Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved, Chapter 358: Subdue Larry

Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved, Chapter 358: Subdue Larry

 Larry’s POV: 

Seeing Amelia and Morgan fight side by side, I went into a fit of jealousy.I trusted her! And I loved her regardless of everything.

But this b***h had been deceiving me this whole time.I couldn’t accept the fact that the woman I loved the most was just a hypocrite pretending to love me.

Although I suspected Amelia before, there was a part of me that wished I was wrong.

How I wished this was all just an illusion! But the situation was clear.

Amelia colluded with werewolves to take me down.

The damned woman even wanted me dead! Oh, my God! My heart felt like it was on fire.I grabbed at my chest and gasped violently.

My anger was so consuming that I nearly fainted.

“I’m going to kill you, you vile b***h!” I shrieked.

“Amelia, do you really think you can escape me? A few hours from now, I’ll have you locked up again.You’ll never see the light of day.I’ll make you my s*x slave for the rest of your life!”

“Dream on, Larry!”

Morgan stood in front of Amelia protectively and glared at me.

“It’s us who should be asking you that question: do you think you can escape from here today?”

“Larry, not only have you offended Amelia countless times, but you also dared to attack my mother.The werewolves all have their blades facing you.Surrender now!”

Anthony glared at me coldly.

Surrender? He must be out of his mind! I sneered.

It looked as though everyone thought that I was backed into a corner.

Unfortunately, I was about to disappoint them.I might’ve been outnumbered, but so what? Even before I came here, I was prepared to fight them, no matter the cost.I had taken the forbidden medicine, which made my magic energy soar to an unprecedented level.Now, I was even stronger than before! 

“Do you think you’re qualified to fight me?”

I laughed maniacally and waved the wand in my hand, pointing it at the sky.

“Just wait and see.Lightning Storm!”

As I spoke, I used all my strength to execute one of the most powerful but forbidden skills.

A dark thunder cloud instantaneously gathered in the sky, and silver lightning rained down on my enemies like countless arrows.


One of the wizards was struck down by the lightning.

Seeing this, I was extremely happy.

“Surrender if you want to live!”

I threw my head back and laughed crazily.

“I have taken forbidden medicine.You’re all no match for me!”

“We will never submit to you, Larry! Using forbidden black magic is against the laws of nature.You’ll be punished for it sooner or later!”

As Morgan shouted at me, he made sure to hold Amelia in his arms protectively.

Green with envy, I gnashed my teeth.

“D**n you! I’m going to kill this damned couple!” I shouted, raising my want up high once more.

“Larry, stop! By taking the forbidden medicine, you’ve dug your own grave!”

Amelia shouted at me, her eyes wide with fear.

“Even if you have magic energy for now, you won’t live that long.”

“I don’t give a d**n!” I shouted through gritted teeth.

“I’m doing all this for you! You still don’t know how much I love you.It’s you who forced my hand!”

“You don’t know what love is!” Amelia cried, turning her head away.

“Bullshit! It’s you who doesn’t understand love.You were the one who let me down.”

I was so angry that I stamped my foot and waved my arms like a madman.

Pointing my wand at Amelia, I shouted, “You’re coming with me!”


Morgan attempted to stop me again.He raised his wand and quickly summoned a protective shield to protect himself and Amelia.

“Humph!” I sneered viciously.

“Honey, it seems I have to kill your man in order to make you come with me.”

Amelia’s POV: 

Larry was completely out of his mind! As Larry spouted nonsense, I clutched Morgan’s hand, trembling anxiously.I couldn’t believe he had actually taken forbidden medicine to deal with us.

Oh, my God! I only knew about this kind of medicine because Larry had showed me his research on it before.

I never thought he would use it on himself! He was crazy! He was completely and utterly insane! He was practically committing suicide! Anthony and Jennifer were both just but kind-hearted people.

They simply wanted to capture Larry, but they never intended to kill the man.

Seeing that Larry was hell-bent on attacking me and Morgan, I closed my eyes in despair and held my wand up in a desperate attempt to defend ourselves.

But it was clear that Morgan and I were no match for Larry.

This was all my fault.I was wrong to have assumed we could take Larry down.I underestimated him.I shouldn’t have involved Jennifer and the others.

Just as I accepted my fate, I suddenly heard the earth- shattering howl of a wolf.

“Anthony! Zane!” Jennifer shrieked.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a majestic wolf leaping over my head.

With its sharp claws bared, it threw Larry to the ground and scratched at him viciously.

The ground was instantly stained with blood.

Larry’s body was badly mutilated and covered in wounds.

Then, the wolf rolled on the ground and transformed into a strong, handsome young man.

It was Anthony himself! He saved our lives! Anthony pressed his foot against Larry’s chest.

“Larry, just surrender.You’ve lost.”

“Mr.Jones, you saved us.Thank you so much!”

Morgan and I knelt before him in gratitude.

“Let go of me, you filthy beast! How dare you attack me by surprise?!”

Larry struggled madly under Anthony’s foot.He raised his wand in an attempt to use magic, but Anthony moved fast.He immediately kicked the wand out of Larry’s hand, and the wand flew a couple of meters away.

“Stop resisting, Larry.Just admit your defeat and surrender,” Anthony said through gritted teeth.

He might’ve been a just and kind-hearted king, but his patience was running thin.He gave Larry a hard kick, causing the old wizard to spit out a mouthful of blood.

“I’m the grand wizard Larry.How could I possibly lose to you? You stupid, savage beasts!”

Larry screamed like a madman, blood dribbling down his chin.

Now that Anthony had successfully subdued Larry, all of us heaved a sigh of relief.

Roy rushed to the injured witch and helped him leave for treatment, while I nervously stood several feet away from Anthony and Larry.

“Larry, Mr.Jones is the most powerful lycan in the entire kingdom.Maybe your skill with witchcraft is unparalleled, but when it comes to close combat, you’re no match for him.”

Trying my best to suppress the fear in my heart, I locked eyes with Larry and spoke seriously.

“Without a wand, you’re powerless.”

“I haven’t lost just yet!” Larry spat stubbornly, blood spurting all over the ground.

I shook my head with disdain.I knew he couldn’t be reasoned with.

“Mr.Jones, there’s no need for you to waste any more time on this lunatic.Please ask him to hand over the antidote already!”

Morgan tapped his foot on the ground impatiently.

“Morgan is right.”

Anthony dug his heel onto Larry’s chest.

“Hand over the antidote, Larry.You can refuse if you want.But allow me to warn you: there are countless ways we could make your life worse than death.”

Larry’s gloomy eyes peered around at everyone present.

All of a sudden, he burst into a crazed laughter, spitting out blood everywhere.

“This is perfect! Do you really think I’ll just give in to your request? Never!”

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