Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 239

Helen’s POV:

Completely stunned by Betty’s question, I had no idea how to answer her.I never expected Mandy would deny ever having given me the perfume.

This whole time, I thought that she unintentionally bought a perfume that happened to contain ephedrine hydrochloride.

Just when I thought she was going to clear my name, she further dragged it through the mud.

I felt utterly helpless! I looked up at Betty, only to find that the way she looked back at me was not as friendly as it used to be.

Instead, I saw confusion and worse doubt.

God! At a loss, I warily stepped back.

Even though I didn’t mean to, I felt immensely guilty knowing that it was my perfume that killed Marlon.

It was gifted to me, and I happened to love the scent, so I used it all the time.

So, I indirectly killed Daniel’s father.

“Luna Betty, I…I…”

I wanted to defend myself, but I didn’t know how.I stole a glance at Mandy, who was standing next to me.

Was it just me or did she look like she was smirking? In that moment, I realized I had fallen into a trap.

It all clicked.

I was careless and thought that Mandy had given me that gift because she sincerely wished the best for us.

Little did I know that it was all part of her plan to implicate me.

But why? What was her motivation? Marlon was the Alpha of the pack.

His death benefitted no one and was a huge loss for the Black Stone Pack.

So why would Mandy want to poison him? I couldn’t figure it out, and moreover, I had no evidence.

My mind was in a mess.

I wanted to cry, but no tears came.

“Mom, I swear on my life that Helen is innocent.She would never do anything to hurt Dad.Why would she?”

Daniel suddenly stepped forward, standing in between me and Betty.

He slipped his hand into mine, which made me feel a small sense of comfort.

Daniel! Only he trusted me! Despite the allegations against me, he stubbornly stayed by my side.

I was so moved that tears welled up in my eyes.

I wanted to throw my arms around him and simply cry, but I couldn’t.

“Luna Betty, I hope you find Alpha Marlon’s murderer!”

Mandy covered her face and burst into tears.

“But don’t put the blame on the innocent.”

“Mandy, drop the act! It was you who gave Helen the perfume.I was there when you gave it”

Daniel glared at Mandy murderously, barely able to contain his anger.

“Daniel! You can’t lie to everyone just because you like Visit to read the newest content, everyone! to spout nonsense.

Shooting us a meaningful look, she then turned to Betty tearfully and said, “Helen is Daniel’s mate, and he loves Visit to read the newest content, everyone! in shock, but seconds later, my shock turned into anger.

Mandy! She was a lunatic! How could she frame me like this? I was too naive to have thought she had turned over a new leaf.

I should’ve known that was too good to be true!

“Luna Betty, please believe I wouldn’t do anything to hurt your husband.”

I tried to speak calmly, but I was trembling with rage.

Betty’s POV:

When we found out that Marlon’s death was no accident, I never would have thought that our Visit to read the newest content, everyone! had always liked Helen.

In my eyes, she and Daniel were a perfect match.

Anyone could see that they deeply loved each other, and I thought she was a good girl.

I even went so far as to hope that they would get married as soon as possible.I couldn’t wait to teach her the ways of being the Luna.

It never crossed my mind that she might have ended up killing Marlon.I felt very conflicted.

After all, I had watched Mandy grow up.

If she said that she Visit to read the newest content, everyone! because Mandy didn’t have any reason to harm Marlon.

But Daniel was adamant in saying that the perfume came from Mandy.

I didn’t want to doubt my youngest son.I trusted he wouldn’t endanger his father for the sake of his mate.

“Mom, this really isn’t Helen’s fault.I swear!”

Daniel looked at me intensely, his eyes red with determination.

“Luna Betty, I’ve never wronged you before.Don’t you trust me?” Mandy asked in a shrill voice.

Then, Helen and Mandy got into a heated argument.

I couldn’t bear to watch them.Who should I trust?

“Luna Betty, ephedrine hydrochloride is difficult to come by.Many hospitals have classified it as an illicit drug.Maybe, in order to find out the real murderer, we can investigate every hospital and pharmacy in our pack to find out who has bought it.”

Seeing how conflicted I was, the doctor stepped forward and madea proposal.

“Okay.That sounds like a good idea.”

I sighed and made arrangements for my attendants to investigate the matter.

When that was settled, exhaustion immediately overtook me and I almost fainted.

“Mom, are you okay?”

Devin and Grace hurried to my side to support me.

“Luna Betty, you should get some rest,”

Grace suggested gently.

“No.Marlon has just passed away.I’m in no mood to sleep.”

I shook my head and sank into the sofa dejectedly.

“Mom, why not have everyone leave? We don’t want to disturb your rest.Let’s all just rest while waiting for the results of Dad’s autopsy.”

Devin gently massaged my forehead as he spoke.

I couldn’t help but look up at him gratefully.

My eldest son had always been a troublemaker, but now, his attitude had changed.

It seemed that he still cared about Marlon and me.

“Devin, I know you’re just trying to be considerate, but both Helen and Mandy are suspects now.We can’t let them go…”

Grace’s voice trailed off, but I knew what she meant.

If the murderer was among us, it would be risky to let everyone go.

“Well, just in case, I think it would be best to have Helen and Mandy locked up temporarily while the investigation is still ongoing.”

As I spoke, my gaze fell to the floor.

I couldn’t bear to look at Daniel and Helen.

Although I still had some doubts about Helen’s innocence, I couldn’t bear to treat her like this.

She had always been an obedient and sensible girl.

“No, Mom! You can’t lock Helen up!”

As expected, Daniel instantly grew agitated.He took my hand and begged.

“I promise I’ll keep watch on Helen.We won’t leave the pack.”

Seeing him like this broke my heart, but I shook my head firmly.

“Daniel, that’s unfair to Mandy,” I said.

“But if Helen turns out to be innocent, I will make it up to her.”

“It’s okay, Daniel.I’m willing to be locked up.”

To my surprise, Helen spoke up.

Her face was still a little pale, but she looked at me with determination.

“Luna Betty, I believe you would never wrongly accuse an innocent person and you will find out the murderer.”

“Of course.”

Seeing Helen like this, I was moved.I sincerely hoped she was innocent.

Soon, some attendants came to escort Helen and Mandy to the prison.


Daniel held Helen’s hand tightly, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Daniel, it’ll be okay.Rest well.”

Tears streamed down her cheeks, but Helen shook her head at Daniel and withdrew her hand.

“I’m innocent.You know I’ll be fine.Seeing how much they loved each other, my heart softened.Since Helen hadn’t been convicted yet, I figured it would be fine for Daniel to visit her anytime he wanted.

“Take her away,”

I instructed the attendants.

Then I looked at Daniel and said, “Don’t cry, Daniel.You can still visit her.”

“Alright, Mom.Thank you.”

Daniel looked at me gratefully.

Daniel’s face looked so much like his father’s.

I couldn’t help but feel enveloped in grief.

Why was all of this happening? Marlon was an upright and kind Alpha.

Clenching my fists slightly, I vowed I would avenge my dear husband.

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