Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved, Chapter 357: A Crazy Battle

Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved, Chapter 357: A Crazy Battle

Amelia’s POV: 

I was shocked that my attack missed Larry.I had been training and getting stronger in secret for a long time.

How had he managed to dodge my attack in his condition? He was supposed to be very weak.I stared at Larry, feeling disappointed, but I quickly comforted myself that it was not the right time to lose hope.

Perhaps it was because I was too nervous that I failed to hit him.

Regardless of how guilty I felt, I tried my best to calm down.

After all, I was not facing Larry alone.

There were so many wizards and guards around me, as well as the powerful Anthony and Jennifer.

The realization that this time, I didn’t have to face Larry alone filled me with confidence.

Holding my wand, I looked at the anger on his face, ready to fight him to the death.

I would take revenge on him for the sake of my unborn child.

“Well, you’ve succeeded in infuriating me, Amelia.”

Even while caught in the middle of our encirclement, Larry was calm and composed, with a complacent smirk hanging on his lips.

“But I’m going to offer you one last chance.If you join me now, I’ll spare the lives of these idiots.Come to me, Ametia.” He waved at me.

“No way!” I retorted immediately.

In order to get Larry’s trust, I had to keep all my resentment bottled up and pretend like I had forgiven him.

The more I thought about it, the angrier I became.

I straightened my back and shook my head.

“Larry, you don’t even realize what you did to me, do you? You’re the demon who killed my child and made me waste decades of my life.You tortured me and abused me.Did you think you could really persuade me to become your slave again by saying a few sweet words? What do you think I am? I’m a human being, Larry! You know, you’ve never once seen me as a real person.I’m just an object you want to own.I don’t need your hypocrisy.”

I couldn’t help but cry out these words that had been buried deep in my heart.

It felt good to finally speak my mind in front of Larry.

Larry’s face darkened instantly.

“So you were just lying to me all this time? You ungrateful b***h! Don’t be so stubborn, Amelia.You’re not seeing things clearly.Come back to me.We are meant to be together.I will make up for what I did to you in the past.”

As Larry spoke, his handsome and youthful face began to age, and his features began to twist out of anger, revealing his true appearance.

Watching him transform right in front of me gripped me with fear.

I knew he took the fight seriously this time.

“Don’t be scared, honey.I’m right here by your side.I’ll protect you well.I won’t let you go through the same pain again,”

Morgan comforted me as he held my hand, helping me calm down.

“What are you doing here?”

Larry sneered in a colder voice, glaring at Morgan and me.

“Why is this b*****d still here?”

Before I could say anything, Morgan scoffed and retorted, “Humph, you’re so stupid.Larry, the only reason Amelia distanced herself from me was because she wanted to make you lower your guard.Did you really think I’d leave Amelia? I will love her and cherish her forever, till my last breath.I feel sorry for the way you hurt her in the past.I would never abandon her.”

Morgan’s words made me burst into tears.


Needless to say, this exchange only threw fuel on the fire.

Larry rushed up to me growling, “D**n it! You b***h!”

Larry’s attack was so surprisingly fierce that it left me at a loss.

I couldn’t even dodge in time.

Fortunately, at that critical moment, Morgan and the other wizards raised their wands in unison to block Larry’s attack at me.

“Don’t you dare lay a finger on Amelia!”

Morgan shouted gruffly as he raised his wand and began to summon a fireball to hurl at Larry.



Roy also shouted.

All the wizards joined in, simultaneously targeting countless spells at Larry.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out.

Jennifer’s POV: 

As the battle between Larry and the other wizards began, Anthony and I ordered the palace guards to wait aside and watch.

Since the wizards were using spells to fight each other, we could not interfere rashly, or we might end up causing unnecessary casualties.

I tried to stay calm, but watching the battle unfold made my heart pound against my chest.

It didn’t make sense at all.

After a while, I turned to Anthony and asked, “Honey, am I just imagining it? Why doesn’t Larry seem to be injured at all? His magic hasn’t weakened.

In fact, it seems more powerful than before.What should we do? Should we ask the guards to join in the fight?”

Anthony frowned and nodded slowly.

“That’s what I think as well.It’s strange.Amelia told us that Larry was so weakened by the drug that even trying to use an advanced spell left him injured.But he seems so strong.It’s nothing like she described.”

My mouth went dry, and my hands were shaking from anxiousness.

“What should we do, Anthony?”

While we were tensely discussing the situation, there was a sudden cry from Roy.He was hit by a wave of black smoke that not only corroded his sleeve with a big hole, but also injured his arm.

Oh my God! I couldn’t stand aside any longer.I had to help him.

Just as I was about to spring into action, Anthony swiftly raised his hand and stopped me.

“I’m going to help.You stay here and don’t do anything rash.Your priority is to protect our child.”

Anthony was right.

No matter how worried I was, I couldn’t put myself and our child at risk.

“Then be careful!”

Anthony left a small group of guards to protect me while he rushed into battle with the remaining guards.

With a howl, Anthony transformed into a wolf.

His wolf I form bared its sharp teeth and pounced on Larry while he was distracted by the wizards.As I watched, I couldn’t help cheering in my heart.

Anthony was as quick as lightning.

“D**n it!”

Larry obviously hadn’t expected Anthony to take part in the battle, but he dodged the attack in a hurry. At the same time, he raised his wand and shouted, “Sandstorm!”

Suddenly, a strong wind blew in the sky, swirling with yellow sand.

The strong gust of wind and sand blocked the way of Anthony.

Before I could control myself, a cry escaped my lips.

“Watch out!”

Fortunately, Anthony wasn’t alone.

The guards who had followed Anthony into the battle also turned into wolves in an instant.

They all leaned forward and stood in formation, tightly surrounding Larry.

“D**n it! Get the hell away! I’m going to kill all of you! I’ll peel off your skin and burn it to the ground!”

Larry cursed with red eyes.


At the sound of his roar, a large flame leapt up from the ground and streaked towards the wolves.

Watching this, I couldn’t stand aside any longer and rushed into battle.

Thankfully, Morgan and Amelia reached to aid them before I could.

Standing side by side, the couple raised their wands and shouted, “Water!”

A fierce current burst out from their wands, extinguishing the fire.It was a really close call.I patted my chest, trying to soothe my heart beating wildly in my chest.

Larry didn’t seem to be a disadvantage even though even he was facing so many wizards at once.

The battle was getting more and more tense.

But how could this happen? Why hadn’t Larry become as weak as Amelia said? There had to be something wrong.

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