Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 238

Devin’s POV:

When I saw the Helen’s and Daniel’s faces fall upon hearing the doctor’s report, I wanted to burst into laughter.

Success! Finally! Daniel’s mate was declared the Alpha’s murderer.

‘’Ha-ha! Daniel! This is your retribution.Your future wife murdered our father.You can kiss your dreams of becoming the Alpha goodbye!’’ I had been waiting for this moment ever since I drugged the perfume.

This was all part of my elaborate plan.

I was able to frame Helen for my father’s murder by giving her the poisoned perfume through Mandy.

Now, my father was dead, which meant Daniel’s wedding and subsequent ascension to Alpha was canceled.

It was the perfect plan! And only a werewolf as cunning and ambitious as me could come up with it.

If I was being completely honest, killing my father would’ve been a last resort.

But the old man insisted on passing the position of Alpha to Daniel, that idiot.

I simply had no other choice.

He could blame no one but himself for being partial to Daniel.

Did he really think my jealousy wouldn’t drive me insane? If Daniel became the Alpha, my anger would see no end.

‘’A good father would never have had favorites” I thought guiltlessly.

My father’s death wasn’t my fault, it was his.

And it was also Daniel’s fault.

He knew our dad liked him more, but he still came to me and acted like nothing happened.He always pretended to be a good brother, that self-righteous *****!

“Oh, my ***! I can’t believe that it was Helen who killed Dad!”

I immediately shouted at the so-called perpetrator angrily.

“Helen, you vicious woman! Why did you kill my father? He wanted you to marry Daniel! He was so good to you!”

“So apparently, I was right.Only Helen, an outsider, would have ill intentions toward our Alpha!”

Grace also pointed an accusatory finger at Helen.

“Alpha Marlon treated you like his own daughter, you *****!”

As we spoke, I noticed my mother’s gaze towards Helen was growing more and more unfriendly.Perfect! My plan was working!

“No, I really didn’t mean to harm anyone.I had no idea that the perfume was poisonous!”

Helen cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“It couldn’t be Helen.Mom, it was Mandy who gave the perfume as a gift to Helen.She wanted to be friends with her.”

Daniel defended Helen.

“Call Mandy here,” my mother snapped at an attendant.

Without a moment to lose, the attendant sprinted off to summon Mandy.

I crossed my arms over my chest and waited leisurely, knowing that the situation wouldn’t change even Visit to read the newest content, everyone! of my plan, wasn’t it? I had specifically instructed Mandy to wear gloves when giving the perfume to Helen, which meant that Visit to read the newest content, everyone! were no security cameras outside Helen’s and Daniel’s room.

My plan was foolproof.

There was no evidence to prove that Mandy was the one who gave Helen that perfume.

A few minutes later, Mandy walked in with the attendant.

When she saw me, she shot me a confused look, but she kept her composure.

“Mandy, Helen claims that you gave her this.Is that true?”

My mother held up the bottle of perfume.

“No, I don’t know what she’s talking about.”

Mandy shook her head without batting an eyelash.

“I’m not that Visit to read the newest content, everyone! the color drained from Helen’s and Daniel’s hopeful faces.

“Quit lying, Mandy.You gave it to me!”

Helen raised a trembling finger at Mandy.

“Yes, Mom, I was there when it happened.I can testify! ”

Daniel added anxiously.But my mother remained unconvinced.She still looked at Helen with hostility.I was so proud of myself.

With all the evidence stacked up against Helen, what reason did my mother have to believe her?

Mandy’s POV:

When I was being taken to the Alpha’s room, I was already mentally prepared.

The news of Marlon’s death Visit to read the newest content, everyone! as this morning.

Although I was surprised to hear this, I didn’t think much of it until Betty’s attendant came to me.

“Luna Betty wants to ask you something,” the attendant said.

Of course, I couldn’t refuse, so I followed the attendant.

As we walked, I began to suspect that there was something deeper going on.

Was there something wrong with the bottle of perfume? As soon as I entered the room, I saw that Helen was still alive and well.

Wasn’t the perfume supposed to kill her? Now, Betty was asking me if I had given that bottle of perfume to Helen.

I shot a glance at Devin, who was standing in a corner of the living room, bearing in mind what he had told me.

“No matter what, don’t admit that you gave the perfume to Helen, got it?” Devin had said.

So that was what I did.

After all, I couldn’t advertise that I had given something poisonous to someone!

“No, I didn’t give you any perfume, Helen,” I said again, raising my chin to look at her coldly.

“Mandy, you are lying!”

Helen glared at me helplessly, which simply disgusted me.

“How can you lie so easily? Don’t you have a conscience?”

“I’m telling the truth! I’ve never even seen this bottle of perfume before.Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t wear perfume.Plus, as I’ve already mentioned, I’m not close to you at all.Why would I give you a bottle of perfume for no reason?”

I was good at this.I looked at Helen smugly.

“Mandy, you must tell me the truth,”

Betty cut in coldly.

“Marlon died because of this bottle of perfume.We are looking for the real culprit.”

My heart nearly stopped in my chest.

‘’What? Alpha Marlon was killed by this bottle of perfume?’’ I was stunned.

I tried to look at Devin subtly, but he avoided my gaze.


I was stunned.

When Devin gave me the perfume, he said that the perfume would poison Helen.

So why did Marlon die instead? Why would I want to harm the Alpha? I couldn’t marry Daniel if his father was dead.

Then, it clicked.

This was all part of Devin’s plan, wasn’t it? He had deceived me! I was so angry that I gritted my teeth, but now more than ever, I couldn’t say anything.

If I told the truth, everyone would know that I gave the perfume to Helen thinking that I was trying to murder her.

Devin must have known this, so he wasn’t worried at all.

“Mandy, what’s on your mind? Just tell us the truth already!”

Betty snapped impatiently.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was just thinking how Alpha Marlon would die all of a sudden.I always respected him.I can’t believe he’s dead!”

I pretended to be pitiful and squeezed out a tear or two.

“A good man like Alpha Marlon didn’t deserve to die like this.”

“Don’t cry, Mandy.”

Grace suddenly came over to hand me a tissue.She turned to Betty and tried to defend me.

“Mandy would never hurt Alpha Marlon.After all, she grew up with Daniel, and Alpha Marlon was always kind to her.She even told me once that she viewed Alpha Marlon as her father.”

I heaved a sigh of relief.

‘’Good job, Grace!’’ I cheered silently.

“Grace is right, Mom.I grew up with Mandy.I know her very well.She would never do something as bad as killing Dad.”

Devin also spoke up for me.

“Helen, what on earth is going on?”

Betty finally stopped questioning me.She turned to glare at Helen.

“You heard it, too.Mandy said that she has never seen this bottle of perfume before.”

Suddenly, I felt joy surging in my heart.

If Betty was sure that it was Helen who had poisoned Alpha Marlon with the perfume, she would never deserve to be Daniel’s wife.

Now was my chance! I was so happy that ! started to daydream about my wedding with Daniel, while Helen would be in tears in prison.

I wished this day would come as soon as possible.I simply couldn’t wait!

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