Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Drunken ***

Austin’s POV:

I learned that Caroline had returned from her study abroad and that she had gone to Marge Island to visit Elizabeth.

Her return to Osman Kingdom was a special occasion.

As the king, I wanted to hold a royal banquet for her to welcome her back.

I also heard that Anthony really admired Jennifer.

I was curious about their relationship.

I could take this opportunity to observe the two of them.

It would be great if Anthony fell in love with someone.

If Anthony really was in love, he was bound to drop his guard and make mistakes.

As long as Jennifer was his weakness, I was confident that I had the upper hand.

The banquet was set to be held at the royal palace.

I invited Jennifer and even arranged a seat for her at the table that was exclusive for members of the royal family.

After all, Jennifer was the best trainee.

It seemed only natural for me to invite her to the banquet.

The ballroom was very luxurious, and the dishes that were served during the royal banquet were extraordinary.

But I was not interested in the food.

I just wanted to figure out whether Jennifer and Anthony had a romantic relationship or not.

Caroline sat next to me.

Her rose-red gown made her fair skin stand out.

She looked elegant and beautiful.

“Long time no see, Caroline.”

To kick off the event, I proposed a toast in her honor.

“Welcome back.”

“Austin, I should be the one proposing a toast for you.”

Caroline stood up with some trepidation and clinked her glass with mine.

“It’s nice to see you too.”

“There’s no need to be so formal with me, Caroline.Sit down.”

I helped her to her seat.

“We were playmates when we were children.But back then, you liked to play with Anthony more.Anthony and I are both your brothers, but you’ve always been closer to him.”

I said that deliberately and observed Jennifer’s reaction.

Since Jennifer sat opposite me, I clearly saw her expression stiffen.

“Austin, you and Anthony are both my dearest brothers.”

Caroline smiled demurely.

She always had a sweet tongue.

“Caroline, to be honest, I used to think that you would end up with Anthony,”

I teased before taking a sip of wine.

“You and Anthony grew up practically attached at the hip.He cares a lot about you.His mom likes you too.And you’re not related to us by blood, so you and Anthony would make a perfect match.”

Caroline blushed at my words while Jennifer frowned.

My lips curled into a smirk as I continued my subtle investigation.

“I didn’t expect you to spend several years studying abroad.A few days ago, I heard that Anthony greatly admired Jennifer.It seems that he has finally fallen in love.Caroline, if you don’t seize the opportunity to win Anthony’s heart, he will be taken away by someone else.However, Jennifer is both beautiful and strongShe and my brother make a good match as well.”

After saying all this, I smiled at everyone.

“I was just kidding.Please don’t mind me.”

Without saying anything else, I picked up my glass and sipped some more wine.

I snuck a glance at Jennifer.

She seemed a little embarrassed, but the expression on Anthony’s face was more interesting.

Judging from Jennifer’s reaction, she and Anthony must be dating.

But what about Caroline? There seemed to be something wrong with her too.

I just said that Jennifer and Anthony made a good match.

Why did Caroline look offended? Did she like Anthony as well? I noticed that Caroline kept refilling her wine glass.

She downed one glass after another as if she wanted to drown herself in alcohol.

I smirked.

Tonight’s banquet was turning out to be more interesting than I expected.

After the party, I bid the guests farewell.

I went to my room, took a shower, and changed into pajamas.

After the maids left, I closed my eyes, prepared to go to sleep.

At that moment, the door to my room opened with a loud band.

I sat up in surprise as Caroline stumbled into the room.

She was so drunk that she didn’t seem to realize what she was doing.

“Caroline, did you get the wrong room? I’ll send someone to send you back.” I got out of bed to support her and to call for a maid.

“Anthony, why don’t you want me?” Caroline suddenly hugged me and explored my body with her hands.

“I love you so much.”My body stiffened.

Did she think I was Anthony? Before I could push her away, she snuck her hand into my pajamas, arousing my desire.

