Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Dormitory On Fire

Ella’s POV:

I never expected that Anthony had called me to come to him because of the incident with Skylar.

He even asked me to leave Marge Island, saying that I didn’t care about my companion’s safety.

I felt like I would explode with anger.

Who the **** was Skylar? She was just an ordinary she-wolf from Black Stone Pack.

She didn’t come from a noble background.

Why should we risk our lives to save her? However, Skylar was a good friend of Jennifer’s.

Maybe Jennifer was getting revenge on Skylar’s behalf by badmouthing me in front of the prince.

That ***** always used her face to her advantage.

It was disgusting to watch her seduce the prince.

I hated the fact that Skylar and Jennifer were so close.

But now that the prince had taken such a decision, what else could I do? I had no choice but to agree with him respectfully, saying that I would take the initiative to leave Marge Island.

But after leaving Anthony’s castle, I grew angrier and angrier.

Why did I have to leave with my tail between my legs? How could I lose to Jennifer in such an embarrassing way? No, I would never admit defeat to her! I couldn’t continue staying here against the prince’s orders.

But since I had to suffer, I would make Jennifer suffer as well.

I went back to the dormitory with a sneer.

When I saw the she-wolves roaming around the dormitory building, I suddenly had an idea.

In the dead of the night, I went to the top floor of the dormitory building.

The corridors were dark and deserted.

Unnoticed by anyone, I destroyed the surveillance cameras in the dormitory building with a sledgehammer.

Soon after that, I set a fire on the top floor and sneaked away.

It was the middle of the night, so everyone must be in a deep sleep.

By the time they woke up, the fire would have spread.

I left Marge Island overnight.

Since I destroyed the surveillance cameras before setting the fire, I didn’t think that anyone would be able to trace the crime back to me.

Besides, my sudden departure from Marge Island wasn’t suspicious either, since Anthony was the one who had asked me to leave.

Thinking of the fire that must be spreading fast through the building, I felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

I hoped that all the ******* there would burn to death! I wanted to see how Jennifer could escape this time.

Jennifer’s POV:

Skylar was a she-wolf who couldn’t stay idle.

I was afraid that she would be bored in the hospital, so I went there to give her company.

Sitting in front of the bed, I peeled an apple for her.

“Jennifer, Ella is evil!”

From the moment Skylar had seen me enter the ward, she had been jabbering non- stop.

“Thanks to her, I almost died this time.It was all her fault! We were fighting with a few vampires at the border of the Red Sun Pack.In the chaos, Ella shoved me down, and a vampire managed to hurt me.And while this was happening, Ella actually pulled the other werewolves away, regardless of my safety.If it weren’t for Dylan, I would be dead right now.”

When Skylar mentioned Dylan, her eyes lit up.

“Dylan saved my life.”

I was still bristling with anger after hearing what Ella had done.

How could she not even let go of an innocent person like Skylar? She was as vicious as her father, who was a backstabber! “Jennifer, are you listening to me?”

Skylar shook my arm, pulling me back to reality.

“I have something very important to tell you.”

“Go ahead.”

I handed the peeled apple to her and looked at her expectantly.Skylar took a bite of the apple before launching into another round of chatter.

“You know what? Dylan and I are destined to be mates.This is the moment I’ve waited for all my life, and my mate has finally appeared.Moon Goddess is so kind for selecting such a handsome mate for me.But the thing is, Dylan doesn’t like talking.And he doesn’t seem very enthusiastic towards me.”

She let out a long sigh.

“You and Dylan are mates?”

My jaw dropped in shock.

Oh my ***! My best friend was my elder brother’s mate? But my shock was quickly replaced with joy.

Skylar had an outgoing personality.

She would be a great match for my elder brother.

But Dylan was so unromantic that he wouldn’t know what love was if it hit him on the head.

I had to find a way to help this couple get together.

“Yes, it’s true.”

Skylar nodded seriously.

“Jennifer, is Dylan really your elder brother? Are you sure you’re not mistaken?”

“He’s definitely my brother, but he has lost his memories.He doesn’t remember me at all.”

When I thought of that, I felt a little sad.

“Skylar, do you really like him?”

“He is my mate selected by Moon Goddess.Of course I like him.”

Skylar smiled shyly, but then her face fell, and she lowered her head.

“But I don’t think he likes me very much.Jennifer, I really want to see him now.”

“Skylar, I will try my best to persuade Dylan to come to see you.What do you think?”

I asked, touching her head with a smile.

“Jennifer, you’re the best friend ever!”

In her excitement, Skylar hugged me with so much force that we almost fell off the sickbed.

I smiled helplessly.

This girl was always so rash.

I was planning to stay the night at the hospital with Skylar.

After all, we had a lot to talk about.

The atmosphere in the ward was lively.

But at midnight, I received a call from Daniel that made my heart drop to my stomach.

His voice sounded very anxious on the phone.

“Jennifer, where are you? Something bad has happened! The girls’ dormitory building is on fire.All the other girls ran out of the building except for you.Mr.Jones and his attendants rushed into the fire to look for you, but they haven’t come out yet.Come back quickly!”

“What? He rushed into the fire?”

My heart jolted.

I told Daniel I’d be there right away and then hung up the phone before briefly explaining the situation to Skylar.

I was so anxious that I could barely speak.

Skylar looked at me worriedly, but I had to say goodbye to her in a hurry.

“Skylar, I’m sorry.It’s an emergency.I have to go right now.I’ll come and visit you soon, okay?”

“Go ahead, Jennifer,”Skylar urged.

“And don’t worry, Mr.Jones will be fine.”

I nodded, flung open the door of ward, and rushed back to the dormitory building as fast as I could.

Outside the burning building of the girls’ dormitory, the werewolves gathered were discussing about the sudden fire.

Daniel and I pushed past them and searched for Anthony nearby, but there was no sign of him anywhere.

He and his attendants were probably still in the building, in the thick of danger.

The guards on Marge Island had arrived, but they were all busy trying to put out the fire.

I looked around in a panic.

Then, gritting my teeth, I pried open the lock of the fire hydrant, connected it to the fire-fighting hose, and rushed into the fire.

Thick smoke billowed past me, making me choke and cough incessantly.

I vaguely heard Daniel’s voice yelling after me, but I couldn’t turn back now.

I held the hose tightly and rushed toward my room.

As I moved, the water from the hose kept spraying in front of me, paving a path for me.

Although the flames didn‘t graze me, I was still choked by the black smoke.

I probably looked disheveled now.

When I finally extinguished the fire outside the door of my room, I kicked the door open with a loud grunt.

The only thing in my mind was a desperate prayer for Anthony’s safety.

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