before others could notice me, I came across Caroline, who had just stepped out of a villa.


I called out from behind her.

When she saw me, she frowned and ushered me into her residence.

I did not resist.

After all, I couldn’t let others hear what I was going to say next.

“Why are you here?”

Caroline closed the door carefully.

“Your mom is looking for a suitable mate for you.Did you know that?”

I told her that news to hide the fact that I was actually on the island to investigate the training ground.

I needed Caroline to do me a favor.

After all, she was Elizabeth’s beloved daughter, and she just so happened to hate Jennifer.

“I don’t believe it.How could she want to marry me off? Does she really want me gone that badly?”

Caroline looked hurt, and her eyes filled with tears.

What a joke! Did she really have that much faith in Elizabeth? Was that why she was hesitant to help me get rid of her? “Caroline, you are so naive.Can’t you see that you don’t matter to Elizabeth as much as Jennifer does?”

“But I…”

Caroline hesitated.

What a fool! I cursed her in my head.

“You want to get rid of Jennifer, right?”

I continued to provoke her.

“What do I need to do?”

Caroline asked.

She looked at me with watery eyes.

She was clearly still heartbroken over Elizabeth’s plans to find a mate for her.

**** it! Just then, a memory of Caroline moaning beneath me popped up in my mind.

She was so ******* vocal during ***.

Her moans and cries kept arousing me that I could have ****** her to death.

With this in mind, I asked her, “I can help you, but what will you do for me in return?”

I slowly looked down at her *******.

After a moment’s hesitation, Caroline kissed me.

She undid my belt with one hand and helped me take off my pants.

‘Well, she is a smart she-wolf!’ I thought, letting her rile me up.

She wasn’t a good kisser, but her clumsiness made her somewhat endearing and irresistible.

I kissed her back and put my arms around her, pulling her body against mine.

Her submissiveness made my **** harden, and my knees nearly weakened in desire.

“Wait a minute.”

I grabbed her hands and crossed them behind her back.

Keeping her in this posture, I carried her to the bedroom.

I managed to shed my clothes as I walked across the living room.

By the time I put Caroline down on the bed, I was completely naked.

“Close the door,”

Caroline reminded me.

“Never mind that.”

I couldn’t wait to pounce on her.

She had ample *******.

I was tempted by the mere sight of them.

She had clearly been pampered by the royal family.

Her fair skin bruised easily, making me want to destroy her.

I sucked on her ******* as I stripped her naked.

My mouth made its way down to her navel and even lower, coming to stop on her *****.****! She was so sensitive that her juices were running down to her ****.

I couldn’t help but slap one **** cheek.

Her ***** clenched.

What a treasure she was! I didn’t even need to do a lot of foreplay.

I just stabbed my **** into her.


Caroline cried out.

I quickly covered her mouth with a hand and hissed, “Didn’t you want my help? Then just take my **** like a good *****.”

Her ***** felt so good, wrapped around my ****.

I let go of any self-control and moved my hips faster and faster.

Tears started to roll down Caroline’s cheeks.

Her reaction only pleased me.

She must be feeling really good!

Elizabeth’s POV:

Concerned about Caroline’s feelings for Anthony, I decided to find a mate for her so that she could get married as soon as possible.

But she was like a daughter to me so I thought of asking for her permission first.

I went to Caroline’s residence on Marge Island.

I knocked on the door of her villa, but no one answered.

I had a key to Caroline’s residence so I asked a maid to fetch it for me.

What if something bad happened to her and no one could come to her aid because the door was locked? “You can stay here.I’ll go in and check on her,”

I ordered my maid.

“Yes, Mrs.Jones.”

My maid waited obediently outside while I entered Caroline’s residence alone.

As soon as I entered, I was shocked by the trail of clothes in the living room.

Why were there a man’s clothes in Caroline’s residence? They were scattered all over the floor—even the man’s underwear.

Just then, I heard a groan coming from the bedroom.

It sounded like Caroline.

Did she find a mate already? If that was the case, then I didn’t have to worry anymore.

I did not want to bother my daughter while she was having *** with someone.

But just when I turned to leave, Caroline spoke up.

“Austin, how are you going to help me deal with Jennifer?”

‘What? She is having *** with Austin?’ I froze on the spot.

“Don’t rush me.I’ll tell you how when I’m satisfied.”

The man was indeed Austin.

I felt dizzy.I couldn’t imagine that Caroline would have *** with Austin and even want to harm Jennifer.I left and quietly closed the door behind me, but my hands shook uncontrollably.

“Mrs.Jones.”My maid came over to support me.

“I’m fine.Contact the Thomas Clan immediately and set them up on a meeting with Caroline.”

“Yes, Mrs.Jones,”she replied.

I needed to marry Caroline off as soon as possible, or else, something awful was going to happen.

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