Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 248

Anthony’s POV:

At five fifteen in the afternoon, Jennifer and I went to the prison to personally release Austin and Caroline.

Escorted by guards, Austin and Caroline followed us out of the prison in silence.

“Is everything ready?” Jennifer turned to me.

“My men have prepared a plane to fly them to the deserted island on the border.There, the guards can keep watch through satellite imagery.Unmanned aerial vehicles will drop supplies onto the island on a weekly basis,” I replied as we walked.

The truth was, Austin and Caroline didn’t deserve those supplies, given the gravity of their crimes.

We had originally sentenced them to a life of exile on the deserted island, where they were to fend for themselves.

However, now that they had shown deep regret for their actions, both my mother and I couldn’t bear to give them such a harsh punishment.

My mother and I had held lengthy discussions on numerous occasions before finally deciding to send them supplies on a regular basis.

When we made it out of the prison, we found my mother outside waiting for us, along with Dana and Gary.

Before Austin and Caroline could leave for the island, there was one more thing Austin needed to do.

He had to apologize to our deceased father in front of all the kingdom’s subjects.

“Well done, Anthony.This chapter of our lives is finally coming to a close.”

My mother sighed and patted me on the shoulder encouragingly.

Soon, Austin and Caroline were handcuffed and the guards led them to the capital square.

A crowd had already gathered there, waiting.

When Austin was in sight, they immediately burst into curses.

Despite this, Austin didn’t show any resentment on his face.He simply knelt down in the center of the square and repented in front of them.

“I have committed unforgivable crimes.I killed the former king.I deserve to die.Alas, I will spend the rest of my life repenting!”

Austin shouted loudly for everyone to hear.

“He killed our king!”

“**** him! He doesn’t deserve forgiveness!”

As soon as Austin finished speaking, the members of the kingdom began to scold him fiercely.

“Our late king would have been relieved to see this, I think.”

Dana, who was standing beside me, sighed heavily.

Gary also sighed and drew a cross on his chest with his fingers, offering a prayer for my father.

As the crowd booed and jeered, the guards took Austin and led him and Caroline away.

Jennifer, my mother and I followed them to the tarmac.

Before they got on the plane, my mother took Caroline’s child from a maid and held her in front of her mother.

“Caroline, you must reflect on your actions on  take her to see you.”

As my mother spoke, she looked lovingly at the healthy baby in her arms.

This was another matter we  finally decided to let my mother raise Caroline’s child.

After all, the child was innocent.

She didn’t deserve to suffer on a deserted island with her parents.

It seemed like the best choice to leave the child to my mother.

Her maids would take good care of the child, and my mother would love her as though she was her own.

“Thank you, Mom.Anthony, Jennifer, please take good care of my child!”

Caroline said in a shaky voice, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Naturally, she was reluctant to be  it was for the best.

“It’s okay, honey.Don’t cry.Mrs.Jones will take good care of our baby,”

Austin whispered as he wrapped his arms around her to comfort her.

“Don’t worry, Caroline.Jennifer and I will take good care of your child,” I vowed.

“Thank you, Anthony.” Austin nodded at me.

Alas, time was up.

Austin and Caroline boarded the plane.

They turned to look at us one more time before the plane took off.

Jennifer and I watched until the plane was out of our sight.

Then we said goodbye to my  Stone Pack.

Daniel’s POV:

I waited in the airport for Simon, Jerome, and Skylar to arrive.

When everyone was here, we all piled into the car and headed back to the Black Stone House.

“Thank you for coming to help.I really don’t know how to thank you.If I knew what to do, I wouldn’t have bothered you.”

Sitting in the car, I couldn’t help but express my gratitude to Skylar, Jerome, and Simon over and over again.

“Don’t say that, Daniel.What are friends for? We couldn’t just sit and watch you guys get into trouble.Plus, as the Alpha of the Rainbow Pack, it’s my duty to attend the funeral of the Black Stone Pack’s late Alpha.”

Jerome patted me on the shoulder.

“Daniel, I’m sorry for your loss.”

“I’m sorry, Elder Simon.This is all my fault.I failed to protect Helen!” I said guiltily, averting my gaze.

“It’s not your fault, Daniel.I know you tried your best.Someone must have plotted this meticulously.I want to see Helen as soon as we get to the Black Stone House.”

Simon shook his head and sighed.

“Daniel, we all know that you truly love Helen.Don’t be sad.We’ll figure out a solution together!”

Skylar chimed in encouragingly.

“Thank you so much.”

I tried to be strong for them and for Helen.

“I need to cheer up.Helen needs me.”

Taking a deep breath, I told them the whole story, from the beginning.

“I had grown up with a girl named Mandy.But ever since I got together with Helen, she has been acting strange.She kept asking me to leave Helen and be with her.Of course, I didn’t agree.So she was always against Helen.But suddenly, her attitude changed and she tried to make friends with Helen.Because Helen is such a kind and trusting girl, she didn’t suspect Mandy and accepted a gift from her—a bottle of perfume.A few days later, my father suddenly died.The doctor declared that his death was caused by Helen’s perfume.Now, Mandy refuses to admit that she was the one who gifted it to Helen.We don’t have any evidence to prove otherwise, so now both girls are in prison until we prove who the real murderer is.”

I told them everything in one breath.

Thinking about my father’s death and the situation Helen was in, my heart ached painfully.

“Oh, my ***! How on earth did it come to this?”

Skylar was so sad that she burst into tears.She buried her face in Jerome’s arms and cried.

“Jerome, it’s just like what happened with Linda…”

“It’s all in the past, honey.”

Despite his comforting words, Jerome’s expression also darkened.

He turned to me and said seriously, “I was in a similar situation not too long ago.A woman called Linda claimed she loved me, and did everything to sabotage my relationship with Skylar.Although she’s been punished gravely, every time I think of it, I can’t help but feel bad.Skylar suffered a lot from that experience, and Linda ended up killing her innocent son, Andy.It was a mess.Daniel, you must be careful.Don’t let Helen get hurt.At the time, I had almost lost Skylar.I don’t want you to experience the same pain.”

Seeing the seriousness in Jerome’s eyes, I nodded in understanding.

This was my fault.

I had failed to notice the trouble Mandy posed before it was too late.

Just then, the car stopped.

We had made it to the Black Stone House.

“Hello, I’m Luna Betty of the Black Stone Pack.Come on in.Thank you for coming to pay your respects to my late husband.”

As soon as we got out of the car, my mother received us warmly.

“Jerome, Skylar, this is my mother, Luna Betty.Mom, this is Rainbow Pack’s Alpha, Jerome, and his Luna, Skylar.”

I introduced them to each other.

“And this is Elder Simon from Rainbow Pack.He is Helen’s father.”

“Hello, Luna Betty.I heard about what happened here from Daniel on our way over.Can I see my daughter now?”

Simon asked politely, but it was obvious he was unhappy.

“Oh, of course.”

I could tell that my mother was a little embarrassed.

She coughed awkwardly and asked the attendants to lead us to the cell where Helen was being held prisoner.

As soon as we arrived at her cell, I saw Helen sitting dejectedly on the small, shabby bed.

Her face was tired and haggard, her hair unkempt and tangled.

My heart ached so much in my chest that I found I had no words.

“Helen! My daughter, you have suffered a lot!” Simon cried out, rushing to the prison bars.

“Open the door,” my mother ordered her attendants.


Helen was so excited to see Simon that she pounced on him the second the iron door swung oper.

Father and daughter hugged each other tightly, tears pouring down both of their faces.I felt a lump in my throat when I saw this scene.

It was my fault that Helen was in this situation.

I needed to make things right.

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