Outcast: The Alpha Kings Beloved Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Getting Out

Jennifer’s POV:

This was the plan that Anthony and I had come up with.

He would pretend to faint, luring the vampires to our cell so that we could escape.

Our plan worked.

These vampires did not want Anthony dead.

They believed me when I said that an old wound of his reopened.

“Nobody move.If anyone dares to take a step forward, I’ll rip his head off.”

Anthony tightened his grip on Sherman’s neck.

I knocked down the guards and ran to stand behind Anthony.

The probability of us staying safe was higher if we stayed together.

More vampires appeared outside the cell, but they all stopped in their tracks when they saw what the situation was like.

Anthony kept a tight grip on Sherman and led me out of the dungeon.

Although Sherman couldn’t speak because there was a hand around his neck, he subtly took out a gun from his pocket while we were distracted.

But Anthony quickly intercepted the pistol and pointed it at Sherman’s head.

Then, he ******* Sherman’s wrists.

“If anyone dares to take a step closer, he’s going to get it,”

Anthony warned the vampires who seemed eager to approach.

But because those vampires were loyal to the elder, they kept a distance of at least a hundred meters away from us.


An anxious voice called out from far away.

It was the royal guards! Both Anthony and I sighed in relief.

Although we had a hostage, we were still greatly outnumbered.

If there was a vampire who didn’t care whether Sherman lived or died, we would be forced to fight.

The arrival of the royal guards put us at ease.

They fought the vampires.

After an hour, the vampires were defeated.

Most of them fled with injuries, and the rest of them died during the battle.

We were able to rescue Alpha Boris and Luna Judy from the dungeon.

By the time we took Sherman back to the Red Sun Pack, he had already fainted.

His neck had several bruises, proving how much  strength Anthony had used to hold him in place.

“****** him to Osman Kingdom tonight.Do not let him escape,”

Anthony ordered the royal guards.

Vampires were cunning creatures.

Another fierce battle would break out if we failed to keep a close watch on Sherman and he managed to escape.

The Red Sun Pack’s problem was finally solved.

It was already dark when we returned to Marge Island, but Elizabeth was waiting for us, supported by a maid.

She looked pale.

“You brat, why did you take Jennifer to such a dangerous place?”

Elizabeth scolded Anthony while pointing at his face.Her body trembled in anger.

I rushed to her side and explained, “Mr.Jones just wanted me to gain more experience.”

There were many werewolves around us so I told her in a low voice, “He got injured while saving me.”

When Elizabeth heard this, her expression softened a little.

She glanced at her son and said, “Jennifer will stay with me tonight.Do you have any objection to that?”

“Mom, this is the training ground,” Anthony replied, slapping a hand to his forehead.

“Let’s leave him be.”

Elizabeth held my hand and pulled me past Anthony as if she didn’t see him.

As I was getting dragged away, I turned to look at Anthony.

When our eyes met, he smiled at me.

I noticed that Anthony had been smiling at me more frequently recently, and that knowledge warmed my heart.

Elizabeth took me to Anthony’s villa.

As soon as we entered the house, she patted my hand reassuringly.

“A mother knows her son better than anyone else.Anthony likes you.I’ve never seen him have feelings for a female before.”I blushed at her straightforwardness.

Did Anthony really like me? I couldn’t believe it.

But if I thought about it carefully, I had to admit that Anthony had some affection for me.

We had been through life-or-death situations together.

He had saved me from dangerous situations over and over again.

All the times I had been in critical danger, he had never left me alone.

Recalling all this made my cheeks feel hotter.

“Well, I’ll stop nagging you two from now on.”Elizabeth playfully swung my hand.

“But if you train every day, you won’t have time to get to know each other better.What if I host a masquerade? What do you think? I could invite everyone on the island to the masquerade and ask the drillmaster to give the trainees a day off.You all can’t keep training every day.You need to relax sometimes.”

When I saw how hopeful Elizabeth looked despite her pale face, I couldn’t bring myself to turn down her suggestion, so I nodded.

“Such a good girl!”

She gently stroked my hair like I was her daughter.

Anthony’s POV: “How about this one, sir?”

I was in the shopping mall, looking absentmindedly outside when the sales assistant’s voice pulled me from my thoughts.

When the door to the fitting room opened, Jennifer stepped out looking like a princess.

She glowed under the spotlight as if she had just walked out of a fairytale.

My mother was going to hold a ball.Jennifer didn’t have anything suitable to wear so I brought her here to buy a dress for her.

“How about this one?”Jennifer twirled around.

She smiled at me, waiting for me to comment on her outfit.

“It looks good.Now, go try something else,” I said, but I could not keep my eyes off of her.

To be honest, I thought that the dress she wore suited her perfectly.

It hugged her body in all the right places and brought out her charm even more.

That was why I urged Jennifer to change out of the dress.

If she didn’t, I didn’t Know what I would do to her on the spot.

She was so attractive that I could have surrendered myself to her—body and soul.

While Jennifer tried on other clothes, all I could think of was how beautiful she was.

At that moment, she called out from the fitting room, pulling me from my daze.

“Excuse me.Could someone please zip me up?”

“Coming, miss!” the sales assistant answered.

I silently gestured for her to leave us be, and then I walked over to the fitting room.

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