Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 246

Daniel’s POV:

After they put Helen in jail, I went to see her quite often because I couldn’t help worrying about her.

The pitiful look in her eyes broke my heart.I had to find a way to prove Helen’s innocence as soon as possible.I couldn’t let her continue to suffer in jail.

Thinking of this, I turned around and walked to the cell where Mandy was being kept.I thought that perhaps she would be able to give me some useful information.

“Daniel! Daniel, you’re finally here.I’m so scared.Please don’t leave me here!”

As soon as I stood outside her cell, Mandy rushed to me at once, crying and begging desperately.

I was utterly shocked to find her in such a state.


I frowned as there was nothing I could do for her.

“Daniel, please get me out of here.I don’t want to be locked up here!”

Mandy’s voice rose to a shrill cry, attracting the attention of the prison guards.

“Mandy, stop whining and listen to me.I need to ask you something.Why did you give the perfume to Helen?”

I looked at Mandy coldly.

“You’d better tell me the truth now because sooner or later it’s going to come out.If you help me now, I will plead for you and ask my mother to lessen your sentence.”

“I didn’t give her any perfume!”

Mandy looked away and refused to admit it.

“If you don’t tell me the truth, I can’t help you get out of here.”

I held the bars of the cell and roared angrily.

“Come on, Daniel.I’m not a fool.”

Mandy curled her lips.

“Do you really think that I don’t know what you’re trying to do? You never cared about me! You just want to save Helen! Well, guess what? I won’t help you unless you promise to be with me instead!”

I stared at Mandy in stunned disbelief.

“Ridiculous! Mandy, what are you talking about?”

I clenched my fist to keep my composure.

“Why are you still holding on to that silly dream of yours? We don’t love each other.Why would we be together?”

“Daniel, we have been in love for many years, but Helen took you away from me.You’re the one who is being ridiculous! I’m so much better  love her, but won’t even look at me,”

Mandy screamed and her eyes looked like they were about to pop out from their  have feelings for Devin, even though you two grew up together?”

I shook my head in disapproval.

“How can you have romantic feelings for a friend? Mandy, please stop pursuing me.I’m already in love with Helen and I don’t need anyone else in my life.”


Mandy burst into laughter.

“All right, if that’s what you want.Since you’re not going to change your mind, I might as well drag Helen down to hell with me!”

What an unreasonable woman! I slammed my clenched fist at the wall in  with her nonsense, so I turned around and walked away.

The shrill sound of her laughter echoed in my ears, making me angrier.

After I went back to my room, I racked my brain to come up with a solution, but I couldn’t think of anything.I felt utterly useless.I sat on the bed and pulled my hair in exasperation.

After a while, I decided to ask my friends for help.

I grabbed my phone to call Jennifer and Jerome, but after checking the time, I decided  disturb them at such a late hour.I let out a deep sigh and slumped on the bed.I couldn’t let anything bad happen to Helen.

And I couldn’t let my dead father die for nothing.

Mandy’s POV:

After Daniel left, I began to regret what I had said to him.

Why did I say such horrible things to him? It was foolish of me to get on his bad side.I should have played nice and begged him to get me out first.I fell on the floor helplessly,  I going to do? No one would help me.

If the truth came out and the others found out that I gave the perfume to Helen, she would be released without charge, while I would be executed for the murderer of Alpha.I didn’t want to die.

The mere thought of this brought tears to my eyes.

If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn’t have cooperated with Devin.

Admittedly, I wanted to stop Helen and Daniel from getting married, but poisoning her wasn’t the only solution.

I realized that perhaps it would be a good idea to contact Devin.

I searched for my cell phone in my pockets, but then I suddenly remembered that my cell phone was taken away by the guards at the prison.

“Damn it!” I growled in anger.


At this moment, I suddenly heard Devin’s voice.


When I raised my head, I saw him standing outside the cell and looking at me with a smile.

I rushed over to him and said, “You’re finally here.Let me out!”

“I can’t do that.”

Devin looked at me calmly.

“Helen is still locked up.Just stay put and try not to get too excited.”

Devin was such a bastard.

He gave me the perfume to frame Helen with.

Why was he running around willy- nilly while I was locked up in here? I tried hard to hold back my anger because he was the only one who could help me.

I remained calm and asked, “Devin, what was in that bottle of perfume? How did it cause Alpha Marlon to die?”

When Devin gave me the perfume back then, he told me that it was to poison Helen.


Devin’s face changed as he turned to look at the guards.

“Keep your voice down.Do you want to expose me? If you get me in trouble, I won’t let you go no matter what happens.I’ll watch you die before me.”

Devin’s voice was low, but his tone was cold and indifferent.I took a few steps back as I realized that he wasn’t joking.

At that time, I had no choice but to listen to Devin.

“I’m sorry.I won’t tell anyone.Please, Devin, tell me what happened,”

I begged him.

“Oh, it was just an accident.”

Devin shrugged his shoulders.

“I didn’t expect such a thing to happen.I had no intentions of hurting my father.But since that’s how it panned out in the end, I decided to play along and let Helen take the fall for it.Stay here for now.Don’t be impulsive.And, if anyone asks, just tell them you didn’t give the perfume to Helen.”

“I didn’t want to kill Alpha Marlon! I’m not guilty! Find a way to get me out of here!”

I burst into tears.

“As long as you do as I say, you will be out of here in no time.Remember, just keep your mouth shut,” Devin said seriously.

“All right! I promise I’ll do as you say!” I wiped my tears.

“Devin, what are you going to do now?”

“I’ve made some arrangements.Helen will be your scapegoat.Don’t worry.Don’t ask anything else.”

Devin turned around and left with a sneer.

I called out to him a few times, but he didn’t respond to me.I sat back on the bed dejectedly and wondered if Devin would keep his promise to me.

However, the more I thought about how much Daniel loved Helen, my heart burned with jealousy.

How could he love that bitch so much? Why? After all, Daniel and I met each other before he met Helen! Suddenly, I felt a strong urge to laugh out loud.

After all, Helen was going to be my scapegoat.

Soon, she would be sentenced to death for murdering the Alpha.

Nothing would stop Daniel from being mine after that.

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