I looked at the drunk woman before me and smirked.

If Caroline loved Anthony, how would she react if I slept with her? Anything related to Anthony I wanted for my own.

Jennifer would not be an easy woman for me to lay a finger on, but Caroline had come to me of her own accord.”What are you talking about, Caroline?”

I closed the door and carried her to my bed.

“I love you, Anthony…”

Caroline hugged me tightly.

“Why are you with Jennifer? I have loved you all this time.Am I not as good as her? Please grant my wish, Anthony.I want to give myself to you.”

She yanked my pajama bottoms down and wrapped her fingers around my ****.

“**** me, Anthony! **** me!”

Like a rutting *****, she stroked my **** like crazy.

She then lowered her head to my crotch and took in my musk before sucking my ***** into her mouth.

Pleasure made my eyelids droop halfway.

“Caroline, I didn’t expect you to be so forward.”

I slipped off her dress, looked at her fair ******* and swallowed audibly.

“You ****!” I slapped a plump **** cheek.

She wiggled her hips and groaned.

“Yes, I’m a ****.But I’m only a **** for you…”

She pulled away from my **** only to tongue the slit and taste the pre-come that was spilling out.

I had slept with a lot of she-wolves before, but it was my first time seeing one as shameless as Caroline.

She was the most seductive one among them, and I couldn’t wait to **** her.

“All right, ****.Open your legs and sit here,” I coolly ordered.

I leaned back against the headboard and groped Caroline’s *******.

Caroline tried her best to show off her charm.

She held her lower lips open with her fingers and tried to sit on my ****.

I quickly grabbed a ******** and inserted it into her ***** while my other hand held onto her waist.

“Oh, ***…Anthony…”

Caroline’s head fell back in pleasure when I turned the ******** on.

“Anthony, **** me…”

I slid the ******** in and out of her.

She was so turned on that her ***** became wetter with every second.

“Are you that *****, *****?”

I pulled the ******** out, held Caroline close to me, and inserted my **** into her gaping *****.

Caroline shrieked in pleasure and then melted in my arms, babbling nonsense in my ear.

“Anthony, it feels so good…Oh, my dear brother, why did Moon Goddess assign Jennifer as your mate? I am your mate.Jennifer doesn’t deserve you at all…Anthony, your **** is so big.I love being filled up by you…”

I paused in mild shock.

What? Jennifer and Anthony were fated mates? I had not known that at all.

I should thank Caroline for bringing this information to light.

I concentrated on thrusting in and out of Caroline.

My hands played with her *******, massaging the heavy mounds and pinching her *******.

Caroline cried out in pleasure.

“Mom has changed as well.She clearly likes Jennifer.But what’s so good about that *****? Why do you both keep defending her? Anthony, Anthony…”

The more Caroline called out Anthony’s name, the more irritated I got.

I grabbed a belt that was lying on the bedside table and whipped it against her skin.

Anthony, Anthony, Anthony…Everyone liked Anthony! I was the one making Caroline moan, but she still thought I was Anthony.

I was so jealous of my younger brother.I wished he would die on the spot.I took my anger out on Caroline.I used the belt to leave marks on her fair skin.I whipped Caroline and ****** her at the same time.

Trapped between my body and the mattress, she could only scream in a mix of pleasure and pain.

When I saw red marks bloom on her body, I felt oddly pleased.I alternated between torturing and teasing her.A terrible idea formed in my mind.

As I ****** Caroline, I continued to hit her with the belt.

I brought her many times to the brink of climax before giving her a dose of pain.

It must have been torture because her eyes rolled back several times and I thought she would faint.

I used her as a tool to satisfy my ****** desires.

Caroline was such a ****.

I spent the whole night ******* her, but she continued to beg for my touch and my ****.

I looked forward to her reaction the next morning.

Imagining what her reaction would be once she woke up and realized that she had slept with the wrong man excited me.

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