Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Prince Anthony

Jennifer’s POV:

As per Alpha Norman’s strict instructions, I began to prepare for the welcome ceremony and the trials, and tried my best to not make any mistakes.

While I was busy working, I heard my wolf crying in my mind.

“Eva, what’s wrong?”I asked.

“We were rejected by our mate.”

“I’m sorry.I have accepted his rejection.”

“You don’t have to apologize.I know he won’t be a good mate.But still, I can’t help feeling sad.”

“We might not have another mate,” I said dejectedly.

She stopped crying at once and said, “That’s impossible! I believe that the Moon Goddess will give us a second chance.”

“Maybe.But after last time, I don’t have much expectation for my mate.”

“Be optimistic! By the way, Jennifer, you haven’t told me your birthday wish yet.”

“My birthday wish? I want to become stronger so that I can take revenge!”

Although Alpha Norman had clearly told me that I couldn’t participate in the trials, I didn’t give up.

Becoming stronger was my only goal.

I would never forget the way Beta Arthur killed my father and took over the pack.

Only when I became stronger could I successfully take revenge! Two days later, on the day of the welcome ceremony, the Dark River Pack was bustling.

All the werewolves of the pack gathered in the square, and there was a long line to welcome the prince.

Everyone was excited to see him in person.

At noon, Prince Anthony Jones of the Osman Kingdom finally arrived with a group of lycan guards.

The square was covered with expensive red carpet, and firecrackers were being set off everywhere, filling the area with loud crackling noises.

Prince Anthony was wearing a blue military uniform, with a lot of medals pinned on his chest.

He had a handsome chiseled face, but with delicate facial features that made him look noble.

He was tall and sturdy, with a serious expression on his face.

There was a dignified aura around him that was befitting of royalty.

Every step he took made the she-wolves gathering in the square scream like crazy.

However, sensing his innate coldness, they did not dare to approach him, and could only settle for admiring him from afar.

“He’s so handsome! Oh my ***! I have never seen such a handsome man before.”

“Who can avoid falling in love with such a handsome and powerful man? What’s more, he is the prince of the Osman Kingdom! He comes from a noble and supreme background.”

“***, I’m falling in love with him.”

Many of the she-wolves were gushing.

Some of them even started daydreaming about getting close to him.

But I wasn’t in the mood to look down on them.

I just stared at Prince Anthony in utter disbelief.

I smelled a unique fragrance coming from Prince Anthony, which was even stronger than what I had smelled from Kevin.

Eva excitedly paced around my mind.

“Jennifer, he’s our mate!”

“No, it must be a mistake.He is a lycan, but I’m just an ordinary werewolf.Besides, I’m just a slave right now! How could the Moon Goddess choose me to be his mate?”

“He is your mate,” Eva insisted cheerfully.

At this moment, Prince Anthony turned and looked straight at me.

My heart pounded wildly against my chest, and I could barely breathe.

The prince must have found out that I was his mate! But what would he do? He was in such a high position that he definitely couldn’t accept me as his mate.

Did that mean he would reject me immediately? I wanted to see his reaction, but he remained expressionless.

After staring at me for a moment, he looked away.

Then, he continued to walk forward.

The she-wolves standing near me screamed and jumped up in excitement.

“Did you see that? The prince looked at me just now.

Do you think he likes me?”

“Stop talking nonsense! He was looking at me!”

These group of idiots were still daydreaming.

If they knew the real reason why the prince looked here, how would they react? Of course, I didn’t dare to say a word.

If I told anyone that Prince Anthony was my mate, they would think that I was delusional.

There were too many werewolves here.

The prince probably hadn’t shown any reaction on his face, because he didn’t want people to find out that I was his mate.

But I believed that he would find an opportunity to reject me in private.

After the initial shock wore off, I consoled myself.

Moon Goddess must have made a mistake this time.

Prince Anthony was not someone that I could even think about being with.

The most important thing for me to do now was to become stronger so that I could take revenge.

At this moment, Alpha Norman was greeting the prince with Luna Debra, kneeling on one knee and bowing to him in fear.

“Welcome, Mr.Jones,”

Alpha Norman said with an ingratiating smile on his face.I couldn’t help but scoff after watching him grovel like this.

He might be the Alpha of Dark River Pack, but so what? In front of Prince Anthony, he was nothing.

Even though Prince Anthony was surrounded by the crowd, his expression didn’t change at all.

Every movement of his betrayed his extraordinary nobility.

Even Alpha Norman treated him with the utmost respect.

How could I be the mate of an exceptional man like him? However, I still wanted to participate in the trials and be selected by him.

Looking at the prince who stood in the midst of the crowd, I made up my mind that no matter what, I couldn’t give up hope.

Being selected to go to the royal training ground would be the first step to achieving my ultimate goal.

But for that, I first had to find Prince Anthony and ask him to allow me to take part in the trials.

I was hoping that he would make an exception for me and allow me to participate in the trials for the sake of our mate bond, if nothing else.

But I didn’t get a chance to approach him at all.

After the welcome ceremony, I tiredly dragged myself back to my room.

The trials would be held tomorrow, so I didn’t have much time left.

After thinking for a while, I decided to go to the prince’s residence to talk to him there.

Of course, the prince’s residence was heavily guarded.

As a slave, I wouldn’t be able to just walk in and see him.

But I had to try my luck.

On my way to Prince Anthony’s residence, however, someone covered my mouth from behind and dragged me into a nearby utility room.

I struggled to break free, but to no avail.

When I heard the sound of the door being locked, my heart trembled, and I had a bad feeling.

The hand covering my mouth finally withdrew.

“Who are you?”

My voice was shaking in fear.

I heard the sound of footsteps getting louder.

Several people were approaching me.

When I turned around, I saw several werewolves in rags, rubbing their hands together and coming over with obscene smiles.

I recognized them at once.

They were all Omegas of the pack.

“Jennifer, you’re so beautiful.”

The werewolf at the front licked his lips, with undisguised desire in his eyes.

“Miss Barbara treats us well.


She found such a good girl for us.”

My heart dropped to my stomach.

It was Barbara again! She had literally thrown me to these wolves.

Of course, I couldn’t just sit still and wait for death.

I forced myself to calm down and glared at them.

“You’d better stay away from me.”

I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth, making myself look as aggressive as possible.

“If you dare to act rashly, I will fight with you to the death.”

“Ha! Fight us to the death?”

The werewolf at the front raised his head and laughed wildly.

“Who do you think you are? You have slept with a lot of men, haven’t you? We haven’t touched a woman in a long time.We’ll make sure you have a good time today.”

He waved his hand and nodded to the rest of the werewolves.

“Guys, go ahead!”

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