Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 240

Daniel’s POV:

When we found out that my father had been murdered, Helen became one of the suspects.I barely slept at night because of how things were unfolding.

Early the following morning, I hurried to the cell where Helen was being held.


I shouted excitedly, clasping the prison bars.

At the sound of my voice, Helen got out of a small, shabby bed.


Helen rushed towards me, tears in her eyes.

“What brings you here so early? You should’ve rested longer!”

I reached in between the bars and took Helen’s hand.

“Mom said I could see you anytime, right? I couldn’t wait.I just wish I could come inside and hug you.I’m so sorry I can’t save you from this prison.”

When I saw the tears rolling down Helen’s cheeks, I too started to cry.

“Don’t worry about me, Daniel.I’m fine here.Since they haven’t proven anything, there’s still hope.I know that Luna Betty will find out the truth!”

Helen smiled and squeezed my hand to comfort me.

“You’re right.Mom will prove your innocence!”

As soon as I finished speaking, I turned to the prison guards.

“You’d better take good care of her.”

I turned back to Helen and promised, “Helen, I’l! find a way to get you out.”

“I know you will.But don’t push yourself too hard, Daniel.”

Helen wiped her tears and smiled.

“I trust in you.”

“Actually, I stayed up all night just thinking about it.There’s something off about Mandy.She gave you the perfume, but she’s now denying it.”

I frowned.

“She must have planned to frame me.But I can’t understand why.Even though she likes you, I don’t think she’d kill Alpha Marlon because of that.”

At the mention of my father, Helen lowered her gaze.

“Daniel, I’m so sorry.I shouldn’t have accepted that bottle of perfume.I hurt Alpha Marlon.”

“Don’t say that, Helen.You never could’ve known.What we should do now is to find out who’s behind all of this.”

I kissed her cheek through the prison bars.

“If you say that again, I’ll feel heartbroken.”


Helen blushed.

“Then I won’t say such a thing ever again!”

“Anyway, even if Mandy knew that the perfume was poisonous, I doubt she’s the mastermind behind all of this,”

I guessed, frowning deeply.

“Daniel, now that you’ve mentioned it, it was Devin who pointed out how pungent my  talking about the perfume.Could all of this have something to do with him?”

Helen’s eyes went wide and she immediately started to apologize.

“I’m  she was right.

The whole situation was triggered by Devin.

“Helen, don’t feel bad.I know you’re just trying to figure things out, and you’re right—my brother was the one who brought up your perfume.”

My frown deepened and I scratched my chin, perplexed.

“The truth is, I also suspected Devin, but I still can’t bring myself to imagine that my brother would poison our father.That’s insane!”

“Oh, Gosh, Daniel.

Take your time and build your case before you start accusing people,”

Helen said worriedly.

“Of course.I’ll do my best to  will make you my Luna, fair and square.”

“I trust you, Daniel.” Helen smiled.

I planted a kiss on her forehead, thankful that she was so strong despite being behind bars.

“Helen, I have to go now.I’ll come to see you again as soon as I can.”

As I spoke, I reluctantly took a few steps back.

“Go ahead, Daniel.Remember, don’t push yourself!”

Although Helen tried to smile, tears welled up in her eyes.

I turned around and couldn’t bear to look at her.I was afraid I would never be able to leave if I took one more look at her.I had to find out the truth first.

Jennifer’s POV:

After a long, grueling journey, Anthony and I finally made it back to the royal palace.

When the magnificent castle came into view, I couldn’t help but sigh with relief.

Anthony and I walked hand in hand on the red carpet leading to the palace entrance.The elders and the guards flanked both sides, awaiting our arrival.

The scene was very grand.

I looked at the crowd carefully and spotted Elizabeth.


Elizabeth also saw us.She shouted excitedly and hobbled towards us with the help of a maid.

Anthony and I hurried to meet her halfway.

“Mrs.Jones, how have you been?” I asked excitedly.

Before answering me, she threw her arms around the both of us and held us tight.

“I’m fine! What about you? How was the snow mountain? Was it freezing cold? Anthony, were you able to remove the Love Curse? Are there any side effects?”

Elizabeth was so excited that her questions came one after another without stopping.

“Don’t worry, Mrs.Jones.We’re fine.It was a bit of a difficult journey, but we made it.Anthony’s Love Curse has been lifted!”

Tears of excitement welled up in my eyes.

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask him!”

“No need.She’s telling the truth.”

Anthony smiled and winked at me as his mother looked him up and down incredulously.

“Thank ***! My dear, your suffering is finally over!”

Elizabeth was so excited that she burst into tears.

Anthony wrapped his arms around her tightly.

“Long live Mr.Jones! Long live Mr.Jones!”

The crowd burst into cheers, congratulating us on our feat.

Just then, I caught a glimpse of two unexpected figures standing at the very end of the line—Austin and Caroline.

But they were handcuffed, with guards standing behind them.

I tugged at Anthony’s sleeve and we both hurried over.

“Caroline, why are you here?” I asked, tilting my head to the side.

“I’m sorry if you didn’t want to see us, Jennifer.Austin and I just wanted to welcome you.Mrs.Jones was okay with it.We shouldn’t be here, but I was worried about you two.I hope we didn’t ruin your return.”

Caroline lowered her gaze guiltily.

“Yes, Caroline and I just wanted to see you.We don’t mean any harm,” Austin said in a stiff tone.

He glanced at Anthony and muttered, “Believe it or not.”

Although Austin’s attitude was very cold, we could tell that he wasn’t being hostile.

It seemed he was even worried about Anthony’s safety.

I almost burst into laughter, but I managed to hold it back.

“Don’t worry about it.I believe you.Caroline, how are you? And how’s the baby?” I asked sincerely.

“Fortunately, I’ve almost recovered and the baby’s healthy.Thanks for the concern.Austin and I will go to the border island soon.”

Caroline perked up when she saw that I didn’t mind them being here.

“We wish you and Austin a happy life, Caroline.”

Anthony, who had been quiet this whole time, suddenly spoke up gently.

“Thank you.We wish you a happy marriage,”

Austin replied, placing his hand on Caroline’s shoulder.

He and Anthony locked eyes for a moment, sharing a knowing look before Austin turned away quickly.

I could tell that the tense relationship between the two had begun to ease.

Caroline smiled wistfully.

“Thank ***, the Love Curse was removed.I don’t think I could’ve lived with myself otherwise!”

Tears welled up in her eyes as Caroline rested her head on Austin’s chest.

I could tell she was being sincere.

This time, she actually regretted her actions.

I found myself hoping that she and Austin would live happily together on the island.

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