Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Pleasure And Desire

Jennifer’s POV:

“Babe, what’s wrong?”

Seeing that I had my face in my hands, Anthony sat beside me and caressed my hair.

“Look at me.Please?”

I wrapped my arms around his waist and buried my face in his arms, rubbing my cheek against his chest.

“I’m sorry…I’m a little nervous.”

“It’s okay, honey.”

Anthony picked me up and settled me on his lap.

“You can take your time.Relax.”

I nodded shyly.

At that moment, Anthony’s gaze dropped down to my chest.

Seeing my ******* clearly had an effect on him because he swallowed audibly.

“Babe, you are so beautiful,”

he murmured before bending over to kiss me.

My body softened in submission as I kissed him back.

Our lips meshed and our tongues intertwined.

Anthony started making his way from my mouth down to my collarbones and chest.

He sucked on my skin and left a trail of hickeys.

His warm tongue eased the sting whenever he left a mark, but his actions made me ache for more.


I could not have enough of his kisses.

Giving him a seductive gaze, I arched my back to bring my ******* to his attention.

“I ache here.” I gestured at my *******.

Anthony pressed his crotch against mine.

When he did that, I couldn’t help but tremble in his arms.

“Honey, seeing you so aroused is making me crazy,” he growled sexily.

His lips then latched on to one of my ******* and started sucking on it.

In an instant, it felt as if an electric current went through my body.

I cried out in pleasure, wrapping my arms around his neck.

My body curved even more in his direction, as if offering itself to him.

“Oh…That feels so…”

Feeling my ****** get teased by his wet and warm mouth made my body seem like it was on the verge of melting.

My vision blurred as he sucked on my breast.

Like a newborn baby that was hungry for milk, he sucked and licked my ******.

The stimulation made my ***** wet enough to leave a liquid sheen on Anthony’s thighs.

“You are so wet.”

Anthony reached down between my thighs and teased my lower lips with his fingers.

He then began to massage my ****.

Tension began to coil in my lower belly.

Wherever his fingers touched left me burning for him.

At that moment, it felt as if only his large **** could relieve me from this ache.

“Honey, don’t touch me there.I won’t be able to stand it.”

I clutched his wrist before I could lose consciousness from the intensity of the pleasure that I felt.

If he continued to touch my lower body, I would definitely end up begging him to **** me.

“Babe, you’re giving in so soon?” Anthony gazed at my flushed face.

“Before that, I want to taste your *****. Every part of your body fascinates me.”

“Anthony… I want…Now.”

His enthusiasm made me too shy to speak frankly.

“What do you want?”

Anthony asked with a teasing smile.

Swallowing audibly, I pointed at his *****.

“I’m afraid you are not ready for that yet.”

Anthony looked like he was in a dilemma.

“Jennifer, I want our first time to be an amazing experience for you.”

“But I’m ready,” I whispered to him.

The moment I said that, I felt ashamed and gnawed on my lower lip.

I was sure of how I felt.

I wanted to have *** with him.

I knew that only he could fill the emptiness I felt inside.

“Really?” Anthony was thrilled to hear that.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am.” I nodded and buried my face in his arms once more.

“All right. Why don’t we take a bath first?”

He carried me like a princess.

“We should feel more comfortable after that.”

“Whatever you want.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and allowed myself to be carried away in his arms.

Anthony took me to the bathroom.

The bathroom in the cabin was large, and the bathtub was filled with warm water.

Rose petals were scattered all over the water, making the atmosphere feel very romantic.

Thanks to the bathroom heater, the water in the bathtub remained consistently warm.

Anthony put me down to check the’ water’s temperature.

“This feels warm enough.We can take a bath together.After all, the bathtub was big enough for the two of us.I dipped my body into the warm water and relaxed.Anthony hugged me from behind and cupped my ******* in his big hands.I leaned back against his strong chest and teased his hard-on with a subtle roll of my buttocks.

“If you keep seducing me, I might end up ******* you here in this bathtub.”

He teased my ****** with one hand and touched my thighs with the other.

His fingers slipped past my lower lips until it found my ****, and he gently rubbed the sensitive bud.

Anthony nipped my earlobe.

His hot breath warmed my ear, making the tips turn red.

“Hmm…Anywhere is fine…Oh…”

The pleasure was so great that my legs trembled and I couldn’t even complete my sentences.

This was all so exciting.

His hands worked my body like magic.

I couldn’t imagine how happy I would be once he inserted his **** into me.

“We don’t have enough space here.I can make love to you better on the bed.”

Anthony poured some body wash onto his palm and massaged it all over my body.

I did the same for him.

The body wash had a milky fragrance.

Soon, the whole bathroom smelled a little sweet.

Anthony usually looked like a sedate man, but he seemed like a different person at this moment.

He playfully nipped my ear.

His fingertips wandered all over my body, igniting the flame of **** within me.

My ***** was so wet, and my ******* were starting to feel numb.

They stiffened into peaks like flowers waiting to be noticed.

“Anthony, hurry up…”

I urged, gasping for breath.

At the same time, I cupped his ******** and started to stroke it.

His cocked hardened in my grip.

It felt like rubbing a warm iron pipe.

Eventually, Anthony couldn’t stand it anymore.

He carried me out of the bathtub and wiped me down with a towel.

He then carried me to the bed, gently put me down and looked at me lovingly.

“Honey, lie back and let me pleasure you even more.”

Before I could react, he spread my thighs and then swiped my ***** with his tongue.

Another burst of pleasure swept through me.

The sudden onslaught of happy hormones made my scalp tingle.

My fingers clutched the bed sheet.

“Don’t lick me down there…Anthony, you can’t…Oh, but that feels so good…” I cried out.

My eyes squeezed shut and my body trembled.

Anthony treated my ***** as if it was the most delicious dessert.

He teased my **** with the tip of his tongue before plunging it into the depths of my ******, eagerly stroking my insides and tasting me.

I had never experienced this before.

Not long after, I climaxed and liquid gushed out of my *****.

Anthony’s lips never stopped working me down there. I couldn’t believe it.

He swallowed my come! But at that moment, I was too overwhelmed with pleasure to care too much about it.

Half-drunk with passion, I grabbed his arm, looked him in the eye and pointed at his ****.

“I want it…” I begged him.

This was far from enough. I wanted more.

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