Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Confession Of Love

Anthony’s POV:

It was time for me to face the truth.

I had to admit that Zane was right.

All this time, I had been deceiving myself by avoiding my feelings for Jennifer.

But after almost losing her several times recently, it was getting harder and harder for me to pretend that I didn’t care about her.

This time, when I saw her being publicly humiliated by several she-wolves in the hall, I couldn’t help but step in.

Jennifer shouldn’t have to endure all this.

She deserved a life that was way better.

I knew that she had suffered a lot in the past, and I couldn’t bear to let anyone hurt her anymore.

As her mate, I wanted to stay by her side and protect her.

Although accepting a mate would affect my long-term plans, and I didn’t want to let Jennifer be my weakness, I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with her.

I didn’t want to suppress my feelings anymore.

I wanted to be with her from now on.

I wanted her to be my real mate.

I would take care of her with my life.

After speaking on stage, I took Jennifer’s hand, and led her out of the masquerade ball and towards the garden, where I stopped and turned to her.

“Jennifer, I have something to tell you.”

I held her wrists and looked into her eyes, gathering up all my courage.

“I love you.I won’t reject you.I…I want you to be my mate, so that we can live together for the rest of our lives.”

I kept my eyes fixed on Jennifer, observing her reaction.

I didn’t want to miss even the slightest flicker of expression on her face.

To be honest, it was the first time I was confessing my love to someone.

At this moment, I was as nervous as a restless child, and my words and movements were hopelessly clumsy.

What if Jennifer didn’t like me? What if she was going to reject me? After a long while, Jennifer still didn’t say anything.

I was so anxious that I held her waist, looked into her clear and bright eyes, and asked gently, “Jennifer, can we become real mates?”

Suddenly, Jennifer burst into laughter.

“Jennifer? Why are you laughing?”

I was stunned.

Was she laughing at me? Did she think I didn’t deserve to be her mate? “I’m laughing at you.”

Leaning against my chest, Jennifer stuck out her tongue naughtily.

“Mr.Jones, you are so cute.It’s the first time I’ve seen someone confess their love like this.”

“Is there anything wrong with how I confessed my love?”

I was so embarrassed that my ears turned red.

How dare this girl describe me as “cute”?

“There’s nothing wrong.It’s just that it’s so formal.”

Jennifer poked me on the cheek.

“Mr.Jones, you look so serious, as if you’re at a military parade.” I fell silent.

No one had ever told me how I was supposed to confess my love to the girl I loved.

“But I like it,” Jennifer added while I was lost in my thoughts.

“You like it?” A glimmer of hope warmed up my heart.

Did she mean that she also liked me? Was she willing to be my mate?

“Yes, I like it.I like the way you confessed your love, and I love you, too.”

Jennifer stood on tiptoe and gave me a peck on the lips.

“Mr.Jones, have you forgotten? We are already mates.We are a match designed by Moon Goddess herself.You and I are meant to be together.You’ve saved me so many times.You’ve changed my fate, and you’ve given me a new life.In my heart, you’re already irreplaceable.”


I pulled her into my arms, wishing I could meld her body with mine.

My heart was about to explode from joy.

“Jennifer, do you really feel that way?”

I was so immersed in euphoria that I could barely think straight.

“How could I joke around when it comes to the mate bond?” Jennifer grabbed my hands and interlocked her fingers with mine.

“I didn’t expect you to confess your love to me.I’m flattered.Mr.Jones, I’m willing to be your mate forever.But I want you to promise me one thing.”

“Go ahead.” Holding her soft hands in mine, I felt as if I possessed the whole world.

“Please promise me that you won’t risk your life for me again,” Jennifer said seriously, staring into my eyes.

“I want you to be fine.”

“Then you must protect yourself well.Don’t let anything bad happen to you.”

I lowered my head and nuzzled my cheek against hers.

“Only when you are fine will I be fine.”

“Mr.Jones, I will try my best to become stronger and to not cause you any trouble,”

Jennifer promised firmly.

I wholeheartedly believed in her determination and ability.

“You never caused me any trouble.” I lifted her chin and kissed her pink lips.

“Also, don’t call me Mr.Jones anymore.It sounds too formal.”


Under the force of my lips, Jennifer had no strength to resist.

She could only let out small attractive gasps, which drove me wild.

Mad anu lam he I bit her lower lip and sucked her soft tongue.

Soon, I had a raging ******** in my pants.

When I pulled away from the kiss, Jennifer’s lips were plump and moist, as delicate as roses.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?” I asked, touching her red cheek.

“Let’s go to a place where no one will disturb us and have a romantic date.”

“But I have to attend training every day,” Jennifer said, biting her lower lip.

“I’ll tell everyone that it’s a day off.” I smiled and rubbed the top of her head.


Jennifer jumped into my arms happily, lifting her feet into the air.

“Thank you, Mr.Jones.”

I caught her and raised my eyebrows.

“What? Why are you still calling me Mr.Jones?”

“Thank you, my dear Anthony, my mate.”

Jennifer kissed me on my cheek.

“Good girl, that’s it.”

With one arm still wrapped around her waist, I used my free hand to caress her long hair lovingly.

I could not be more satisfied with the cute and petite girl in my arms.

It turned out that this was how it felt to be in love with someone.

Having Jennifer with me was like having the whole world in the palm of my hand.

I felt invincible.

Jennifer’s POV:

Prince Anthony and I were mates, for real this time.

I never imagined that he would confess his love to me.

How could I be indifferent to such a confession? Besides, Anthony had risked his life to save me so many times.

Although my heart was still set on revenge, I could not remain unmoved by such a perfect lycan.

Maybe I had fallen in love with him a long time ago, and just didn’t dare to admit it to myself.

But since we both loved each other, why couldn’t we be together? Of course, since Anthony was the prince, we had to keep our relationship a secret.

If the truth got out, the consequences would be unimaginable.  Soon, the day of our first date arrived.

Anthony announced a holiday for all the trainees to get some rest.

He secretly took me on a yacht, and the two of us headed to his private island.

It was an island that he had already bought earlier, so it was his personal property that no one else could enter.

The prince’s private island was not far from Marge Island, but it was said that the scenery there was even more beautiful.

I stood on the deck of the luxury yacht, enjoying the smell of the sea breeze.

I opened my arms, embracing nature.

I was really looking forward to the date.

I was sure it would be very romantic.

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