Outcast The Alpha King’s Beloved, Chapter 33: Escape

Chapter 33: Escape

Austin’s POV:
“Mr.Jones, I’ve come to ask for your instructions regarding a letter that I received today,” an elder
politely called out from outside my room.
I was currently relaxing in the palace, resting my head on one hand while eating grapes that a maid
peeled for me. I couldn’t help frowning in annoyance when the elder arrived because he was disturbing
my peace.
“Come in.” I pushed the maid’s hand away and signaled for her to leave.
The men standing guard heard my command and opened the door to the room.
At that moment, light shone in, forcing me to squint.
**** it! I cursed under my breath, and the servants close to me knelt down in fear of my terrible mood.
“Get out!”

My roar was so powerful that those kneeling on the floor did not hesitate to leave.
They all disappeared from my sight in an instant.Their reaction put me in a better mood.The elder
entered the room and bowed before me.
“Greetings, Mr.Jones.”I didn’t even have to look up to know who it was.
It was Hyman.He was one of my younger brother’s confidants.My younger brother was rarely in the royal
palace, but he still had some influence among the high officials.These people had formed cliques, and
some of them believed that Anthony should be king.
“Get up, Hyman.”
I allowed the man to be more casual with me even though I did not want him to do so.
But in my heart, I wished that these old werewolves would disappear together with my annoying
younger brother.
If it weren’t for the fact that they had a say in the royal family’s decisions, I would have done something
so that they could no longer protect Anthony.
Although I couldn’t do anything to these elders, Anthony was free game.
If he died, these elders would have no choice but to obediently crawl at my feet.
By then, I would be the only ruler of the kingdom.

Hyman obeyed my command and stood upright.
He was an old werewolf, but he was still as fit as a fiddle.
“What’s the matter?”I asked him.
“Mr.Jones, we have received a letter from the vampires.Prince Anthony is currently in their
clutches.Based on the letter, they want to negotiate with you for his release.”
“Hand it over to me,”I said reluctantly.
I opened the letter and saw that its content was the same as the one delivered by my guard this
I already knew that Anthony had gotten caught last night.
Those vampires wanted a part of the Osman Kingdom’s territory in exchange for my dratted brother’s
release.I Knew what they wanted, but I didn’t want to give in to their condition.
I found it ridiculous that those brainless creatures would send such a letter to me.
Wasn’t any land under my control more important than Anthony, spawn of that *****? Stupid vampires,
stupid Anthony, stupid elders…Did they really think that I would exchange a piece of the Osman Kingdom
for a ******* like Anthony?
Hyman looked at me, eagerly waiting for me to come to a decision.

But his hopeful gaze annoyed me.
What was so good about Anthony? He wasn’t worth any part of my territory at all.
I was the king of this kingdom.One day, these old werewolves would regret siding with him.
“You may go, Hyman.I’ll handle it.”
A king’s words could not be questioned.
After a moment’s hesitation, Hyman replied, “Then I shall take my leave, Mr.Jones.”
“Jason, come here.” After Hyman left the room, I called for my confidant who had been standing in the
He lowered his head so that I could mutter into his ear.
“Go and inform all the elders that they have to attend the next meeting.As it is about the cessation of
territory, make sure that every one of them will be present.”
“Yes, sir.”He started to leave the room, eager to carry out my orders.
“Wait!”I stopped him.
“Take your sweet time when you do this.”This delay would solve two problems in one go.

The meeting would distract the elders, and the vampires would come to realize that I had no intention of
saving Anthony.
Wasn’t Anthony very capable? Then I was going to take my time.
While pretending to work on a way to save Anthony, I sent a private message to the vampires to inform
them that I was never giving up any part of my land.
If they ended up killing Anthony in their rage, that would not be my fault.
As I wiped the pistol in my hand, I couldn’t help smirking.
It would serve Anthony right for trying to compete with me all the time.
If he died, I planned on sending his mother after him so that he wouldn’t be lonely in ****.
Jennifer’s POV:
“Somebody, help! Mr.Jones’ old injury reopened, and he fainted!”
I stood by the door of our cell and yelled.
Anthony was lying on the floor as if he was in a coma.
The vampires who stood guard must have heard the anxiety in my voice because they came to check on
Anthony’s condition.

One of the guards quickly unlocked the door to our cell.
They gathered around Anthony, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.
“He needs to go to a hospital right now!”I cried out.
“He got shot in the arm just recently.I think there are still fragments of silver in his body.You all probably
know how silver is deadly for werewolves.If he doesn’t get treated right away, he will be in mortal
The guards looked at each other.
They clearly didn’t want Anthony to die in the cell, but they didn’t dare to take him out of the dungeon
without permission either.
“If you can’t come to a decision, can you please ask any one of your elders to come? Hurry up!” I
demanded in a high-pitched voice.
The guards eventually brought Sherman to the cell.
Sherman crouched down and inspected Anthony’s arm.
When he saw no open wounds, he frowned.
“He seems fine…Argh!”
Anthony suddenly sat up and grabbed Sherman by the neck.
Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved

Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved, Chapter 33: Escape

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