Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 54

Chapter 54: An Incident Involving Kevin

Caroline’s POV:

My jaw clenched in annoyance.

Was Anthony defending Jennifer? He dared to defend that ***** even during such an occasion! On the outside, I looked calm; but on the inside, I was seething.

“You are right, Anthony.”

I nodded with a smile.

Elizabeth chimed in, “I also believe that identity and status should not matter when it comes to fated mates.After all, it has all been decided by Moon Goddess.Caroline is young and quite outspoken.Don’t take her words to heart, Jennifer.She didn’t mean to offend you.”

“I understand, Mrs.Jones.”

Jennifer picked up her wine glass.

“I don’t hold the princess’s opinions against her.She is kind and enthusiastic so I believe she said that without any malice.Cheers, Miss Wilson.I was surprised when Jennifer proposed a toast in my honor, but I raised my glass as well.When she clinked her glass with mine, I pretended to be clumsy and spilled red wine on Jennifer’s dress.Her dress became stained with red, and the expression on her face looked funny.

“Oh, no! I’m really sorry, Jennifer!”

I quickly apologized.

“You’re very understanding, so you won’t hold this against me, right?”

Seeing Jennifer look embarrassed made me very happy.

However, before I could bask in my success, that ***** threw her wine at me.

I had no time to dodge so I got red wine all over me.

My expensive custom dress got red stains on it.

I felt embarrassed to look more disheveled than Jennifer was.

That ***** actually dared to provoke a princess? What ****** me off more was when Jennifer put on an innocent look and apologized to me.

“Oops.I’m sorry, Miss Wilson.You’ll forgive me for being so clumsy, won’t you?”

My hands balled into fists in my anger.

At that moment, Anthony stood and started wiping at the red stains on Jennifer’s outfit with tissues.

He looked concerned about her.

I felt like I was going crazy.

I was his younger sister.

Shouldn’t he tend to me first? Why did he look after Jennifer instead? I walked up to Anthony and shoved him out of the way.

Jennifer was surprised by my actions, but I smiled and calmly made my way to the bathroom.

“Mom, Anthony, Jennifer, please excuse me while I go to the bathroom.”

“Don’t take too long, Caroline,”

Elizabeth replied softly.

I nodded and then stepped out of the hall.

Before I could enter the bathroom, I noticed something strange.

A shadow alerted me to the presence of someone behind me.

Startled, I quickly turned around and saw who was stalking me.

It turned out to be one of the trainees who had been invited to the welcome party.

I recalled that this man’s name was Kevin.

He staggered before me and grabbed my wrist in his drunken stupor.

“After thinking it through, I shouldn’t have rejected you, Jennifer.I regret doing that.Can you give me another chance?”

Hearing Jennifer’s name leave Kevin’s lips left me stunned for a few seconds.

Did this drunkard know Jennifer? I shook the man off and stepped back in horror.

“Are you insane? Who are you?” I was a princess.

How dare this crazy drunkard grab me like some common floozy? “Jennifer, have you forgotten me already? It’s me, Kevin.”

Kevin wrapped me in a hug.

“Don’t leave me, Jennifer.You’re all I can think about these days.I want to be with you.I want you to be my Luna.”

“You lunatic!”

Frightened, I struggled to get out of his hold.

“Let go of me!”

Oh my ***! This drunkard did nothing but call out for Jennifer.

Did that ***** have an affair with him? Those she-wolves were right.

Jennifer really was a shameless *****.

How could Anthony fall for a slutty ***** like her? “Stop rejecting me, Jennifer.”

Kevin loosened his hold on me only to reach for my chest.

“Come on, babe.”

He groped my ******* over my dress.

In a fit of anger, I slapped him with all the strength I had.

“How dare you lay your disgusting hands on a princess? Do you want to die? Somebody, help me! Anthony! A lunatic wants to **** me!”I screamed for help and struggled in Kevin’s arms, but his strength made it difficult for me to break free.

By the time Anthony arrived, accompanied by several guards, Kevin had thoroughly manhandled me.

My hair was a mess, and my dress had gotten wrinkled during our scuffle.


Anthony harshly scolded Kevin.

However, Kevin was too drunk to realize the situation he was in.

He continued to hold onto me.

“I like you, Jennifer.Be my Luna…”

Kevin repeated under his breath.

Anthony’s expression became terrifying.

He strode over to us, grabbed Kevin and tossed him aside.

Kevin’s body skittered across the floor, and the guards saw to it that he wouldn’t be able to escape.


After that close call, I threw myself into Anthony’s arms and sobbed hysterically.

“I was so scared.That madman tried to **** me.Anthony, help.As I cried, I snuck a peek at Jennifer, who was standing not too far away.She had arrived after Anthony.When she saw me hugging him, she looked a little unhappy.

Anthony patted my shoulder.

“It’s over now, Caroline.You don’t have to be scared anymore.I’ll handle this.”

Elizabeth arrived not long after.

She pointed at Kevin and flew into a rage.

“You are hereby stripped of your qualification as an elite trainee! Guards, drag this perverted lunatic away! Make sure that his pack knows of what he has done.”

The guards obediently took Kevin away.

He must have really gone crazy because he kept calling out for Jennifer.

I was pleased by this turn of events, but I grabbed Anthony’s arm and looked at Jennifer in confusion.

“Jennifer, did you know that man? That drunkard mistook me for you and kept saying ‘Jennifer, be my Luna.’ What’s going on? Did you have a special relationship with him?”

Before Jennifer could respond, I burst into tears once more and buried my face in Anthony’s arms.

“Anthony, I’m so confused.Why did Kevin think I was Jennifer? He harassed me…”

“Miss Wilson, please calm down.”

Jennifer explained her relationship with Kevin.

“The two of us are members of the Dark River Pack, and we used to be mates.But we have broken that bond a long time ago.I’m sorry to have troubled you, Miss Wilson.I no longer have anything to do with Kevin.I was also surprised that he would act shamelessly after getting drunk.Please forgive me, Miss Wilson.”

“Caroline, what happened tonight was all Kevin’s fault.Jennifer is not to be blamed.”

Anthony gently took my hands off of him before patting my shoulder.

“Don’t worry.Kevin shall be punished for this.”


I wanted to protest, but Anthony was obviously determined to protect Jennifer.

No matter what I said, it would have no effect on him.

I had to give up and pretend to let go of this matter.

“Jennifer, I’m sorry if I misunderstood you.You are a trainee that my brother has chosen himself.I trust you.

“Thank you for your understanding,”

Jennifer replied in an effort to keep the peace.

I looked her in the eye and smiled.

Anyone who dared to challenge me for Anthony’s affections was going to ****.

Jennifer would be no exception

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