Outcast: The Alpha King’s Beloved Chapter 237

Daniel’s POV:

I threw myself on the sofa and buried my face in my hands as feelings of guilt overwhelmed me.

My father could have been murdered, and I didn’t even think that it was a possibility until now.

How could I not blame myself for his death? He was a healthy man who had many more years of life to look forward to.

He had some of the best doctors in the country looking after him.

How could I let him die like that? I should have noticed that something was wrong earlier.

I failed to protect my father.

As I gritted my teeth to stifle the urge to cry, my muffled sobs wracked against my chest.

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down.

If someone really killed my father in secret, how did they do it? After all, my father’s diet and medicines were handled only by a specially trained group of staff members who wouldn’t have made a mistake with his medication.

“Daniel, I guess we’ll have to postpone your wedding now,” Devin said suddenly, wiping his tears with a handkerchief.

“Of course! I’m sure Danie! will need some time to mourn the untimely passing of Alpha Marlon,” Helen replied in a hurry.

“Devin, you are right.We should prepare a funeral for Dad as soon as possible so his soul may rest in peace.The wedding will have to wait,” I said, glancing at Helen.

“It’s such a pity that Dad didn’t get to see you and Helen get married,” Devin said.

When I heard Devin mention this, I couldn’t hold my tears back.

“Be strong, Daniel.I believe that Alpha Marlon will give us his blessings from heaven,” Helen said.

Her words gave me comfort and as I looked into her eyes, I felt peace once again.She was such a thoughtful person.

“I’ll go to our room to pack up your father’s things and prepare for the funeral.”

My mother stood up and dragged herself to their bedroom as she wiped the tears from her face.

Helen and I followed her just to make sure that she was fine.

As soon as I entered the room, the old furnishing reminded me of him.

Everything was still in its place, but my father was no longer there.

There were family photos in several tiny frames, most of which were of me and my brother.

We opened his closet and took out a few boxes.

Then, together we started sorting through his personal belongings one by one.

“This watch was your father’s favorite.He used to say that he Visit to read the newest content, everyone! watered as she looked at a watch.

She covered her mouth with her hand and sobbed.

“I still can’t accept that your father is Visit to read the newest content, everyone! What am I going to do now?”

I felt a tight squeeze in my heart when I looked at the watch.I gave him that watch to him on his birthday many years ago.I had no idea that he was so fond of it.

Suddenly, I was filled with unbearable sorrow as I knelt on the floor and looked at a photo of my father.

He was smiling in the photo and I wanted to remember him like that and not the way he was before Visit to read the newest content, everyone! photo close to my heart and cried like nothing in the world could cure my pain.

“Daniel, don’t cry.You have to be strong for your father…”

My mother wept as she sat down next to me on the floor and hugged me.

“Please try to be strong Luna Betty.Daniel, don’t so sad.Alpha Marlon is in heaven.He would want you both to be happy and healthy.”

Although Helen was comforting us, her eyes were also red and full of tears.

I knew that she was only trying to Visit to read the newest content, everyone! nothing could have made me feel better.

After all, I had lost my beloved father.

Betty’s POV:

Marlon’s happy face floated into my mind as soon as I held his favorite watch.

My heart broke again at the thought of him.

All the years we had spent together drifted back into my thoughts, causing my heart to flutter.

Marlon would often take me and our two sons to the park where he would make sandwiches for the family with his favorite blueberry jam.

He even made sure that the maid gave me a glass of milk before sleep every night for as long as we were married.

I had never felt more loved or protected than when I was with him.

He was my mate and my beloved.But he had left me.

I would never hear him say my name again, hold my hand, or kiss me.


I grabbed Marlon’s watch and cried bitterly.

“Mom, I promise I’m going to find the person who killed Dad and bring them to justice.Please don’t cry yourself ill.Try to calm down.”

Daniel tried to comfort me.

With Helen’s help, I was able to stand up and walk to our bedroom.

She kept me company and helped me to pack up Marlon’s personal belongings.

As I took out Marlon’s clothes from the closet one by one, every piece took me back to a memory of him wearing it.

I couldn’t stop my hands from trembling.

“Mom, please stop crying.I don’t want you to fall ill.”

Grace and Devin came over to comfort me.

“Mom, why don’t you go and get some rest.I’ll ask the maids to finish packing up for you,”

Devin suggested.

It was rare for Devin to be so warm and considerate, but I refused.

“This is the last thing I’ll be able to do for your father.Let me do it.”

I picked up a shirt and sniffed it.I could still smell his scent.

It wasn’t much, but it was all I had.I reluctantly folded Marlon’s clothes and put them in the boxes.

“Daniel, I really don’t understand why someone would want to kill your father.He treated the werewolves of the pack fairly and everyone respected him.He was a highly respected Alpha,” I said, covering my face to stop the tears from falling.

“Luna Betty, the werewolves of Black Stone Pack wouldn’t kill Alpha Marlon.Perhaps it was someone from another pack,” Grace said suddenly.

“Grace, what are you talking about? Helen is the only one here who’s not from our pack.People will misunderstand you,”

Devin scolded her immediately.

“I’m sorry if I sounded rude, but that wasn’t my intention.It was just a thought.Helen, I hope that I didn’t offend you?”Grace looked at Helen eagerly.

“Oh, of course, I know you didn’t mean that,” Helen replied with a smile despite her exasperation.

“Please stop talking nonsense.” I glared at Grace as I was dissatisfied with her.

She and Devin were completely alike—devoid of compassion and sympathy.

After I packed up my husband’s belongings, I sat in the living room with the whole family, anxiously waiting for the results of the autopsy and perfume test.

Silence permeated the air as no one uttered a single word.

It wasn’t until midnight when a knock on the door broke the silence.

“Luna Betty, we’ve got the test result of the perfume.There is a large amount of ephedrine hydrochloride in the perfume.This chemical can be life-threatening to a patient with heart disease.Moreover, it comes in powder form so it’s easily dissolved in water which makes his very hard to trace.”

The doctor came in with a stack of reports.Then, he looked at my face as if expecting an answer from me.I couldn’t speak as I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

Indeed, someone had tampered with the perfume.

It was Helen’s perfume that killed Marlon.

“Helen! What’s going on?” I was so agitated that my first impulse was to charge at Helen for an explanation.

“Luna Betty, I… didn’t know there was something wrong with the perfume…” Helen’s face turned pale and she took a few steps back.

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